Pinkpop: the music

I’m now back from the Netherlands and I survived the Pinkpop festival. It was awesome and I wanna write about it. I have lots to write about and quite some pictures to share. I wanna go to bed quite early tonight so I won’t be able to write about all the stuff now. So I’m dividing it up in two posts. The festival in general and the music. Here is what me and Chantie saw and pictures of the artists.

310501-1 pp

Bruce Springsteen & the E Street Band: Bruce and the band was great as usual. He has a way with interacting with the audience which I love! The setlist was not top notch, but good. There was a few songs he could’ve skipped (Trapped, Land of Hopes and Dreams, Lonesome Day), not because they’re no good, but a bit boring at a concert. But on the other hand, he played Raise Your Hand and I’m On Fire!!! Great songs which I don’t think I’ve heard live before. We were in the pit and had good spots! Thanks Chantie!!

310509-2 pp

Maria Mena: Super, super show! She is so sweet and cool and what not. Her show was at the 3FM stage (second largest stage) and had a great performans.

2009-05-31 pinkpop 010

The Killers: They were just as great as expected. Too bad we were so far away from the stage. They sang lots of great songs like Human, Read my Mind, I Got Soul, but I’m Not A Solidar among others. The singer Brandon Flower, he actually entered the stage later too – to sing a song with Bruce. They sang Thunder Road together. Brandon was so starstruck and his eye twinkled. So fun!

310509-5 pp

Amy Macdonald: She had died her hair (blond) and it was much shorter, so I hardly recognized her. She delivered and gave us many of the great songs she’s written in her bedroom five years ago! I think her performance would’ve been better if she had been in the tent or 3FM stage instead of the main stage.

310509-6 pp

Keane: Good concert with lots of their hits. Always nice to see them live.  Tom Chaplin was in color for a change. He always wear dark colors, as Chantie pointed to me.

310509-3 pp

The All American Rejects: The biggest surprise of the festival. I had only heard one song by them (once) so I didn’t know what to expect. neither did Chantie.  When we saw them come up on stage we were a bit unsure of how it would be. The guitarplayer had some funny shorts on and long hair and beard. I know you can’t jugde the music by how they look, but it can give you hints at least.  TAAR rocked the tent! Awesome show! I really loved their performance!

Milow: Dutch guy. Nice music and fun to watch. He would also have benefitted by performing on a smaller stage I think.

310509-4 pp

Katy Perry: She’s a crazy girl with a fun stage containing blown up cats and strawberries among other things. She was performing in the tent. We heard most of her songs, including Hot ‘n Cold, which I happen to think is as cool song. It was so hot inside the tent that we decided to leave before the show was over and we missed her mega-hit I Kissed A Girl, which was fine by me, because I’m so FED UP with that song. Ugh, I don’t like it.

Krezip: Dutch band who had their last concert ever. They’re splitting up after being a band for almost ten years. They got discovered at Pinkpop. What I saw was ok. Nothing I went completely crazy over, but they weren’t bad.

White  Lies: we tried to get into the tent to see White Lies, but we were too late. It was already full when we arrived. So we stood outside the tent, listening and not seeing anything. I think their debut album is good and got to hear two of their best songs. Too bad I couldn’t see them. I think they should’ve been at the 3FM stage. I guess the ones who decided where the bands should play, thought they would have that big audience.

Novastar: A dutch guy playing the piano. We saw parts of his show while we were waiting inside the pit for Amy Macdonald. I don’t remember much of him, but he wasn’t bad.

A big letdown was that Depeche Mode had to cancel. They were supposed to be the headliners on the sunday. But the lead singer, Dave Gahan, had just removed a tumor (somewhere in his belly or lower down I think) so he had to rest. I understand that. But I would have loved to see them again. They are great!

We also saw some of Franz  Ferdinand (while walking around eating I think), Anouk, Rowwen Hèze (puke! we only got a climps of them because we were heading for the shoarma)  and Madness. I didn’t know who Madness was, but I recognized two songs while we were standing and chatting with one of Chanties colleagues, Misha. And I remember I thought to myself that I had to check out that band, because they sounded very funky and cool!

Ahem… should I mention the music that was somwhere on or around Camping C where we stayed? It was so loud that it felt like it came from right outside the tent. It was some DJ’s who played until 3 o’clock in the morning. I think it was DJ Nothing But Funk the last day. It was a bit annoying I must say. But it wasn’t as annoying as the campers next to us who kept Chantie awake all sunday night. I’ll tell more about that next time!

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