I love berries


Mum and I, we have this anual trip to pick berries. There is this big forrest about 100 meter from my parents house and we own a part of it. Yesterday mum went up in the forrest to pick berries. Craneberries to be spestific. Not in our part in the forrest, but in a area about 15-20 mins up in the forrest near a tiny, tiny lake. A lake where I sometimes went swimming with my friend Linda as a kid without permission.

It’s a nice walk, even thought it goes up, up and up  the first 15 mins. Then it’s to the left with the lake on the left side of you. You pass a tiny dam and walk a few minutes more. Then you’re there.

We took a break right after we came to place to start looking for berries. Mum had some coffee and a tiny cookie and I had water and chocolate.

It’s really nice to be out in the woods. It’s so quiet. The only thing we heard was the wind blowing and some birds singing. And of course a few people; one family on a sunday walk, a girl running and old man we knew who had been out picking blueberries.


Of course I brought my camera. How could I not? Here is some shots from the trip.



310809 mosaic

I guess we were out in the woods for a couple of hours. Not sure actually, I didn’t pay attention to the clock. While being up in the woods, mym and I , we talked about everything and nothing. It was really cosy!

When we came home we looked over all the cranberries. After that we made jam of some of it.


Card created by…


Just a quick update.

I got an e-mail from that guy I bought the rubber stamp from today. He had already made the stamp and would send it on monday. The shipping would take about two weeks since he’s located in Malaysia.

This is how the rubber stamp turned out. I’m so, so, so happy about it. It’s very cute! I can’t wait to get it. It will be fun to get this in the mail. Nice to something else than bills for a change! Because bills sucks.


I’m having fun with cards again now. It’s been a while.


You would not believe what crossed my mind today. I went to Bikuben today; a crafts and scrapbooking store. I was looking for some rubber stamps. I didn’t find what I was looking for but I found other stamps. When I walked into the two floor store, I knew I wanted a new rubber stamp or two. It was really hard to choose, because they got so many! It’s all sorts of rubber stamps with all kinds of motifs.

I ended up with some christmas rubber stamps. It was a set with nine stamps and they were all so very cute.

I got the urge to make christmas cards! In late August. Believe it or not. It’s a little bit early, don’t you think? On my way from the store I started to count how many cards I’m gonna make this year. I guess around 13 for myself.

When I met mum I said to her: “I’m gonna make you christmas-cards this year too, right?” And she was like “yeah, I guess so”. “Guess so? I have to” I replied. haha.

I have so many ideas in my head regarding christmas-cards, you wouldn’t know! The new rubber stamps opens a whole new world. Last year I didn’t use any rubber stamps at all! This year I will use it a lot and I’m already looking forward to it.


I also found this really cute birthday rubber stamp. It just screamed pick me, pick me! 


How cute isn’t it? It’s on the top end of the cuteness scale. That right cat looks so satisfied! I can’t wait to use this either. Don’t know anyone who has a birthday until early november though… so it might take a while to get to use it! Oh hey, I have a friend who had her birthday on thursday. We’re not that close that we send each other gifts, but I could send her a card. It would be a bit late though. My dad has his birthday in October, but I’ve already started on his card.


The cards says happy birthday master chef. It’s not done yet. The letters need to be clued on and some adjustments has to be made. I might start over with a new card. Well, it’s gonna be the same but i think i want the chef to be drawn again, since the painting job I didn’t wasn’t the best. Oh, we’ll see. I got lots of time though, his birthday isn’t until 29th of October.

I also bought another set of stamps. It’s like the one I posted in the last post (the boys rubber stamps), but this is girls. Don’t have any pics of it and I’m too lazy to make it. Maybe some oher time…

I’m sitting now with the Panduro Hobby catalogue for 2009/2010 in front of me. I’m gonna have a look and single out all the stuff I want. I’m sure it will be a lot. And then I’m gonna put everything up on my birthday wishlist :)

Creative kick

I’ve been quite creative these three last days. I started on wednesday when I decided to fix some rubber stamps I bought around easter. I bought some unmountanted rubber stamp and I needed some foam-thing to stick on the back, so I can use it on a acryllick block. I fixed one on wednesday, some yesterday and the rest today.


I wanted to test out one of the stamps. You press it on paper and then you paint it inside. I’ve never done that before, I thought it would be fun to give it a try. I ended up making a whole card.


I must say I’m happy about how it turned out. It’s not bad for a first atempt. The text says ‘a little sailor on life’s big ocean’, a quote I got from mum.

Sitting there watching the card, I started to make a poem up in my head. I wrote down what I thought of and suddenly I had a whole poem! It took me like three minutes to make it. It has never happened this fast before. It’s in Norwegian, but I’ve tried my best to translate it. It wont sound as nice, since I lost the rhymeing when I translated it though.

The sailor

You are a small sailor
on life’s vast oceans.
You’ll meet good moments
but also challenges and requirements.

With wisdom and love
on the great journey,
you are ready to meet
the big, big world.

Remember that your aunt,
always will be near you.
And be part of the voyage
in all kinds of weathers

This poem is going to be inside the card. And the card is for my nephew. My sister and brother in-law won’t baptize him, but in stead they will  have a ‘name-ceremony’ to celebrate him and his name.

As a gift for Emil, I’ve bought this tiny blue backpack (12 liters) and one even cuter lunchbox. It’s a Postman Pat lunchbox. I used to love Postman Pat! He was so cool. I remember when I was 6, I got a greeting on my birthday on the radio from grandma and grandpa. And I got to hear the Postman Pat theme-song! I was in heaven. Now I hope to pass on some Postman Pat love to my nephew!

Back to the card. I would love to have a rubber stamp that says made by Kjersti or something in that alley. When I give away card I want them and others who sees it to know it’s handmade by me. I’ve been thinking of buying such a rubber stamp for ages now, but never gotten around to it. Not until today!

madebystamp I went on ebay and found a really cute rubber stamp made by loongchai74. It’s 3.8 cm x 3.8 cm.  This stamp is soooo cute. I love it already, even though I don’t got it yet.  I hope it will be sent soon! It was cheap too! I’m very happy about this new stamp. I’m gonna use it on every card I’m making.

I’m gonna go use one of the other stamps now. The bbq-chef stamp. It fits my dad so I’m gonna make him an early birthday card. His birthday is in late October… it’s no harm to be finsihed early, is it? ;)

Sigh, sigh and more sigh!


Today something happened that I wasn’t really prepared for. I went to the post-office around 10 o’clock and when I came back to the office, I saw two missed calls on my cellphone from dad. I got instantly worried. Why would he call me twice in the middle of a work day if it wasn’t something serious? I immideately called him back. He was quiet in phone and asked him straight out if something had happened. Yes, he said with a meek voice. Instantly I thought it was something todo with mum. But when he said he was in class, but still wanted to tell me, I understand it wasn’t mum. I know he wouldn’t be still teaching if it was mum.

It was one of the cats… Pondus, he had been hit by a car and did not survive. I nearly started to cry, but managed to hold it back. After all I was at work and it would feel a bit akward to cry! I felt this enourmous sadness wash over me. We ended the call quite quickly. Dad went back to his class and went back to my desk. I had to control myself not to cry.

For the next hour I had trouble concentrating on work. I didn’t tell anybody at work, because there wasn’t really anyone I felt like sharing it with. Gøril, who would’ve been the one to share it with, was not working (sick). Instead I texted Linda and wrote a few emails telling about the sad news. I felt like sharing it so I could get some uplifting words back.

After working for a while I emailed mum and tried my best to comfort her. I know she loved that cat dearly. After emailing her I started to write a poem about Pondus. I’ve always done that when I cat has died. It started with Kasper, my sisters first cat. And I wrote one for her second cat who died last year too. Now it was Pondus’ time.

I’m gonna share it, even if it’s in Norwegian. I just want it written down, so I can remeber it.

Ode til Pondus

Pondus var hans navn.
Han var super katt.
Han var jo helt klart
noe av det best man har hatt.

Da Pondus kom til oss
var han en liten pus
som gjemte seg litt bort
i vårt store hus.

Men fort så var han framme
og lusket rundt omkring
han hoppet hit og dit
og snuste på alle ting.

Hans kjære bror Samson
var hans beste venn.
Samme voktet de huset
som ble deres kjære hjem.

Når vintern var på hell,
og sola tittet frem.
Da var det kjedelig inne,
de ville ut av hus og hjem.

De løp rundt i gresset
og snuste på alt.
Og ville ikke inn
før det ble kaldt.

Å fange søte mus
ble gjort i stor stil.
At han synes det var gøy
ja, det var ikke tvil.

Den store stygge veien
var ikke Pondus’ venn.
Han lusket bort dit
og kom dessverre ikke hjem.

Så sover kjære Ponde
i himmelen – sitt nye hjem.
Og tenker nok på alle
som var snille og ble hans venn.

Mange varme tanker,
går til Samson hans bror.
Og håper de sees igjen
når Samson er blitt stor.

En ekstra stor tanke
går til mamma Helen og pappa Kjell.
som ga uendelig masse kjærlighet
både morgen og kveld.

I cried when I came home; twice. And I also feel like crying now too, since I’m writing about it. I have to block the episode out now that I’m going to bed!

The sadest part of this is that Pondus’ brother, Samson, now will be all alone! It almost breaks my heart to think of that. They were so close. Best buddies and brothers.

My parents let Samson see Pondus before they burried him. I think that was a good idea. If they hadn’t, I’m sure Samson would’ve spent a lot of time wondering where he went and why he’s not around anymore. Dad said that Samons had sniffled a little bit on him, before he ran away further into the house he was laying.

My parents burried him in a white blanket with some roses aside. It might seem weird to do that with a cat, but it’s not! A cat becomes  a family member!

Pondus only got one year and three months…. sigh!

Super (shopping) saturday

Yesterday I had a friend come visiting me. She lives a two-hour bus-tour from Oslo. Yesteday she left her boyfriend and two kids behind and headed with her car to see me and even stay the night!

We met at IKEA. Good choise for a meeting-point. We strolled around there for some time. I was on the look for a new lamp to my bedroom. I didn’t find any I thought would give enough light in my room. I guess I have to look someplace else for such a lamp. I also wanted to buy a bathroom rug. It has been sold out the two last times I’ve been there, the color I had. Now they didn’t have it at all. I guess it’s not there anymore. blargh!

I ended up with four wodden square picture frames that are going up in my bedroom. They’re going up as soon as I find out what pictures to print. That might take a long time, since I’ve so indecicive!


And I bought two small orchids. Really cute and lovely!


I placed on orchid on top of my dvd player and next to the picture of grandma and grandpa. It fits, since grandma was fond of flowers/plants and had her whole house filled with it.

After IKEA we went home to my place to have a rest. After a short rest we went downtown. My friend Linda had told me it was so much great new stuff at Indiska which I love and Bjørg also like, so we went there! Good choice! I found some pretty cool stuff!


I only have dull coffee cups. Well, they are ok, but I’m tired of them. These on the other hand is so beautiful. I with there were plates in this serie too, but I didn’t find any. Well, I have green, blue and white plates so I think it will be ok ;)


Candle light holder. Great colors. Don’t know where to put it yet, but I just had to buy it… So typical me. I told Linda about it yesterday and she just laughed.


This huge cup is going to be my new soup cup. Now I’m ready for autumn, a blanket over me in the sofa, a good book and some tomatosoup in this cup!

After walking around in lots of stores, we headed home again. Satisfied with todays buyings, we opened a bottle of white wine. A lovely Riesling. It tasted great!

We sat down for a while, talking and deciding what to do. Linda had invited us to join her, her boyfriend Glenn and a bunch of other people to a standup-festival. We decided not to go and instead do something cheaper; go see a movie.

Around 18 ish we went downtown to eat. We were hungry and needed to eat something before the nine o’clock movie. Where did we go? To Mr. Hong of course. That restaurant is our fave restaurant of all time. The mongolian buffet is wonderful. I ate too much, as I always do. I will never learn. But, thank God, I didn’t eat as much as a guy a table aside us. He had two HUGE portions of that buffet. It was like 3-4 normal portions. Jeeze, Louise!

We walked across the city to get to the cinema (Eldorado). We saw Inglourios Basterds, a film by Quintan Tarantino. Some times, a quite weird movie, but in the end it ended up being great! Brad Pitt and that guy who played the German SS-officer were great. I agree with all the great reviews it’s gotten. A film to recommend!

I heart doors


As usual, I had to find my next door after I left the office at 16.00. I knew where to go this time. I knew there would be cool doors at Kampen (area in east Oslo). I saw several when I walked to the bus after I had lunch with Ellen on sunday.

So, I walked around the streets of Kampen and took quite some pictures. I found several doors which I shot.

I even found some numbers, which I will be using in my numbers-project. It’s not easy to find nice numbers I have to say. Because it’s either a very low number like one, two or three or very high like 30 an up. I don’t need that, I need somethin between 5 and 15. That’s the ideal.

Anyway,  back to the doors. As I said, I found several doors. I know I will go back to that area and shoot more. The good thing about this, is that it’s close to where I work and I can easily find a bus to take me back home. The area is sort of in between my office and the bus-stop. So I can go through that area on my way home. That means 1) I can easily get a door-shot and 2) I get more excercise. That is not bad! Not bad at all!

You know I used to write down street names in my cute little book, so I knew where the doors I find, is. I don’t do that very often anymore. It will have to be a very special door or a door located in a street I’m rarely in. Earlier in the project I was afraid I would forget where the cool doors where and I was also afraid I wouldn’t find enough cool doors. Now I know that there is plenty of cool and intersting doors to shot.

It’s good to not have to stress so much about finding doors. In the beginning I was searching for doors everywhere I went; if it was by bus, tram, car or walking. Now I’m more relaxed. I still look, but in a more relaxed way.

I think I will come to a point, and I thought about this today, where a cool door isn’t enough. It has to be extraordinary. I think I might rise the bar a bit higher. I know at least that if I’ve taken some dull door-pictures for a few days, I really feel I have to get something extra nice to compensate.

I don’t want 365 dull and ugly doors, that’s for sure. I know I won’t have that, but I know there are days I don’t have time to go shooting and then I have to settle with a less cooler door. There are days I just have to snap a door on my way to work. And that’s not easy since I’m often in a hurry and ride the bus most of the distance. So, if I can spare those doors that I can find on my way to work, I will.

I still haven’t used my front door, but I’ve used the back door and the door to the board and the  handy-man  who works in our street.

Today I uploaded door number 66. The 6 last doors has been slow. It went fast between door 30 and 60, but now… I feel like door 70 is sooo far away, even if it’s only 4 doors to go. I guess that has to do with my life in general and not the doors itself.

I haven’t lost motivations, not yet at least. I will make it to 100 doors. That is my next milestone. It’s only  34 doors left. That is five weeks.

Five weeks and then the door-books is a reality.  100 doors is the lowest amount of doors I can have to make a decent door book. So it’s looking good. I’m happy about the book. It will be a kick-ass book and something worth showing people / having in my bookshelf. It will be the proof of my dedication to this project!

Wish me good luck!

Oh. Ps. the heart at the top of this post is a heart a found on a door today. Will go back and shoot the whole door some day. Let’s hope the heart is still there, because without the heart the door is nothing.

Surprise-gift :)


Six reasons to send someone a surprise-gife:

  1. You’ll put a smile on someones face.
  2. You’ll probably get a big hug next time you see the recciver of the gift.
  3. You’ll make someone happy.
  4. You’ll get the fun of finding little gems to include in the surprise-gift.
  5. You’ll get the fun of wrapping the gift in beautiful paper or a gift-box.
  6. It will enrich your friendship.

I’m in the process of making a surprise-gift for a friend of mine. I saw that dotted box at Åhlens here the other day and I just had to buy it. It was so cute & lovely and I thought it would make a great gift-box. Then, when I came home, I began to think of a friend who I think need a little surprise-gift right now.

I am the kind of persons who loves to give things to friends and family. And I don’t need to get anything back either. It’s just fun to give, so I don’t really care if I get something in return. You shouldn’t expect something in return every time give something.

Giving things are fun and to see a big, fat smile on someones face is as good as a gift in return!

In this box I’ve put some Norwegian candy, a set with three earrings from H&M and a magnet to put on your fridge. It’s a cat. I’ve also put a card in there – selfmade of course. It’s not very fancy, a bit boring actually. Wel.. I didn’t have any inspiration today. Was too tired, but was determand to get it ready. Not a good combination.


This is now it turned out. I have a stamped cat inside, but didn’t bother to take a picture of it.

Now I just have to wrap this gift securly and get myself to the postoffice and send it. Send it overseas, over the Atlantic Ocean and to that beautiful  girl I know :)

No more posts.