The Aumumn Cat – in a calendar :)

Here the other day I got a flickr-mail from a Finnish who works currently is working on a project for the non-commercial organisation Suomen Kennelliitto (Finland’s Kennel club) and also RekkuRescue, an organisation for helping homeless animals. They are making a calendar featuring cats. He found one of my cat pictures and wanted to use it.


The calendar is of a non-profit nature for the benefit and wellfare of their animals, so he couldn’t offer me any money, but he said he could send me a bunch of calenadar I could give out to my friends and loved ones.

Of course, the ideal, would be to charge for using one of my pictures, but I just couldn’t let this pass me. I am a HUGE fan of cats and love them dearly. And rescuing homeless cats (and dogs) is something that is close to my heart. There wasn’t a doubt at all. I had to participate in this. And getting calendars with cats in is a cool thing in return. Just as good as money! Esp. when it features one of MY pictures.

The calendar will be ready some time in September he said to me. I can’t wait to see my picture there with my name under it!

One funny thing. He gave me a crazy cool comment about the picture:

That image of yours is truly awesome. It kind of reminds me of the opening scene of SaturdayNight Live when J.Travolta walks down the street to the beats of Stayin’ Alive :-)

I love that comparisation!

I’m so happy about this. It’s not often things like this happens to me. I’ve had one woman asking about this picture before, but when I gave her the prices for usage of the photo, she went m.i.a. on me.

I will definitely bring an update as soon as I have one of the calenards!

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