Vacation: what to do?


I bought this flower when I visited Bjørg last weekend. Pansies are the prettiest flower I know, I think. And this two-colored one is just beautiful. The vax cloth underneeth is not so pretty anymore. It has lost all it’s color because of the sun. I desperately need a new one.  I saw the same downtown today, but didn’t buy it. Not sure if I want something new or just go with the old print.

Well… it wasn’t really this I was here to talk about. The picture was just placed on top to make this blog more pretty. And flowers fit since it’s summer and vacation time.

I’m sitting here thinking how to spend my days off. There is six days to spend.

Mum has her birthday on sunday and yesterday I called her and asked if she was going to have get-together or something. I have gifts for her that I need to give her. She told me she’s having a party on saturday with some friends. And she needed help, because it would be some things to do / plan. Who ask? Me of course. I’m always the one to be asked. And I said yes, because it would be nice to help. And I thought I could see Linda on saturday evening, when the party is on. Linda isn’t home on saturday, she told me yesterday. So then sort of regretted going home. I don’t have that many friends back home so I would be home too. Not a pleasent thought!

Luckily, I managed to make plans today. Suddenly it hit me, and this might seem a bit bad, that I could ask Terje (Linda’s brother), if he was home. I had forgotten about him. Eh…! To justify myself, we’re not close friends. I sms’ed him and he was happy that I would come see him! Good! Then I wouldn’t be stuck at home with my parents “crazy” friends.  

Since Ellen couldn’t meet up for the movie and dinner today, I was a bit bummed and thought this might be a vacation I would have to spend most time alone. Thankfully that is not happening!

I am going to see Emil one of these days. It has to be tomorrow or wednesday. I think I’ll try tomorrow. Gonna call Hanne tomorrow morning and ask which day works best for her. I’m gonna take Emil for a stroll and it would be nice to do that when Hanne thinks she can get a nap.

Oh btw, I bought the cutest outfit for him last weekend. It is just adorable.


I’ll be heading home on thursday. I’ll be busy on friday. I have to make a chocolate cake for mum. And I’ll probably gonna do other stuff for her too. And I’m seeing Linda. Not sure what we’ll do. But we’ll figure out something. I know we have a lot of catching up to do. She’ll have some juicy news for me, which I love!

I will try to get Ellen over for dinner on wednesday I think. We’ll see how things go tomorrow. I know now that I won’t be as bored (and alone) as I thought I could be, since almost everybody are working while I’m off.

Even though I got vacation and could just lay on the couch watching TV all day, I am going to do some usefull stuff too! Tomorrow I’m gonna start painting my window sill in the bedroom. And some areas around the window that now are purple. I’ll post some pictures of it (of course).

I guess it’s time to go to bed soon. I would like to be up at 09.00 tomorrow!

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