Rounded corners

I have a flickr-contact named Maria. She lives in Stockholm (♥) and take gorgeous pictures. All her pictures are with rounded corners and I think that gives the photos a nice edge. Haha, nice edge… with rounded corners. Let me say it adds something to the photo.

So I wanted to try it out myself. Via a group on flickr where you can submit pictures with rounded corners I found links to several how-to-make-rounded-corners-tutorials. The easiest way was to got to and process the picture there. They have a processing to0l and it’s for free. Well… you can buy a premium subscription and get a lot more, but rounded corners you get for free!

These pictures is processed with a 60’s processing. There was a option in Picnik where you could give the photo a 60’s style. I wanted to try that and liked it.

And here is another shot. I took this yesterday.


The photo to the left is processed via photoshop, but the right one is processed in picnik. I really like the right picture! The colors are so yummy!

I might want to make the rounded corners a little bit more subtil in the next pictures I’m gonna process like this. I have another shot of this building that I’ll try that with. I guess I’ll post it to flickr if it turns out ok.

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