I heart doors


As usual, I had to find my next door after I left the office at 16.00. I knew where to go this time. I knew there would be cool doors at Kampen (area in east Oslo). I saw several when I walked to the bus after I had lunch with Ellen on sunday.

So, I walked around the streets of Kampen and took quite some pictures. I found several doors which I shot.

I even found some numbers, which I will be using in my numbers-project. It’s not easy to find nice numbers I have to say. Because it’s either a very low number like one, two or three or very high like 30 an up. I don’t need that, I need somethin between 5 and 15. That’s the ideal.

Anyway,  back to the doors. As I said, I found several doors. I know I will go back to that area and shoot more. The good thing about this, is that it’s close to where I work and I can easily find a bus to take me back home. The area is sort of in between my office and the bus-stop. So I can go through that area on my way home. That means 1) I can easily get a door-shot and 2) I get more excercise. That is not bad! Not bad at all!

You know I used to write down street names in my cute little book, so I knew where the doors I find, is. I don’t do that very often anymore. It will have to be a very special door or a door located in a street I’m rarely in. Earlier in the project I was afraid I would forget where the cool doors where and I was also afraid I wouldn’t find enough cool doors. Now I know that there is plenty of cool and intersting doors to shot.

It’s good to not have to stress so much about finding doors. In the beginning I was searching for doors everywhere I went; if it was by bus, tram, car or walking. Now I’m more relaxed. I still look, but in a more relaxed way.

I think I will come to a point, and I thought about this today, where a cool door isn’t enough. It has to be extraordinary. I think I might rise the bar a bit higher. I know at least that if I’ve taken some dull door-pictures for a few days, I really feel I have to get something extra nice to compensate.

I don’t want 365 dull and ugly doors, that’s for sure. I know I won’t have that, but I know there are days I don’t have time to go shooting and then I have to settle with a less cooler door. There are days I just have to snap a door on my way to work. And that’s not easy since I’m often in a hurry and ride the bus most of the distance. So, if I can spare those doors that I can find on my way to work, I will.

I still haven’t used my front door, but I’ve used the back door and the door to the board and the  handy-man  who works in our street.

Today I uploaded door number 66. The 6 last doors has been slow. It went fast between door 30 and 60, but now… I feel like door 70 is sooo far away, even if it’s only 4 doors to go. I guess that has to do with my life in general and not the doors itself.

I haven’t lost motivations, not yet at least. I will make it to 100 doors. That is my next milestone. It’s only  34 doors left. That is five weeks.

Five weeks and then the door-books is a reality.  100 doors is the lowest amount of doors I can have to make a decent door book. So it’s looking good. I’m happy about the book. It will be a kick-ass book and something worth showing people / having in my bookshelf. It will be the proof of my dedication to this project!

Wish me good luck!

Oh. Ps. the heart at the top of this post is a heart a found on a door today. Will go back and shoot the whole door some day. Let’s hope the heart is still there, because without the heart the door is nothing.

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