Project update: the perfect street!

Hey, I haven’t melted away! I’m still here! Just barely though. Last night I slept half the night out on the balcony! Yep, you heard right – on the balcony. Tonight all night will be spent there. I know I complain on the heat, but I can’t help it. It’s too friggen hot.  It has been close to 30C+ today. My apartment is still a sauna.

After I left work today I had to go to my sisters house and water her plants. She’s on vacation and left me in charge of the plants. I didn’t go all weekend so it was well needed that I went today.

I was quite bummed because the door I had planned to take a picture of on my way to my sisters apartment wasn’t longer an option. There was this steel fence outside the door and it kept it impossible to get a good shot without getting that fence too. And the fence would ruin the picture.

But! Luckily I found another door. And oh boy.  Sweet Jesus and ten hail Marys! I found this street with lots of great doors. I know I’ll be covered for another week now! YAY! It’s close to work and I can walk that way on my way home. It will be a small detour, but I need my walking, right? It’s a win-win situation.

You wouldn’t know how excited I was when I went down that street! It was like Christmas Eve all over again! haha.

I’ll be home at Lierfoss from friday or saturday. It will be interesting to find doors out on the contry side. I know a few doors on our property I can photograph. It’s good we have a barn,two  garages, two houses, a storehouse on pilars and more. I doubt I will have any problems finding a door to photograph.

I think it’s too cold to ahem… what am I writing? too cold? whaha. I mean too warm to write anymore. You see, I’m already over-heated.

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