The two last cards

Here are the two last cards I’ve made. The first one you see below here, is a card I made for Ellen when she got a new apartment. She had now moved from Lambertseter (thank god, it’s in the suburb of Oslo) and now lives at Kampen which is a great place to live.


The second card I’ve made for my friend Bjørg’s birthday. She had her birthday the 30.04. Still haven’t gotten around to send her the card and the present. I bought her a neckles from Six in Alkmaar. I better send it ASAP!


I used my new rubber-stamp on this one. I got a four-piece set with cat rubber stamps from my mum about a month ago. I really wanted to test them and came up with this idea after a while. I think the cat is utterly cute.

Right now I’m planning on making a new card, but this one is gonna be hard. That’s because it got no spesific theme. Cisca saw the card I’d made for Chantie and she said it was cute. Then I said to her I could make one and send her one when I got home. And that is what I’m gonna do. But I have no idea what kind of card to make or what to write on it.

Hmmm. I have to sit down and work out some idea. Wish me good luck!

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