A poem for the annoyed ones

A poem for the annoyed ones ;)

When everything seems dull and grey
and you are so very annoyed.
What if all you ate were hay,
and were a three legged horse named Lloyd?

And your farmer was a evil man,
who only wanted to be cruel.
And your only friend was Diane
a perverse and grumpy mule.

And your house was an old shack,
that always was covered in dirt.
And Diane was always on crack.
when she tried her best to flirt.

Things can be bad of course,
but they can also be worse.
Thank god you’re not a three legged horse,
or that Diane who is very perverse.

I wrote this for a friend today who had a bad yesterday. It makes almost no sense, I know that. But it was funny to write and I thought she needed a laugh! As I said, I had fun writing it. I love writing things like this. Silly poems on rhyme.

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