Emil three months and project one week

2009-06-21 038Emil is three months today. Mum told me here the other day that they had been invited by Hanne to go see him. Hanne didn’t invite me, but I invited myself! Hah! She was happy that I would come and said there was chocolate cake in the fridge. Yum!

I bought Emil a little gift on saturday; three pair of blueish socks and a blue sweather with a singing dog on it. Übercute!!! It was on sale too. Even better. My sister loved it! Even Geir thought the sweater was cool and he’s not that interested in the clothes. Mum had gone crazy and bought lots of things!

How could I not make a card for Emil? He only turned three months, but I was in the mood to make a card so I did. It’s simple but cute in my opinion.

The 365 doors project is going swell. Today was a very good day. I had found two doors before I came to work. I took a few pictures of them, because I wasn’t sure how much time I would have after work ended. I also found a door on my way to see Emil. And on my way home I found two more doors.

It’s a bit funny, but it was the last door I found that I used. I’ve written down the street names to the doors I haven’t posted on the project yet. I can’t risk forget where I shot it. If you know me, my memory is like Dorian in Finding Nemo, extremely bad. So I have to write down everything! I have it written down in my übercool notebook that I carry around all the time.

Tomorrow I guess I’ll find a completely new door. I’m going on a photowalk with Ellen after work. We haven’t decided where to go, only that we’re gonna meet up outside Grønlands Basar at Grønland. It’s close to where she works and I can easily get there by bus. The bus leaves right outside my office. How smart!

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