Norwegian Wood


I love the forrest. Not at night, but in broad daylight it’s fine. After the dark comes out I find it scary to be in the wood; at least if I’m all by myself. But now, when it’s summer (the calendar says so at least, even though it doesn’t look like it because of all the rain), it’s light outside until late in the evening. And it’s perfect to shooting.

I’ve wanted to go shooting in the woods for a long time now. But every time Ive been home and thought about it this summer, it’s been raining! Until yesterday.

First I went out around 3 o’clock. The forrest is just a minute walk away from my parents house, so it’s really nearby. I walked into my neightbours forrest. Our (we have some forrest too you know) is a bit far further away and I didn’t wanna go so far, and basicly forrest is forrest so no need to go far.  After just a few minutes, my battery died. Ahem… good planning. So I walked home, recharged my battery and made dinner.

I had to wait at least two hours before I could go out again. A short while after I come home,  the sun disappeard behind a big cloud. It was like a cloud-carpet which spread out all over the sky.  I got really grumpy, because I really, really wanted to go and shoot. But no sun = no cool shots. So I waited patiently until the sun came back.

It was great to be out. I love, love, loved it. I heard the birds sing, a pine cone fall from a tree and saw some beautiful light!

I made this diptych for my numbers-serie on flickr. It’s called ten reasons to love the countryside / forrest / nature.


  1. The air. I believe the air is much fresher in countryside.
  2. Sounds outside. You can hear the bird sing and the bee buzz.
  3. The colors. Everything so green and colorful; the forrest, the flowers, the bushes etc.
  4. In the fall you can go up in the woods and pick berries, like raspberries, blueberries etc.
  5. You don’t have to go far to lay in a field of grass, look at the clouds and decide what each cloud look like.
  6. There is lots of beautiful things to photograph outside.
  7. You can easily pack your bag and go on a trip in the forrest and maybe even stay the night.
  8. When the Christmas comes, you can go out and get yourself a Christmas tree.
  9. In the summertime you can walk barefoot in the grass.
  10. You can go skiing in forrest in the winter-time.

While walking around shooting random stuff, I found raspberries. Ah, I love raspberries. First I picked some and ate them right away. Then I decided to bring some home. But what do you do when all you got is keys, phone, my camera and an extra lense? You take the back-cap of the lense off and put the raspberries in that one! It didn’t fit many raspberries, but it did make a cute picture at least!


Later that evening, I served my parents icecream with berries. They liked it a lot.

Me and mum, we’re going to pick berries one day together. We always do that in the late summer / early fall every year. This year is not going to be an exception. And like earlier years, I’m bringing my camera.

I really hope for more days like the one I had yesterday. August often is sunny and quite warm. I hope this year it will be it too. It doesn’t look promising though. Today it started to rain again, after two days with sun. The weather has been gloomy almost all day. Will it ever stop? This whole summer, minus a few weeks, has rained away.

Right now it’s pouring outside.

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