After seeing a tweet from  flickr friend who is creating a new website and adding a stand-alone travel-photo section, I thought ‘hey, why not do it myself’. I do have a section called Stockholm and I got six photos there. So the idea is to change that into a travel section and add all my travel-photos.

When I say all my travel photos it sounds like I have a zillion of travel-photos to share. Let me correct you, that is wrong. I don’t have that many travel-photos, sadly. A bit odd maybe since I love to take pictures. Well, I guess there is a few reasons why I don’t have that many:

  • I haven’t traveled that much lately. Only places I’ve been is Alkmaar where I’ve visited Chantie.
  • When I visit Chanti, I rarly take any typical holiday/travel shots. I usually take silly pictures of her and me and her cats.
  • When I do take the typical travel-photos, I don’t spend enough time on taking the picture. I snap and walk. I don’t think too much about the composition, where the light comes from, what to include in the frame or not and so on. I’m not a good travel-photographer.

Yesterday, when I have a little break at work, I went through my photos at flickr and tried to find out if there were any that would classify as good travel-photos. I found two sets (Stockholm and Holland) and found some there. But not many.

I think I have to go trough some of my folders at home to check if I can find some more. Maybe there is some hidden good photos there somewhere? I have to go through my Stockholm folder and the Alkmaar-folders I got. I also have to look through my backup-files. I have a few CDs with old shots taken with my now dead Ixus5 or the even older Samsung camera.

The stupid thing about those pictures is that most of them are in a small size. This girl was so smart when she got her first cameras that set the size of the photo to small! Doh! No photographer with the right mind does that. How the heck can you print or present those photos in a large format? I thought it was best to get as many shots at my memory card as possible since the size was only 256 mb. Doh, yet another time!

Now I’ve learned, thanks to my beloved big sister, and I got the biggest size there is on the photos and I have a memory card that is 1 GB.

Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get 25 shots?! Won’t hold my breath.

I would like to improve my travel-photographing. Too bad I’m not going anywhere in the near future. I’ve had my two trips this year and I don’t see any new trips this year. Earliest is Easter 2010. Blah. If I could I would be on a airplane tomorrow to interesting destination!

In stead I have to dream about trips already ended by looking at old photographes.

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