Status update: 365 doors


It’s time for an update on my 365 project. I’ve reached over 100 doors which means there will be a book.  I’m very happy about that. When I started I wasn’t sure if I was going to last this long. Finding new, exciting doors isn’t as hard as I once predicted. I find new areas to explore which is either not far from work or where I live. That’s good.

But it’s not all easy.

A week ago or so, I hit rock bottom. I had two bad door days and I came to think of something for the first time while this project has lasted. How will I be able to take pictures in November / December when it’s dark when I go to work and dark when I go home?

I live way up north you know and we’re not privileged with long days with light in the winter. In late November the sun goes up at 9 ish and going down 15.30 ish. You see my problem?

I’ve never thought about this before. Why? I guess the summer, sun and long days had something to do with it. Long, cold, dark winter days wasn’t on my mind when I started this.

I must admit I’m not good at taking pictures in the dark / low light. You really need a tripod then or else it will be blury. Even with a flash it will be blury if you’re not supersteady on your hand. I’m not. I do have a tripod, but carry that around every day will be a bit of a hassle. I don’t like using flash either. At least not the built-in flash. So then I would have to carry my other flash as well. All in all, it would be a lot to carry around. I would need a bag on wheels like the old ladies use to carry groceries in, haha.

I talked to Chantie about my new-found problem and she made it sound so simple.  This is why it’s a challange. Be creative. And she listed things I could do:

    • make it black and white (you can make a bad picture ok by just turning it into b&w)
    • use flash
    • use the blurryness and make it artistic
    • simply be creative.

      I said no to everything. I was very negative and couldn’t find anything good about what she said. I don’t like flash and def. not want to make them black and white. I want my pictures to be in their original color. I have one picture in black & white and it annoyes me greatly!

      The big question is? Am I going to quit this project? No. Not now at least. I will keep on with this project as long as I feel I can make good pictures. I don’t want crappy pictures in this project. Of course I’ll have a few bad/less good photos , but when I feel like I only produce crappy pictures, I don’t wanna do it anymore.

      Somehow I think 105 doors is not enough, it’s a small amount of doors. Even though it’s not small at all. I want way more doors. I want 365! I really, really want 365!

      I love this project so much and hate to think about ending it before I supposed to. Sigh!  But I have to be realistic. Yep, I have to be realistic.

      Let’s end this post with a small collections of my latest doors.Not that some pics are cropped since they’re not originally in square format. See all doors on flickr (of course).


      Christmas Cards vol. IV

      A new batch of cards is now ready. It’s going forward which I like a lot. I guess my mum and Linda will have to fight for the cards. I guess they both want to pick first. Hmm… I have to find a way to solve that. Anyways, here is the new ones.



      Ahem. This card is pictured the wrong way. Just tild your head…






      I love red :)

      Today I went to Hadeland Glassverk. It’s a fabric that sells china/porcelain and all sorts of things made of glass. They have a fabric and a big outlet at the same place. Most items are on sale because there is something wrong with them. Not something major, but it can be just a tiny, tiny bubble in the glass that nobody really see. Or it can be a tiny scar underneeth a plate which nobody really cares about.

      This fabric / outlet has a autumn sale every year and I love to go there. I was there last year and I went this year too! It was much fun. I didn’t see that much I wanted, but I found a few red gems.

      270909-1First I saw a red and white mug. I instantly fell in love with it and knew I had to get it, even thought it wasn’t on sale. it is so, so, so cool! I want wait to use it.

      Hmm. I might need some new plates to go with this red mug. I do have some white one (and green, turqoise and green), but I think I want some red ones too. Or maybe it’s a bit too much? It’s something to concider.

      Hmmm. Suddenly I got the urge for some cake! Haha! Too bad I don’t have any. Sigh.

      I also bought this red heart made of berries. I hung it on the bedroom door. First I thought I wait to hang it up until Christmas, but it’s too nice to wait that long!


      I also, when I think about it, bought some red ladybugs I can use on the cards I’m making. Don’t have a picture of them though. They will be nice on a summercard. Next year…. Now it’s all about Christmas Cards. I got some to show you, but that has to be in another post.

      Christmas cards vol. III

      Two new cards has been produced today. Well, one of them was formed out yesteday. Just had to glue things together today. The other was hard to make, because I was so indecicive. But I managed to be satisfied in the end.


      It says ‘god jul’ (merry Christmas) in the middle round piece.


      Linda emailed me today. I sent her pictures of my first cards to let her know how they can turn out. She can pick the cards she want. She said she liked them a lot. I happy she likes them. And she said she wanted 10! So now I have to make five more.

      Knowing this, I’m gonna hold back my offer to Ellen a little bit. Just to see how things are going. Maybe I’ll get supertired of making these cards in a while. It’s a good thing I got over two months to make them all.

      Christmas cards vol. II

      So here is two christmas cards from the new stuff I bought yesterday:



      And here is some from some old stuff I got:




      I’m very happy with them all. It’s so much fun making these cards. I believe I could do this full time! heh. Right now I have 20 orders from mum and five from Linda.

      Another friend, Ellen, said she would like some cards too. But in the next sentence she said no, I’m gonna buy them myself. I guess she thought I had enough to do. Well, I’ve been thinking about it and I think I’m gonna offer my sevices for her. It’s a nice way to earn a small amount of money. It would help me pay the costs I have. Cos it costs a lot. Not sure how much I’m gonna charge yet. Have to figure out that first…


      So yesterday I went to this scrapping fair with my colleague Sigrund. It was so much fun! It was way bigger than last time I went to a fair like this. It was a big sports arena filled with stores that sold scrapping-things.

      I knew right away, when we came, that all my money in my wallet possibly would make its way out of my wallet and divid itself between the many stores.

      We took one stand at the time and looked at everything. My mission was to get something for my christmas-card production. They had a lot of papers/cardboards, rubber stamps and other cool stuff.


      I bought some papers at almost every store. I didn’t know I had so many different papers before I came home. But they will all come in handy. They are all so beautiful and will make great cards!

      What I really was looking for was a rubber stamp saying ‘god jul’ (merry christmas). Did I find any? Yes, lots! My plan was to buy one, but I ended up with a few more…


      See all the rubber-stamps? And I see one ‘god jul rubber-stamp’ is missing from the picture. I also bought this beautiful christmas-rubber-stamp.


      A funny thing. Yesterday evening when I was making some cards I thought to myself that I need more rubber stamps…. I want some with Santa on it. And maybe one more with a snowman. Hm….


      I also bought some brads. I really like the snow-crystals and the trees. I think I might have to buy more trees. If I only knew where to buy them. I have to search online I guess. In addition to all this I bought some ink-pads.  Colors are black, brown and gold.

      It was an expensive trip to this fair. But it was so worth it. We stayed until it closed.

      I made some cards of my new stuff. I’ll show them later in a seperate post.

      Christmas cards in September?!

      Heh. I know I’m early when I make christmas cards in September. But I was at Bikuben a few weeks ago and I bought those really cute christmas rubber stamps I showed earlier. And I just had try them out.

      One card led to another card and to another again… Now I have four cards finished and two more on its way. They are both half done, just need some gluing.

      Here is the four first cards:



      It says: I wonder if there will be cheese under the tree this year?



      I really like the rubber stamps! They are so utterly cute. Especially the last one!

      It’s ok to start early with the cards, because I have to make many this year. First I would need about 10 – 12 myself. Then mum is getting 20. I haven’t asked her how many she wants, but I guess the same amount as last year. And my best friend Linda is getting five. I asked her if she wanted any and she wondered how much I wanted for them. I won’t charge her a lot. I said 5 nok for each and a hug would do. So that would be like 35 cards at least.

      I know my cards isn’t super professional or very advanced. I keep them simple because that’s what I know. I don’t have much ideas on how to get them super advanced. But I don’t care that much because I know mum will love them. And I like them too. And I’m sure Linda will like them too.

      There is this scrapping fair this weekend. A colleague asked me if I was going. First I wasn’t sure and said I had to think about it. Today she asked me again. Her neighbour, who she was going with, couldn’t go. So she said we could go together. I said I had to think about it. And I have thought about it and I’ll go. If I can get a ride with her that is, cos I can’t get there on my own.

      The main thing I will look for is Christmas-things. I need a rubber stamp that says God Jul (Merry Christmas). And I would like a Santa rubber stamp and some angles rubber stamps. And… maybe some more paper.

      I’m gonna go to bed now and bring the Panduro-catalogue to bed. It’s gonna be my bedtime reading. I’ll mark all the stuff I want in it. You know, it’s my birthday in 5 weeks and I’ll put a lot of scrapping things on the wishlist!

      Rounded corners

      I have a flickr-contact named Maria. She lives in Stockholm (♥) and take gorgeous pictures. All her pictures are with rounded corners and I think that gives the photos a nice edge. Haha, nice edge… with rounded corners. Let me say it adds something to the photo.

      So I wanted to try it out myself. Via a group on flickr where you can submit pictures with rounded corners I found links to several how-to-make-rounded-corners-tutorials. The easiest way was to got to and process the picture there. They have a processing to0l and it’s for free. Well… you can buy a premium subscription and get a lot more, but rounded corners you get for free!

      These pictures is processed with a 60’s processing. There was a option in Picnik where you could give the photo a 60’s style. I wanted to try that and liked it.

      And here is another shot. I took this yesterday.


      The photo to the left is processed via photoshop, but the right one is processed in picnik. I really like the right picture! The colors are so yummy!

      I might want to make the rounded corners a little bit more subtil in the next pictures I’m gonna process like this. I have another shot of this building that I’ll try that with. I guess I’ll post it to flickr if it turns out ok.

      New doorsign


      I thought it was time to make a new doorsign. My old one was just my name written with blue inc on white paper.

      I knew I had to use one of my new rubber stamps. This one, with the girl and the heart fitted so well. I like it a lot. It was fun to make and it looks good on my door.

      I remember I wanted to buy a doorsign. Buy a special made at a store. I’m glad I didn’t go through with that idea and went for this one instead.

      No more posts.