Christmas cards in September?!

Heh. I know I’m early when I make christmas cards in September. But I was at Bikuben a few weeks ago and I bought those really cute christmas rubber stamps I showed earlier. And I just had try them out.

One card led to another card and to another again… Now I have four cards finished and two more on its way. They are both half done, just need some gluing.

Here is the four first cards:



It says: I wonder if there will be cheese under the tree this year?



I really like the rubber stamps! They are so utterly cute. Especially the last one!

It’s ok to start early with the cards, because I have to make many this year. First I would need about 10 – 12 myself. Then mum is getting 20. I haven’t asked her how many she wants, but I guess the same amount as last year. And my best friend Linda is getting five. I asked her if she wanted any and she wondered how much I wanted for them. I won’t charge her a lot. I said 5 nok for each and a hug would do. So that would be like 35 cards at least.

I know my cards isn’t super professional or very advanced. I keep them simple because that’s what I know. I don’t have much ideas on how to get them super advanced. But I don’t care that much because I know mum will love them. And I like them too. And I’m sure Linda will like them too.

There is this scrapping fair this weekend. A colleague asked me if I was going. First I wasn’t sure and said I had to think about it. Today she asked me again. Her neighbour, who she was going with, couldn’t go. So she said we could go together. I said I had to think about it. And I have thought about it and I’ll go. If I can get a ride with her that is, cos I can’t get there on my own.

The main thing I will look for is Christmas-things. I need a rubber stamp that says God Jul (Merry Christmas). And I would like a Santa rubber stamp and some angles rubber stamps. And… maybe some more paper.

I’m gonna go to bed now and bring the Panduro-catalogue to bed. It’s gonna be my bedtime reading. I’ll mark all the stuff I want in it. You know, it’s my birthday in 5 weeks and I’ll put a lot of scrapping things on the wishlist!

Respond to Christmas cards in September?!

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