Summer and 50 mm = great :)

You know I got that 50 mm f/1.4  lense for my birthday last October. That means this will be the first summer I’ll be using it. This week I’ve been very eager to go out and use it on the blooming parts of Oslo. Some of my flickr-friends have inspired me and helped me to get the urge to go out and shoot.

Today the weather has been lovely; between 15 -17 degrees and sunny. It has been a perfect photo-weather.

So after I left the office at 16.00 sharp, I went to the botanical garden. It’s blooming there and I know by earlier visits that this time a year there are some nice things to see and shoot. And oh boy, was I right!

From I left the office and until I got home, I had taken 189 shots! And when I went through them, I found many pictures that has turned out great. There are not 189 totally different pictures of course. I usually take quite a few pictures of the same object. I test different angels and settings on the camera.

Here are some of the shots, I took.





The botanical garden is so great and it’s not far from where I live either. It’s like in the middle of my apartment and building where I work. The garden got lots different flowers and trees (huge ones). They have put benches at some places which are nice to use for reading a book. I saw a guy sitting there with a briefcase and reading some documents :) Looked way better sit in a boring office with bad air maybe not so much natural light.

I’m definitely going back to the botanical garden later this summer.

I think it would’ve been cool to frame this pictures, but I have no space for them at the moment. My apartment is only about 50 m2 and there is only so much I can hang up un the walls. I could actually put them in my bedroom. They go with the color scheme that are in there; three white walls and one dark purple. But doing that means two things:

  •  in need of new frames since these pics are square ones.
  • take down the pics that are there already.

Am I ready for that? Not sure… Don’t think I should spend money on that for the moment. I have to wait until Pink Pop is over and then I can see how much money there is left at my account.

I could of course give them to mum as a birthday gift. She talked about putting up some pictures at her ‘library’ (my old room). But can I afford four pictures printed and four frames from IKEA? That will be a bit expensive I think. Maybe I’ll just give her the pictures and then she can buy the frames herself :p

Talking about mums birthday. I have a great idea for another gift. I actually got the idea when I visited Åhlens not long ago. In the pots and jars section they had small plastic bags with cantucini. That is Italian biscuts. Hard ones that you dip in coffee and then eat. Mum loves them. Creative as I am, I didn’t buy them, but wrote down the name so I could search them up on google and make them myself. I think it’s a wonderful idea if I can say it myself ;)

I’ll share pics of the cantucini’s when they are done. Mums birthday isn’t unil the 14th of June, so I got a month left.

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