30 doors down


I’ve made it to 30 doors. A whole month! That is quite cool I have to say! Now I only need 70 more to make that book I’ve been planing to do and 335 more to the whole thing is finished.

I know I will have to twist my brain around in a few weeks, because I haven’t got that many doors spotted out. I have two streets near work, that I told you about earlier, that I can shoot from. But when those are up, I have to go elsewhere to search. It would mean that I can’t go straight home, but I have to go some place else.

You think 365 doors will be fairly easy, but I don’t think so. It’s not just 365 doors, it’s 365 interesting doors. I don’t wanna have280 boring doors. Who will follow my project on flickr then? Nobody! I should, now that I have some vacation (still some days left), go looking for some nice streets around the area where I live. I want to have many more doors on the list I keep for doors to shoot.

It was nice to be home for a week. I wanted to only shoot doors that you only find in the countryside, so I only shot doors on our property or the nearby. There were enough doors to shoot, but still it wasn’t very easy. What’s the reason for that? The weather!

It bloody rained almost all days! So it was hard some days to get out and take a shot. Even if you only are gonna shot a door, you still want sunlight. And I didn’t have much of that! Well, it all went well in the end and I’m satisified with the result I got. I’m looking forward to the 30 next doors!

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