After seeing a tweet from  flickr friend who is creating a new website and adding a stand-alone travel-photo section, I thought ‘hey, why not do it myself’. I do have a section called Stockholm and I got six photos there. So the idea is to change that into a travel section and add all my travel-photos.

When I say all my travel photos it sounds like I have a zillion of travel-photos to share. Let me correct you, that is wrong. I don’t have that many travel-photos, sadly. A bit odd maybe since I love to take pictures. Well, I guess there is a few reasons why I don’t have that many:

  • I haven’t traveled that much lately. Only places I’ve been is Alkmaar where I’ve visited Chantie.
  • When I visit Chanti, I rarly take any typical holiday/travel shots. I usually take silly pictures of her and me and her cats.
  • When I do take the typical travel-photos, I don’t spend enough time on taking the picture. I snap and walk. I don’t think too much about the composition, where the light comes from, what to include in the frame or not and so on. I’m not a good travel-photographer.

Yesterday, when I have a little break at work, I went through my photos at flickr and tried to find out if there were any that would classify as good travel-photos. I found two sets (Stockholm and Holland) and found some there. But not many.

I think I have to go trough some of my folders at home to check if I can find some more. Maybe there is some hidden good photos there somewhere? I have to go through my Stockholm folder and the Alkmaar-folders I got. I also have to look through my backup-files. I have a few CDs with old shots taken with my now dead Ixus5 or the even older Samsung camera.

The stupid thing about those pictures is that most of them are in a small size. This girl was so smart when she got her first cameras that set the size of the photo to small! Doh! No photographer with the right mind does that. How the heck can you print or present those photos in a large format? I thought it was best to get as many shots at my memory card as possible since the size was only 256 mb. Doh, yet another time!

Now I’ve learned, thanks to my beloved big sister, and I got the biggest size there is on the photos and I have a memory card that is 1 GB.

Maybe if I’m lucky, I’ll get 25 shots?! Won’t hold my breath.

I would like to improve my travel-photographing. Too bad I’m not going anywhere in the near future. I’ve had my two trips this year and I don’t see any new trips this year. Earliest is Easter 2010. Blah. If I could I would be on a airplane tomorrow to interesting destination!

In stead I have to dream about trips already ended by looking at old photographes.

Website, doors, photos & Tate

This week I have re-designed my website, again. I actually got the idea from a flickr-friends twitter background. I saw her new background and immideately got me in the mood to change my design again. I took a look at my web and come to the conclution that it was boring and not as cool as I wanted.

It’s less than four months since I redesigned it.  Lets hope this design will stay up for a bit longer!

It didn’t take me long to figure out how I wanted it. Quite quickly I had a vision of how I wanted it. I wanted it to be clean, hip and cool. There is only so much I can make with the limited html skills I got, so I’m pretty satisfied with the way it turned out.

Of course it wasn’t a painless operation. Not only once did I almost pull my hair out. When I found out that the design looked differently in FF (firefox) and IE, I almost resigned. I was so close to quite and forget the whole thing. But I didn’t, because I wanted to badly to get this to work.

In the end I’m not 100% satisfied, but that’s not my fault. It’s IE/FF fault and I can’t do anything about it.

The door project is going on. I’ve had two days now where I’ve been a bit blah about the whole thing. Yesterday I had to drag myself out to find a door. Today my mood was better, but I didn’t find  the door. It’s an ok church-door, but not it! I guess when you’re gonna find 365 doors, not everyone can be it! But in my head every door must be top notch! I have to lower my expectation/ ambition maybe? Ugh, that doesn’t sound good. Not at all. No! NO! I can’t think like that. I have to work on getting the it-door every day, but I must remember to not be disappointed if I don’t find that door every day.

I put up all my doors on the website. That was quite a job. But it’s good to have them up. Now it will be much easier to add new photos. I think it’s a good idea to add new photos to my web once a week.

Now that I’m so focused on doors, I don’t shoot other things that much. I miss that. These the last week has been all about doors. I know this project is important, but I don’t want it to take over me completely. I want to focus on other pictures as well. I have to find a way to balance it all.

Today I bought some food to photograph again… It was only cheep things like an red apple, an onion and carrots. I did have carrots in the fridge, but they were not as photogenic as the ones I saw in the supermarket. haha. I have to eat lots of carrots to get rid of all these! I better go get one now.

I visited flickr a short while ago and I found this supercool link about Tate Liverpool who collaborates with Flickr and wants us to share colour monocrome pictures (pictures with one color). If they get accepted into the flickr color chart group, it will be displayed on Tate’s website (as you can see in the link).  In the end they are going to select 36 pictures and make a poster out of them. I have found two pictures that I’ve submitted.

white eggs

blue wall

You can upload max five pictures. These two are the only who I have found so far that fits the theme color monocrome. I like the white eggs the most. Hmm. when I come to think of it, I have one more that might fit into the description. Not sure… I’ll think about it and maybe upload this one:


Maybe not 95% of one color as they requier…

250509-1Maybe this one?

I’ll think about it. No use to debate withmyself in this blogpost. haha.

30 doors down


I’ve made it to 30 doors. A whole month! That is quite cool I have to say! Now I only need 70 more to make that book I’ve been planing to do and 335 more to the whole thing is finished.

I know I will have to twist my brain around in a few weeks, because I haven’t got that many doors spotted out. I have two streets near work, that I told you about earlier, that I can shoot from. But when those are up, I have to go elsewhere to search. It would mean that I can’t go straight home, but I have to go some place else.

You think 365 doors will be fairly easy, but I don’t think so. It’s not just 365 doors, it’s 365 interesting doors. I don’t wanna have280 boring doors. Who will follow my project on flickr then? Nobody! I should, now that I have some vacation (still some days left), go looking for some nice streets around the area where I live. I want to have many more doors on the list I keep for doors to shoot.

It was nice to be home for a week. I wanted to only shoot doors that you only find in the countryside, so I only shot doors on our property or the nearby. There were enough doors to shoot, but still it wasn’t very easy. What’s the reason for that? The weather!

It bloody rained almost all days! So it was hard some days to get out and take a shot. Even if you only are gonna shot a door, you still want sunlight. And I didn’t have much of that! Well, it all went well in the end and I’m satisified with the result I got. I’m looking forward to the 30 next doors!

What to do when it rains?

The weather cast had earlier this week said it would be 19 degrees and no rain yesterday. So I thought I finally would be able to go out and take some pictures yesterday. Waking up at 8 o’clock and realising it was all wrong, was a major disappointment. It made me rather moody to see the clouds and the rain! Would it ever stop raining?

So, what do you do when it doesn’t stop raining?

Watching TV is a good idea. I watched lot on BBC Lifestyle, one of my fave channels to watch. They have programmes about interior/design, food and renewing yourself clothes-wise. Three things I love! I watched What Not To Wear with Trinny & Susannah. Ah I love that show.

There was a short while  where it didn’t rain. I took that time and went out to the strawberry field we got. Field? uhm.. it’s four rows and each are like 3 meters. More like a patch than a field maybe. I picked two bowls with strawberries. It never ends. I went up to the neighbours (Linda’s parents) with one bowl. I thought it would be nice to give them some. Terje was there too. He has vacation. I was there for quite some time, at least an hour. It was very nice.

When I came home I went to the grocery store. I had planned to make soup/stew for my parents and there were some things I didn’t have; like saussages, leek onion and some more potatoes. I started on the soup/stew as soon as I got home. It’s quite some work to make that dish. Lots of chopping and peeling. But the end-result is always good!



100709-1In between making the soup/stew I started baking raisin buns. I’ve been wanting to make that all week. I bought this pack on monday with a flour-mix. You just add water, yeast and rasins. Very easy. Yesterday I finally got around to make them.

I must confess I didn’t use that baking bowl to make the dough. I only put the dough in it to get a cool picture. haha. I used a ugly brown one that comes with the kitchen machine I used.

The baking bowls are new. I bought them on tuesday when I went shopping with Linda at Bjørkelangen. Three bowla in different sizes for only 149 nok. Great buy! I’ve been looking for bowls like that. And i had found some, but they were way more expensive than these! I guess the sallest one had had looked at cost about the same as these three together!



This is the end-result. The buns are looking great, ay? They are huge! And they tasted delish. I have to bake buns like these more often. It doesn’t cost much and it’s yummy. Esp. yummy if you cut them in half and add butter and brown cheese on them. Ohhh. That is very delish.

Right now, it’s not not raining outside. It’s not sunny, but at least it’s not raining. I think I better go outside and look for todays door. I have one in mind, but I’m gonna go see if there is ossome other door that is better! Today will be my 26th door. Quite cool and impressive I have to say.

A good day for photography

It’s been bloody raining all day. Wait… I think we had an hour or so right after I got up at 10.30. But, by the time I decided to go outside and find todays door, it started to rain. And it didn’t stop. I waited and waited, but no stopping. So around 21.30 I had to drag myself out. I found an umbrella, which didn’t work properly. But it was better than nothing. I had to protect my camera.

I managed to take a few picture before the battery died. My last picture was the one I used. Not 100% satisfied with it, but it was all I could do today! It’s going to be sunny tomorrow, if the weather cast I read yesterday still is valid, so I’ll be able to take a nice door-shot tomorrow.

Apart from a so-so door, I’ve taken and processed some great pictures today. I feel like bragging about, because it’s not every day I feel so good about what I’ve completed. Today is one of those great days.


I am really pleased with the processing on this picture. It’s been processed like they way I’ve seen been done at flickr. It’s been done the way I’ve wanted to do it for a long time, but haven’t really managed to do.

The reason for that?

I’ve learned a few new tricks in photoshop. A flickr-friend posted a link on twitter that contains 150 photoshop actions and tutorial. Awesome link. See it here. I recon I can get a lot of tips here! I found a set of actions which works with PS7 and I’m very pleased with that.

Yesterday I bought cherrie-tomatoes. The main reason was that I wanted to photograph them. I also know dad likes to grill them, so I knew it wasn’t a total waste of money to buy them. I managed to get a decent shot of them.


I mades straberry jam today. The easy way. Mash up the strawberries and add sugar. Voila! Ready to eat. The strawberries in the fridge was on its way to go bad, so I had to do something about them. I made jam. While making jam, I came up with a brilliant idea for a photograph. I picked up a jar from one of the storage houses we got. I cleaned it and put the jam inside. Then I placed it on one of my new napkins which I found utterly beautiful and summery. The picture turn out rather sweet!


I plan to get up rather early tomorrow (or shoud I say latereda today, it’s way passed midnight), so I better go to bed soon.  Not even soon, but right now!

Let’s hope on a equally good photo day tomorrw as today!

No more posts.