Saturday day I bought full cream so I could make waffles yesterda, at our National Day. Unfortunaltely I used almost all the flour I had when Ellen and I made pizza. So then I would have to go down to the kiosk at the end of my street, which I  didn’t. I was too (drumsolo) lazy! I thought about waffles all yesterday evening and I was thinking about it while working today too.

I went straight to the grocerystore when I left the office. I had one mission; buy flour! When I came home I fancied waffles more than dinner, but I knew I had to eat something else than just waffles. So I, the überlazy girl that I sometimes am, made something quickly; I baked / heated up some “potato-boats” in the oven and made some pepper sauce, and ate that together. No meat, no veggies… nothing. Only potatoes and sauce. haha.

Then I made waffles, which to set the record straight, is not the same as pancakes, even though my friend Cisca thinks so.


They tasted so delish! I never messure all the ingredients, I just take a little bit of this and that. But it is aprox something like this:

  • 2.5 dl full cream (whipped into cream)
  • 3 eggs
  • 3.0 dl water
  • 0.5 dl sugar
  • 1.0 teaspoon of vanila sugar
  • flour (enough to make the batter medium thin)
  • a dash of oil

Whip the cream and add the rest. Eat them with sugar and butter or jam (which I don’t like, but others do). Or even better brown cheese! Yum!

Talking about brown cheese makes me think of Chantie and Cisca. I brought some brown cheese so Chantie could taste, but she refused as usual. What a baby! Cisca ate breakfast with us one day and she wanted to try it out. I was happy about that. Well… I sort of regret it now. Because… Cisca took a big bite and not long after she made this hillarious face; a ‘i-do-not-like-this-at-all-face’. First I thought she was joking with me, but when she spit it out I realisted she wasn’t.

So, how the hell am I gonna get Chantie to taste it now? I’m screwed. She will NEVER EVER try it now. Sigh!

Ok, ok, you might ask yourself why I’m so upset with get her to try it… well, it’s a speciality from Norway and a big part of the Norwegian tradition. It’s in most Norwegian homes this cheese. Oh well….

What else have I done today except eating waffles…

  • bought groceries. And I managed to buy toilet paper and a new battery for my smoke detector even though it wasn’t on my shopping list! I’m in shock!!!
  • watched Top Model. YAY. It’s back. 11th season of the American version. I can gladly admit I LOVE that show!
  • talked to Lisbeth on msn. Been ages. It was fun to have a little chat. We need to meet each other soon!
  • read the newspaper.
  • started on the list of what to bring for PinkPop.
  • bought a new battery for the Canon IXUS. Got a great deal online. 299 nok for battery shipping included! Way cheaper than others!
  • looked for a new battery for my phone. Need a new one, because the one I got is not so good anymore. Tthey were temporarly sold out in the same store as the IXUS-battery, but will hopefully get it this week.  I need a new one before next thursday which isn’t much time. Maybe I have to buy a more expensive battery someplace else, just to get it in time… Sigh.
  • swapped blogs with the übercool chick Cisca. YAY!

Yeah… I guess that was it. It hasn’t been the most productive day in history, but hey – all days can’t be that!

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