I was reading an online newspaper today. As always I check out the music section. Then I read about the Killers who played at Hove (festival at Arendal/Norway) yesterday.  And as I read, they say that the Killers played at Rockefeller (Oslo) on monday. I was like WTF? How could they play in Oslo without me knowing about it. If I knew I would’ve so have bought a ticket to see them! I was in shock and angry. And instantly got very grumpy!

So I started to think… and then it hit me. I haven’t gotten my regular mails / updates from Rockefeller. When i think about it, it’s been quite a while since I got them.

I’ve just checked my mail. I couldn’t find any mails in my spam folder. Either they have stopped sending it or there is something wrong with the mailinglist.  Or the mail could’ve been stopped before it arrived my mailbox, but that doesn’t sound logical. don’t know why it suddenly should do that. I’ve emailed them and asked them about it. I can’t wait for the answer.

So, i got all hooked on the Killers just by thinking about them and I’ve listened to them a lot on work today. Fun. Their latest album Day & Age is really good. There is some great songs there like Human, Neon Tiger, A Dustland Fairytale etc.

I went and had a look at rockefeller.no to see who’s coming the next half year. I have no idea what’s going on aparently. I found out that White Lies will be playing there in November! Great! I really wanna see them and I’m gonna ask Ellen to come with me! I’m sure she will come since they are sounding a lot like Joy Division and she likes them!

Didn’t see much other interesting things though. I hope some more will pop up when fall comes upon us.

I love concert, you know :)

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