Operation: Balcony


I don’t have green fingers, but aparently I got green feet! ;)

It is time to get my balcony in order. The summer is on its way and I want my balcony to be nice and clean by the time I’m gonna have my first breakfast out there.

A week ago I cleaned it. It was quite a job. Lots of dirt had found its way to my balcony. Since i’m living at the top floor (5th) I don’t have any roof over my balcony to protect it.

balcony dip

This is how it looks now. There is a few things I need to get rid of. Like the leftovers from my kitchen, which I should’ve tossed away almost two years ago. haha.  I also have to put on the table cloth (vax-cloth) back on. It’s a bit discolored since I had it out there all last summer with the sun shining on it for a looong time. If I find something on sale I might buy a new one.

First I need some plants. My plan was to sow some seeds in the balcony-pots. But I haven’t found any seeds yet. The didn’t have it where I bought it last year. I talked to Lisbeth there the other day (she got green fingers) and she said it might be too late to sow things now. Maybe i need to buy actual plants in stead? I dunno.

I do have one flower, which are from last years seed. One single one who thought it would be nice to come up this year :)

2009-05-21 007

I’m gonna go to a plant-store or two this weekend. Will have mum with me. She’s a lot of help. And if I really wonders about something I can call the ‘flower-phone hotline’ which is Lisbeth. I hope I can find some good buys. Lots of flowers which doesn’t cost much. Flowers are expensive.

I’m also gonna look for a  huge pot for my green plant. All I got now is the brown plastic pot it came in and that’s not very nice. But those huge pots are so expensive! I dread using much money on a pot. But I guess I should do it… if I want my balcony to look good. Oh well… we’ll see.

To summarize things, I’m gonna make a list (you know how I love lists) of what needs to be done.

  • buy flowers or seeds
  • look for some strawberry plants
  • look for a huge pot for the plant
  • get rid of the kitchen leftover
  • make dad pick up his stepladder which is on my balcony now
  • try to find a new cheap vax table cloth.

I think that’s it. I have to write this down in my awesome notebook, so that I have it when I need to look at it.

Tic, toc. I have to end now. Have to rush downtown to meet Ellen. Movie-time! YAY!

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