365 doors



I’ve been thinking about doing a 365 project on flickr for ages! But I haven’t gotten further than think about it. The subject came up in a mail Chantie sent me here the other day. And therefore I began to think about it again. And with Chanties uplifting words, it’s now become real.

Chantie wanted me to do a regular 365 of myself, but I didn’t really like that idea. I would need a remote control (which I haven’t) and just the fact that I would have to take 365 pictures of myself, didn’t seem like a good idea. I’ve taken quite a few self portraits and only a handfull of them am I satisfied with.

After a lot of thinking and some funny suggestions from Chantie (365 shoes of the day or 365 cats) I landed on 365 doors! I was also thinking about buildings, but I thought that would be a bit boring and difficult. I figured out doors would be way more easier and fun!

So for the next year, I will take a picture of a door each day. That is the plan, at least. I do not know if I will succeed in the end, but the goal is to make it. I have to focus on making it instead of how long it will take me to fail.

I’ve already shot two doors! It’s a beginning.

On my way home today I think I looked at every door I could see. I never thought I would walk around judging all the door in my sight, if they were cool enough for a picture. I must say, it isn’t easy to find door that are worth shooting. Most of the, like 98% of what I’ve seen today, is just boring doors. Almost at home I found the door that ended up being the official door no. 2 of my project.

Wish me good luck on the project. I will need it!

A-HA singing: foot of the mountain


I acted out the teenager in my today. Ellen sent me a mail in the middle of the day and asked if I wanted to join her downtown after work. A-HA is out with a new record today and they had a two-hour signing at Platekompaniet (record store) at Oslo City today.

I was in doubt of going, because I was so so tired. I have been that all day. But I ended up going. I reconed it couldn’t get any worse.

So we met at the third floor around 17.30. I was already in line and Ellen came right after I had gotten there. It was almost two weeks since we last saw each other, so there was a bit of catching up to do.

The queue got longer and longer behind us. I guess there were something like 30 people in front of us, not more.

I felt really dorky standing there in line waiting to get new CD signed. I seldon do things like this, but thought ‘what the heck, lets do it’. A-HA is big. They are one of the few Norwegian musicians that have made it in the USA and hit the billboard-list. Their smash-hit ‘Take On Me’ was HUGE!

As you can see I took a few pictures. It was close to impossible to get any good pictures. I didn’t become any easier since I only had my 50 mm lense with me and that has no zoom. With the other lense (18-125 mm) it would’ve been easier. Oh well, it doesn’t really matter. I got a few half decent shots. It’s enough to post on this blog.

I didn’t really say much when it was my turn to get my sleeve signed. I just said thank you to each of one of them (Magne Furuholmen, Morten Harket and Paul Waaktaar-Savoy) and smiled.

After we both got our CD’s singed, we hung around for a short while. I wanted to get a picture of Paul Waaktar-Savoy, since I only had the two others. I gave up to get a decent shot and we left after a short while.

I haven’t had the chance to listen to the CD yet. I’ve been stuck in front of the TV all evening watching one of my fave shows, Top Model. And I’ve been cleaning a bit and chatting with Chantie.

I <3 Bruce

                                            There is no secret I love Bruce, is it?


I’m sitting here with my headphones on, playing the CD Working On A Dream out loud. It’s late and I don’t wanna wake up the neighbours.

It’s quite surreal. Tonight Bruce has held his second concert in Bergen and I haven’t seen any of them. Bruce has been to Norway and I haven’t seen him! Knowing that I have seen him the 8 last times he’s been here since ’93, it’s strange to not see him while he’s here.

He has rocked his ass off twice in Bergen and it makes me a bit sad to think about the fact that I haven’t been a part of it. Sigh. Bruce is so special to me, more than some people might think, so my heart aches a bit.

I’m so gratefull for Pinkpop and the almighty Chantie who got me tickets to see him in  the Netherlands!

Now that he’s here, you can’t really avoide thinking / hearing about him. Not even if you wanted either. Not that I want that. It would be impossible. Norway loves Bruce and when he’s here, the media is crazy about him. You’re bound to read about him in the new-spapers! There are pictures, interviews, videos, reviews etc. It seems like people can’t get enough of this american guy! I know I can’t!

There was a documentary about Bruce and his new album on TV today. I thought it would be new, but I’ve seen it before. It came with the new CD. I had seen it before, but it was nice to see it again. This time I paid more attention to what he was saying. Bruce is a wise man. And funny. And almost everything in between!  

Seeing that documentary made me put on the latest CD. I haven’t heard that in a long time. I’ve mostly listened to the old records; either a record from start to finish or a mix of all sorts of songs. I’ve sort of forgotten how good the last album is! I think I’ll be listening to this album for some while now.

I will be listening to Bruce and wait for the next time he comes. He’s said something like he would like to take a break from the E-Street Band and do something on his own again. He’s also said he would like to take break and spend time with his family and kids. But he let us know he won’t be away for a long time, because he loves being on the road! Good to know.

And if Bruce likes Bergen so much that he decides to come back there and not visit Oslo next time, there is always other options. I’ve heard that it’s quite easy to get flight tickets to the Netherlands… ;)

Vacation: what to do?


I bought this flower when I visited Bjørg last weekend. Pansies are the prettiest flower I know, I think. And this two-colored one is just beautiful. The vax cloth underneeth is not so pretty anymore. It has lost all it’s color because of the sun. I desperately need a new one.  I saw the same downtown today, but didn’t buy it. Not sure if I want something new or just go with the old print.

Well… it wasn’t really this I was here to talk about. The picture was just placed on top to make this blog more pretty. And flowers fit since it’s summer and vacation time.

I’m sitting here thinking how to spend my days off. There is six days to spend.

Mum has her birthday on sunday and yesterday I called her and asked if she was going to have get-together or something. I have gifts for her that I need to give her. She told me she’s having a party on saturday with some friends. And she needed help, because it would be some things to do / plan. Who ask? Me of course. I’m always the one to be asked. And I said yes, because it would be nice to help. And I thought I could see Linda on saturday evening, when the party is on. Linda isn’t home on saturday, she told me yesterday. So then sort of regretted going home. I don’t have that many friends back home so I would be home too. Not a pleasent thought!

Luckily, I managed to make plans today. Suddenly it hit me, and this might seem a bit bad, that I could ask Terje (Linda’s brother), if he was home. I had forgotten about him. Eh…! To justify myself, we’re not close friends. I sms’ed him and he was happy that I would come see him! Good! Then I wouldn’t be stuck at home with my parents “crazy” friends.  

Since Ellen couldn’t meet up for the movie and dinner today, I was a bit bummed and thought this might be a vacation I would have to spend most time alone. Thankfully that is not happening!

I am going to see Emil one of these days. It has to be tomorrow or wednesday. I think I’ll try tomorrow. Gonna call Hanne tomorrow morning and ask which day works best for her. I’m gonna take Emil for a stroll and it would be nice to do that when Hanne thinks she can get a nap.

Oh btw, I bought the cutest outfit for him last weekend. It is just adorable.


I’ll be heading home on thursday. I’ll be busy on friday. I have to make a chocolate cake for mum. And I’ll probably gonna do other stuff for her too. And I’m seeing Linda. Not sure what we’ll do. But we’ll figure out something. I know we have a lot of catching up to do. She’ll have some juicy news for me, which I love!

I will try to get Ellen over for dinner on wednesday I think. We’ll see how things go tomorrow. I know now that I won’t be as bored (and alone) as I thought I could be, since almost everybody are working while I’m off.

Even though I got vacation and could just lay on the couch watching TV all day, I am going to do some usefull stuff too! Tomorrow I’m gonna start painting my window sill in the bedroom. And some areas around the window that now are purple. I’ll post some pictures of it (of course).

I guess it’s time to go to bed soon. I would like to be up at 09.00 tomorrow!

First day of vacation: Cleaning and baking

Ah. This is my first day of this weeks vacation. I haven’t thought about the office once and that feels great. I was up quite early today – 09.15. I didn’t do much productive things the first hour; I was just watching the morning show on TV and ate breakfast.

When that was done and I had get dressed, I started to doing some usefull things. The plan was to do as much as possible before 16.00, because I had hoped to see Ellen around that time. We talked about meeting up today, since it’s her last day before her full time job starts. It didn’t work out as planned.

After vaccuming the whole apartment, washing the bathroom and cleaning in the kitchen I got an sms from Ellen. She was too tired to meet. So the movie and dinner I had suggested (Milk with Sean Penn & pasta) had to wait. She came late last night home from her vacation in Türkey and was too tired to do anything else than rest on the couch. Oh well… I was a bit bummed, but could not do anything else than carry along with what I was doing.

I went to the grocerystore to buy a few different things. I esp. needed some almonds for the cantuccinu I’m making mum for her birthday. You know, mum is not the easiest person to buy a present for. She’s kind of picky. But I don’t think I can go wrong with home-made biscuts, can I?


  • 400 grams of almonds chopped up in quite large pieces
  • 350 – 400 grams of sugar
  • 500 grams of flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tea spoon with backing powder
  • 2 tea spoons with vanilla sugar

You mix all of it together. Make sure everything is blended well. It can be a bit hard (esp. if your mixingbowl is a bit too little as mine was). Then your oll out long, quite thin sausages and place them on a plate with baking paper undertneeth. You bake them in the oven for 15 -20 mins on 200 degrees celsius. Take the plate out and cut them into pieces (as long as your fingers) slantwise. Then turn down the heat to 150 degrees celsius and leave them in the oven until they are golden brown.

This biscuts are very hard and it’s meant that you shall dip them in coffee before you eat it.

In addition to the biscuts, the plan was to get her Leonard Cohen’s Live in London on DVD and CD. The CD is ok, I got that covered. But the DVD… I was just downtown to buy it and then they tell me it’s sold out! WTF? Sold out?! Blargh! I see the online store (same store) has it, but I’m not sure it will be delivered on time. I will need it by friday. And I don’t wanna pay for the shipping. It’s useless to only buy one item, because then the DVD will be much more expensive. Hmm. Maybe I’ll just give her a gift certificate and say she has to buy the DVD when it’s not sold out. I think I’ll do that…

It’s twenty minutes left until Top Model is on the TV. YAY! I can’t wait! I just love that show so much. And today it’s the day for their makeover. It will be lots of drama and tears shred I assume. People are crazy when it comes to their own hair. I know how I can be coming from the hairdresser. haha. I know that hair means a lot to you, but when you’re on a show like Top Model, you just have to shop whine, do whatever they want and actually believe that they know what they are doing. Because they are!

I’ll probably pop in later for some more rambling. You know, I’m in a blogging-mood today!

Hasta la vista. I’ll be bak!  ;)

Pinkpop: the music

I’m now back from the Netherlands and I survived the Pinkpop festival. It was awesome and I wanna write about it. I have lots to write about and quite some pictures to share. I wanna go to bed quite early tonight so I won’t be able to write about all the stuff now. So I’m dividing it up in two posts. The festival in general and the music. Here is what me and Chantie saw and pictures of the artists.

310501-1 pp

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Bruce and the band was great as usual. He has a way with interacting with the audience which I love! The setlist was not top notch, but good. There was a few songs he could’ve skipped (Trapped, Land of Hopes and Dreams, Lonesome Day), not because they’re no good, but a bit boring at a concert. But on the other hand, he played Raise Your Hand and I’m On Fire!!! Great songs which I don’t think I’ve heard live before. We were in the pit and had good spots! Thanks Chantie!!

310509-2 pp

Maria Mena: Super, super show! She is so sweet and cool and what not. Her show was at the 3FM stage (second largest stage) and had a great performans.

2009-05-31 pinkpop 010

The Killers: They were just as great as expected. Too bad we were so far away from the stage. They sang lots of great songs like Human, Read my Mind, I Got Soul, but I’m Not A Solidar among others. The singer Brandon Flower, he actually entered the stage later too – to sing a song with Bruce. They sang Thunder Road together. Brandon was so starstruck and his eye twinkled. So fun!

310509-5 pp

Amy Macdonald: She had died her hair (blond) and it was much shorter, so I hardly recognized her. She delivered and gave us many of the great songs she’s written in her bedroom five years ago! I think her performance would’ve been better if she had been in the tent or 3FM stage instead of the main stage.

310509-6 pp

Keane: Good concert with lots of their hits. Always nice to see them live.  Tom Chaplin was in color for a change. He always wear dark colors, as Chantie pointed to me.

310509-3 pp

The All American Rejects: The biggest surprise of the festival. I had only heard one song by them (once) so I didn’t know what to expect. neither did Chantie.  When we saw them come up on stage we were a bit unsure of how it would be. The guitarplayer had some funny shorts on and long hair and beard. I know you can’t jugde the music by how they look, but it can give you hints at least.  TAAR rocked the tent! Awesome show! I really loved their performance!

Milow: Dutch guy. Nice music and fun to watch. He would also have benefitted by performing on a smaller stage I think.

310509-4 pp

Katy Perry: She’s a crazy girl with a fun stage containing blown up cats and strawberries among other things. She was performing in the tent. We heard most of her songs, including Hot ‘n Cold, which I happen to think is as cool song. It was so hot inside the tent that we decided to leave before the show was over and we missed her mega-hit I Kissed A Girl, which was fine by me, because I’m so FED UP with that song. Ugh, I don’t like it.

Krezip: Dutch band who had their last concert ever. They’re splitting up after being a band for almost ten years. They got discovered at Pinkpop. What I saw was ok. Nothing I went completely crazy over, but they weren’t bad.

White  Lies: we tried to get into the tent to see White Lies, but we were too late. It was already full when we arrived. So we stood outside the tent, listening and not seeing anything. I think their debut album is good and got to hear two of their best songs. Too bad I couldn’t see them. I think they should’ve been at the 3FM stage. I guess the ones who decided where the bands should play, thought they would have that big audience.

Novastar: A dutch guy playing the piano. We saw parts of his show while we were waiting inside the pit for Amy Macdonald. I don’t remember much of him, but he wasn’t bad.

A big letdown was that Depeche Mode had to cancel. They were supposed to be the headliners on the sunday. But the lead singer, Dave Gahan, had just removed a tumor (somewhere in his belly or lower down I think) so he had to rest. I understand that. But I would have loved to see them again. They are great!

We also saw some of Franz  Ferdinand (while walking around eating I think), Anouk, Rowwen Hèze (puke! we only got a climps of them because we were heading for the shoarma)  and Madness. I didn’t know who Madness was, but I recognized two songs while we were standing and chatting with one of Chanties colleagues, Misha. And I remember I thought to myself that I had to check out that band, because they sounded very funky and cool!

Ahem… should I mention the music that was somwhere on or around Camping C where we stayed? It was so loud that it felt like it came from right outside the tent. It was some DJ’s who played until 3 o’clock in the morning. I think it was DJ Nothing But Funk the last day. It was a bit annoying I must say. But it wasn’t as annoying as the campers next to us who kept Chantie awake all sunday night. I’ll tell more about that next time!

No more posts.