Me and Ellen went on a photowalk today. When we met that wasn’t the plan though. Well… we didn’t really have a plan for the day. Ellen thought it was a Indian food festival at Aker Brygge so we went to check it out. She was mistaken. Then we walked around a bit taking a few pictures before we got hungry. Then we past my fave restaurant Mr. Hong. What else could we do than go inside and eat? Nothing!


I stuffed myself with food and when we got out my belly was in a little bit of pain. While Ellen went to the pharmacy, I laid on a green patch waiting for her and watching some Iranian peope have a demonstration.

When she came back, we wondered what to do. She suggested we go home to her place and sit on the balcony. I said I wanted a better door picture for today, so I suggested we hop on a bus or tram and let it take us somewhere exciting. She agreed. We took tram nr. 13 and ended up at Skarpsno where lots of Embassies are located. Fun! The only reason to get of at that stop is that we recognized it from the game Monopoly! Quite random reason. haha.

We walked around for a loooong time and I ended up talking a lot of pics.


080809-6 square


After walking from Skarpsno and almost all the way to Skøyen, we took the bus back. But we didn’t go home. We stopped at the Nathionalteather to eat icecream. Ellen owed me one since she was late today. You see, I called her when we were supposed to meet. She said she was late and offered to buy me an icecream just because of that. Hahah. It was a lovely icecream.

After the icecream and some talking we parted. I had to get home and finish my card. My plan was to stop by one or two clothes shop on my way home, but I only stopped one place to take some more pics.






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