I love berries


Mum and I, we have this anual trip to pick berries. There is this big forrest about 100 meter from my parents house and we own a part of it. Yesterday mum went up in the forrest to pick berries. Craneberries to be spestific. Not in our part in the forrest, but in a area about 15-20 mins up in the forrest near a tiny, tiny lake. A lake where I sometimes went swimming with my friend Linda as a kid without permission.

It’s a nice walk, even thought it goes up, up and up  the first 15 mins. Then it’s to the left with the lake on the left side of you. You pass a tiny dam and walk a few minutes more. Then you’re there.

We took a break right after we came to place to start looking for berries. Mum had some coffee and a tiny cookie and I had water and chocolate.

It’s really nice to be out in the woods. It’s so quiet. The only thing we heard was the wind blowing and some birds singing. And of course a few people; one family on a sunday walk, a girl running and old man we knew who had been out picking blueberries.


Of course I brought my camera. How could I not? Here is some shots from the trip.



310809 mosaic

I guess we were out in the woods for a couple of hours. Not sure actually, I didn’t pay attention to the clock. While being up in the woods, mym and I , we talked about everything and nothing. It was really cosy!

When we came home we looked over all the cranberries. After that we made jam of some of it.


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