The Aumumn Cat – in a calendar :)

Here the other day I got a flickr-mail from a Finnish who works currently is working on a project for the non-commercial organisation Suomen Kennelliitto (Finland’s Kennel club) and also RekkuRescue, an organisation for helping homeless animals. They are making a calendar featuring cats. He found one of my cat pictures and wanted to use it.


The calendar is of a non-profit nature for the benefit and wellfare of their animals, so he couldn’t offer me any money, but he said he could send me a bunch of calenadar I could give out to my friends and loved ones.

Of course, the ideal, would be to charge for using one of my pictures, but I just couldn’t let this pass me. I am a HUGE fan of cats and love them dearly. And rescuing homeless cats (and dogs) is something that is close to my heart. There wasn’t a doubt at all. I had to participate in this. And getting calendars with cats in is a cool thing in return. Just as good as money! Esp. when it features one of MY pictures.

The calendar will be ready some time in September he said to me. I can’t wait to see my picture there with my name under it!

One funny thing. He gave me a crazy cool comment about the picture:

That image of yours is truly awesome. It kind of reminds me of the opening scene of SaturdayNight Live when J.Travolta walks down the street to the beats of Stayin’ Alive :-)

I love that comparisation!

I’m so happy about this. It’s not often things like this happens to me. I’ve had one woman asking about this picture before, but when I gave her the prices for usage of the photo, she went m.i.a. on me.

I will definitely bring an update as soon as I have one of the calenards!



Me and Ellen went on a photowalk today. When we met that wasn’t the plan though. Well… we didn’t really have a plan for the day. Ellen thought it was a Indian food festival at Aker Brygge so we went to check it out. She was mistaken. Then we walked around a bit taking a few pictures before we got hungry. Then we past my fave restaurant Mr. Hong. What else could we do than go inside and eat? Nothing!


I stuffed myself with food and when we got out my belly was in a little bit of pain. While Ellen went to the pharmacy, I laid on a green patch waiting for her and watching some Iranian peope have a demonstration.

When she came back, we wondered what to do. She suggested we go home to her place and sit on the balcony. I said I wanted a better door picture for today, so I suggested we hop on a bus or tram and let it take us somewhere exciting. She agreed. We took tram nr. 13 and ended up at Skarpsno where lots of Embassies are located. Fun! The only reason to get of at that stop is that we recognized it from the game Monopoly! Quite random reason. haha.

We walked around for a loooong time and I ended up talking a lot of pics.


080809-6 square


After walking from Skarpsno and almost all the way to Skøyen, we took the bus back. But we didn’t go home. We stopped at the Nathionalteather to eat icecream. Ellen owed me one since she was late today. You see, I called her when we were supposed to meet. She said she was late and offered to buy me an icecream just because of that. Hahah. It was a lovely icecream.

After the icecream and some talking we parted. I had to get home and finish my card. My plan was to stop by one or two clothes shop on my way home, but I only stopped one place to take some more pics.






New card!

Finally. My new card is done. This is how it turned out. I’m very happy about it.


After I wrote in the card I come to think of one thing. I really need a stamp that says something like ‘handmade by Kjersti’. My friend Sissel showed me a place on ebay you could buy it, but I’ve forgotten about where. I guess I just have to search for it.

Won’t do that now. Don’t have the time or energy! I should be going to bed, since I have to get up real early tomorrow. Sigh.

I’ll put that thing on my to-do-list.

A poem for the annoyed ones

A poem for the annoyed ones ;)

When everything seems dull and grey
and you are so very annoyed.
What if all you ate were hay,
and were a three legged horse named Lloyd?

And your farmer was a evil man,
who only wanted to be cruel.
And your only friend was Diane
a perverse and grumpy mule.

And your house was an old shack,
that always was covered in dirt.
And Diane was always on crack.
when she tried her best to flirt.

Things can be bad of course,
but they can also be worse.
Thank god you’re not a three legged horse,
or that Diane who is very perverse.

I wrote this for a friend today who had a bad yesterday. It makes almost no sense, I know that. But it was funny to write and I thought she needed a laugh! As I said, I had fun writing it. I love writing things like this. Silly poems on rhyme.


It’s been a while since I’ve made any card now. There haven’t been any ocations where a card is needed. Until now. On sunday I’m going to a christening. It’s my cousin’s second baby. It’s a baby-boy and his name is Sigurd. Named after his grandfather (and my uncle).

I went downtown today to buy a few new things for the card. Maybe it would’ve been smart to check what already had before buying something? Well… I didn’t. I just went downtown to Steffens and Panduro to look for new things. I was in the mood for something new.


This is what I got. The sitting lady with the board in front of her was so cute and I just had to buy it. I’ll make a card of it and send it to someone. I’m in the process of making the card that Sigurd is going to get. I’ll post it here when it’s finished.

bildeholderWhile looking around at Panduro I found some picture holders out of wood and steel. Right away I got the idea to paint them in the same color as my new blue-grey wall I got in my bedroom.

I like when I get great ideas like that. It’s so fun to turn half finished products and alter them or turn them into something else.

I’m gonna use them as picture-holders, but you can use them for other things too. Like at a table with a name-tag on it, so people know here to sit.

The posh side of town


First I just want to  say that this is door nr. 51! Not bad, ay? I’m half way to 100 that is the least amount of doors I need to make that book I’ve talked about. I am pretty sure I will make it too 100, even if 50 more unique doors are a lot to think about.

This door you see on the picture, is taken at the posh side of Oslo – at Frogner. It’s were the laidies with the Chanel bags/purses and golden shoes lives. You can, just by looking at the door, see that it’s the posh side of town. This door is not like the many dull brown doors I see here at the east side.

I’m pretty sure I could find a lot of great doors at the west side of town, but the fact is – I’m never there! I think today is the first day this year I’ve been at Frogner.  I’ve been trying to figure out reasons to go to this side of town more, but I can’t find any. I know there is a few stores that might be interesting to visit, but I know that I won’t run down their doors all the time.

Today, me and Ellen went to the moives. Ellen wanted to see Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky and I agreed to come. We went to a cinema called Gimle who is located at the heart of Frogner. It’s a tiny cinema with only one theater. In return it was a great theater. You know you’re at the posh side of town when the cinema has seats with side tables and the possibillity to buy wine! No other that I know of, has that.

On our way home, I come to think of the cinemas in Stockholm! I mentioned it to Ellen and she had forgotten how big they were. The one we visited when we were there had an indoor escolator and at least twelve theaters! It was crazy-big and a big contrast to this tiny cinema.

The movie was ok. It was not a wow-movie like other movies I’ve seen this year (Gran Torino & Public Enemies), but it was not bad either. Mads Mikkelsen, which I like a lot, played the main male character, Igor.

If I should grade it, I have to give it 4 out of 6.

Before the movie started we went to eat. We ended up at a chineese restaurant at Oslo City called Chopsticks. Cheap food. I ordered beef chopsuey and paid only 85 NOK. As I said, it was cheep and I know what they had cut down on; the spice! The beef chopsuey didn’t taste that much. It didn’t taste bad, but it sure could’ve had more taste. Oh well, I sort of got full and that was the main purpose of the meal.

While we’re talking about movies. Ellen and I made a deal. We’re gonna try to see a new movie every other week. Only if we have money (lol) and there is something worth seeing, that is! I love watching movies, so I think this will be fun. Right now there isn’t much worth seeing. Only boring movies it seems like.

I’m looking forward to the fall and lots of great movies.


I know the summer isn’t over yet and we might have a wonderful (sunny and warm) August. But still, I can’t ignore the fact that it is the 4th of August today and the fall is sneaking upon us, little by little each day.

I know many aren’t looking forward to days with rain and wind and a temp closer zero degree celcius each day. I am too one of those. Summer is lovely and so is winter with the cold weather and snow.  But the fall? I hate those gloomy days when it does nothing else than rain.


But why be so neative?

Here is 8 reasons to look forward to fall:

  1. You can cuddle up under a blanket and see a movie (without feeling quilty and thinking you should be outside in the sun (like in the summerdays)).
  2. The colors! The fall is so beautiful to photograph.
  3. If you have kids, you can pick a bunch of leafs and make art out of it. Like glu them to a pice of white paper or place them under the white paper and draw ontop so you get the outline of the leaf on the paper.
  4. Pick berries in the forrest. If you life near a forrest that is.
  5. You can start on a indoor project without worrying about the outdoor project you should’ve been doing.
  6. Light lots of candles. When the fall comes it gets darker and the candle lights can be brought out again.
  7. Read a good book while listening to the rain / wind outside.
  8. Did I mentioned the colors?! The colors are worth mentoning twice!

I have a few things planned when the rainy/cold days sets in already. And that is:

  • paint my skirtings in my entire apartment white. They are now pinewood and I hate it. Absolutely hate pinewood. Ugh.
  • Sow myself some duvet cover and pillowcase. Not done it before, but I’m gonna try. Will be fun. Gonna borrow my sisters sowing machine.
  • Organize my picture folders. Go through all of them, delete what’s not supposed to be there and take a backup of everything.
  • Organize my wardrobe.
  • work out a neat way to store all my bags / purses. I guess I have something between 15 – 20 in total. Lost count. I girl can’t have enough purses, can she?
  • get that shoesehelf built. Gonna do it myself with some help from my dad.

I guess that’s all I got for now. Not bad with six things on the list. Now it’s important to remember this list! Don’t be surprised if december comes and I’ve only done 1/3 of it.

Oh… and of course, I’m gonna take a ton of great pictures (even if it rains)!

No more posts.