The posh side of town


First I just want to  say that this is door nr. 51! Not bad, ay? I’m half way to 100 that is the least amount of doors I need to make that book I’ve talked about. I am pretty sure I will make it too 100, even if 50 more unique doors are a lot to think about.

This door you see on the picture, is taken at the posh side of Oslo – at Frogner. It’s were the laidies with the Chanel bags/purses and golden shoes lives. You can, just by looking at the door, see that it’s the posh side of town. This door is not like the many dull brown doors I see here at the east side.

I’m pretty sure I could find a lot of great doors at the west side of town, but the fact is – I’m never there! I think today is the first day this year I’ve been at Frogner.  I’ve been trying to figure out reasons to go to this side of town more, but I can’t find any. I know there is a few stores that might be interesting to visit, but I know that I won’t run down their doors all the time.

Today, me and Ellen went to the moives. Ellen wanted to see Coco Chanel and Igor Stravinsky and I agreed to come. We went to a cinema called Gimle who is located at the heart of Frogner. It’s a tiny cinema with only one theater. In return it was a great theater. You know you’re at the posh side of town when the cinema has seats with side tables and the possibillity to buy wine! No other that I know of, has that.

On our way home, I come to think of the cinemas in Stockholm! I mentioned it to Ellen and she had forgotten how big they were. The one we visited when we were there had an indoor escolator and at least twelve theaters! It was crazy-big and a big contrast to this tiny cinema.

The movie was ok. It was not a wow-movie like other movies I’ve seen this year (Gran Torino & Public Enemies), but it was not bad either. Mads Mikkelsen, which I like a lot, played the main male character, Igor.

If I should grade it, I have to give it 4 out of 6.

Before the movie started we went to eat. We ended up at a chineese restaurant at Oslo City called Chopsticks. Cheap food. I ordered beef chopsuey and paid only 85 NOK. As I said, it was cheep and I know what they had cut down on; the spice! The beef chopsuey didn’t taste that much. It didn’t taste bad, but it sure could’ve had more taste. Oh well, I sort of got full and that was the main purpose of the meal.

While we’re talking about movies. Ellen and I made a deal. We’re gonna try to see a new movie every other week. Only if we have money (lol) and there is something worth seeing, that is! I love watching movies, so I think this will be fun. Right now there isn’t much worth seeing. Only boring movies it seems like.

I’m looking forward to the fall and lots of great movies.

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