A good day for photography

It’s been bloody raining all day. Wait… I think we had an hour or so right after I got up at 10.30. But, by the time I decided to go outside and find todays door, it started to rain. And it didn’t stop. I waited and waited, but no stopping. So around 21.30 I had to drag myself out. I found an umbrella, which didn’t work properly. But it was better than nothing. I had to protect my camera.

I managed to take a few picture before the battery died. My last picture was the one I used. Not 100% satisfied with it, but it was all I could do today! It’s going to be sunny tomorrow, if the weather cast I read yesterday still is valid, so I’ll be able to take a nice door-shot tomorrow.

Apart from a so-so door, I’ve taken and processed some great pictures today. I feel like bragging about, because it’s not every day I feel so good about what I’ve completed. Today is one of those great days.


I am really pleased with the processing on this picture. It’s been processed like they way I’ve seen been done at flickr. It’s been done the way I’ve wanted to do it for a long time, but haven’t really managed to do.

The reason for that?

I’ve learned a few new tricks in photoshop. A flickr-friend posted a link on twitter that contains 150 photoshop actions and tutorial. Awesome link. See it here. I recon I can get a lot of tips here! I found a set of actions which works with PS7 and I’m very pleased with that.

Yesterday I bought cherrie-tomatoes. The main reason was that I wanted to photograph them. I also know dad likes to grill them, so I knew it wasn’t a total waste of money to buy them. I managed to get a decent shot of them.


I mades straberry jam today. The easy way. Mash up the strawberries and add sugar. Voila! Ready to eat. The strawberries in the fridge was on its way to go bad, so I had to do something about them. I made jam. While making jam, I came up with a brilliant idea for a photograph. I picked up a jar from one of the storage houses we got. I cleaned it and put the jam inside. Then I placed it on one of my new napkins which I found utterly beautiful and summery. The picture turn out rather sweet!


I plan to get up rather early tomorrow (or shoud I say latereda today, it’s way passed midnight), so I better go to bed soon.  Not even soon, but right now!

Let’s hope on a equally good photo day tomorrw as today!

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