First day of vacation: Cleaning and baking

Ah. This is my first day of this weeks vacation. I haven’t thought about the office once and that feels great. I was up quite early today – 09.15. I didn’t do much productive things the first hour; I was just watching the morning show on TV and ate breakfast.

When that was done and I had get dressed, I started to doing some usefull things. The plan was to do as much as possible before 16.00, because I had hoped to see Ellen around that time. We talked about meeting up today, since it’s her last day before her full time job starts. It didn’t work out as planned.

After vaccuming the whole apartment, washing the bathroom and cleaning in the kitchen I got an sms from Ellen. She was too tired to meet. So the movie and dinner I had suggested (Milk with Sean Penn & pasta) had to wait. She came late last night home from her vacation in Türkey and was too tired to do anything else than rest on the couch. Oh well… I was a bit bummed, but could not do anything else than carry along with what I was doing.

I went to the grocerystore to buy a few different things. I esp. needed some almonds for the cantuccinu I’m making mum for her birthday. You know, mum is not the easiest person to buy a present for. She’s kind of picky. But I don’t think I can go wrong with home-made biscuts, can I?


  • 400 grams of almonds chopped up in quite large pieces
  • 350 – 400 grams of sugar
  • 500 grams of flour
  • 4 eggs
  • 1 tea spoon with backing powder
  • 2 tea spoons with vanilla sugar

You mix all of it together. Make sure everything is blended well. It can be a bit hard (esp. if your mixingbowl is a bit too little as mine was). Then your oll out long, quite thin sausages and place them on a plate with baking paper undertneeth. You bake them in the oven for 15 -20 mins on 200 degrees celsius. Take the plate out and cut them into pieces (as long as your fingers) slantwise. Then turn down the heat to 150 degrees celsius and leave them in the oven until they are golden brown.

This biscuts are very hard and it’s meant that you shall dip them in coffee before you eat it.

In addition to the biscuts, the plan was to get her Leonard Cohen’s Live in London on DVD and CD. The CD is ok, I got that covered. But the DVD… I was just downtown to buy it and then they tell me it’s sold out! WTF? Sold out?! Blargh! I see the online store (same store) has it, but I’m not sure it will be delivered on time. I will need it by friday. And I don’t wanna pay for the shipping. It’s useless to only buy one item, because then the DVD will be much more expensive. Hmm. Maybe I’ll just give her a gift certificate and say she has to buy the DVD when it’s not sold out. I think I’ll do that…

It’s twenty minutes left until Top Model is on the TV. YAY! I can’t wait! I just love that show so much. And today it’s the day for their makeover. It will be lots of drama and tears shred I assume. People are crazy when it comes to their own hair. I know how I can be coming from the hairdresser. haha. I know that hair means a lot to you, but when you’re on a show like Top Model, you just have to shop whine, do whatever they want and actually believe that they know what they are doing. Because they are!

I’ll probably pop in later for some more rambling. You know, I’m in a blogging-mood today!

Hasta la vista. I’ll be bak!  ;)

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