Super (shopping) saturday

Yesterday I had a friend come visiting me. She lives a two-hour bus-tour from Oslo. Yesteday she left her boyfriend and two kids behind and headed with her car to see me and even stay the night!

We met at IKEA. Good choise for a meeting-point. We strolled around there for some time. I was on the look for a new lamp to my bedroom. I didn’t find any I thought would give enough light in my room. I guess I have to look someplace else for such a lamp. I also wanted to buy a bathroom rug. It has been sold out the two last times I’ve been there, the color I had. Now they didn’t have it at all. I guess it’s not there anymore. blargh!

I ended up with four wodden square picture frames that are going up in my bedroom. They’re going up as soon as I find out what pictures to print. That might take a long time, since I’ve so indecicive!


And I bought two small orchids. Really cute and lovely!


I placed on orchid on top of my dvd player and next to the picture of grandma and grandpa. It fits, since grandma was fond of flowers/plants and had her whole house filled with it.

After IKEA we went home to my place to have a rest. After a short rest we went downtown. My friend Linda had told me it was so much great new stuff at Indiska which I love and Bjørg also like, so we went there! Good choice! I found some pretty cool stuff!


I only have dull coffee cups. Well, they are ok, but I’m tired of them. These on the other hand is so beautiful. I with there were plates in this serie too, but I didn’t find any. Well, I have green, blue and white plates so I think it will be ok ;)


Candle light holder. Great colors. Don’t know where to put it yet, but I just had to buy it… So typical me. I told Linda about it yesterday and she just laughed.


This huge cup is going to be my new soup cup. Now I’m ready for autumn, a blanket over me in the sofa, a good book and some tomatosoup in this cup!

After walking around in lots of stores, we headed home again. Satisfied with todays buyings, we opened a bottle of white wine. A lovely Riesling. It tasted great!

We sat down for a while, talking and deciding what to do. Linda had invited us to join her, her boyfriend Glenn and a bunch of other people to a standup-festival. We decided not to go and instead do something cheaper; go see a movie.

Around 18 ish we went downtown to eat. We were hungry and needed to eat something before the nine o’clock movie. Where did we go? To Mr. Hong of course. That restaurant is our fave restaurant of all time. The mongolian buffet is wonderful. I ate too much, as I always do. I will never learn. But, thank God, I didn’t eat as much as a guy a table aside us. He had two HUGE portions of that buffet. It was like 3-4 normal portions. Jeeze, Louise!

We walked across the city to get to the cinema (Eldorado). We saw Inglourios Basterds, a film by Quintan Tarantino. Some times, a quite weird movie, but in the end it ended up being great! Brad Pitt and that guy who played the German SS-officer were great. I agree with all the great reviews it’s gotten. A film to recommend!

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