Work, fish and veggies

Today I had a good day at work. I think, knowing that there is few days left before I take a 6 days vacation, makes me supermotivated to work. Last week was a bit slow and when G*Star wasn’t there wednesday and friday, it all became a bit blah.

I’m these last days trying to end a lot things. I definitely won’t start on big, new assignments these last days. I need to finish all the things I’ve started and reduce my job-list to a minimum.  I think I got 25 jobs in my job-list right now. About 8 -10 is high priority. I need to get them done by wednesday.

A new guy started today. He’s gonna be a sales leader, along with Pål. His name is Kashif, but we he goes by the funky name Kash. He seems like a great guy, very open and talkative (in a good way).

It’s quite exiting times at the office now. We’re rebuliding the office, where the administration, sales and support are. The nerds in building K, doesn’t get a renovation. Not yet at least. This means I’ll be moving to another office with the support-team. I’m looking forward to that. It’s not that i don’t like it where I am now, but it will be fun moving too. And there are gonna be some other significant changes with the office that will make it much better! This rebuilding is gonna start in July I think! Can’t wait until it’s finished.

After I came home today, nothing exciting has happened. I’ve mostly been relaxing on the couch in front of the TV. I even fell asleep during a programme, around  19.30. It proves I need more sleep. Doesn’t look good since the clock is now 22.39.

The most exciting thing this evening was my dinner. I walked by a grocerystore and I saw an ad for mackerel on sale. I just had to go in and buy some. That is, hands down, the best fish ever! I just LOVE it.

250509 dip

Cauliflower and fish. Yum! That is two ingredients which will bring joy to the dinner! Cauliflower is the best veggie to eat (beside carrots).

I had never gutted a fish before, but I sort of new what to do, since I’ve watched others do it. You take off the tale and the head. Then take away the fins. And then you cut it open and take out the guts. As a last thing you take out the bones, which can be a bit tricky.

250509 dip 1

This is what I didn’t eat and what I actually eat. Since I’ve never done this before, I had to call my mum to get one question answered. I wasn’t sure if I was gonna peel of the skin of the fish before I fried it. Mum said no and I sighed in relief. If I had to do that, there wouldn’t be much fish left when I had been done. haha. I dipped the fish in a flour mix containing salt and pepper and then I fried it in a pan until the skin-side was crispy. I didn’t take any pics of the whole dinner plate. That’s because I was too busy eating!

While making dinner I arranged a dinner-date with Ellen on wednesday. I thought it would be nice to see her before I go on vacation. She’s going on vacation too on sunday and will be away for a week.

I better turn off Bruce on iTunes, turn off this computer and go to bed. It’s getting late and I’m dead tired. Sore eyes, wozzy head and all that jazz. Huzzah!

Planting (pt. 1)

240509 dip

This is just a quick update. I should’ve been in bed an hour ago. My eyes are sore and my head is a bit wozzy. But you know how it goes…

The picture above shows how today this weekend has been; both sunny and cloudy. The summer is not quite here yet. When the sun goes away, it drops some degrees and it gets a bit chilly. Especially if you sit still on the terracce.

Yesterday I bought flowers for my pots. I don’t know the names of them in english and I’m too lasy to look it up. I don’t even have any pictures of them yet. There wasn’t any sun on my balcony when I planted them two hours ago, so I thought I’d wait. I’ll show you pictures of them tomorrow or something.

I helped mum plant her flowers yesterday. These are some of them.

2009-05-24 126

240509-6 small

Ah. I love ‘dutch pots’. You see the top of it there. I have one big at my balcony which I have some sort of tree in (from IKEA). Haha, yes, even my trees comes from IKEA!!

And today we went to the graveyard with my aunt Juliane to plant on the graves we’re looking after there. It’s a lot! You know my grandparents on both sides, an uncle, dads thre aunts & one uncle, some great grandparents etc. We were there for an hour I guess.

Planting pt. 2 will come tomorrow (hopefully).

PS. Lily Allens new album It’s Not Me, It’s You, is great and will sure be a summerhit in my livingroom. Ah I love that woman. Fuck You & Never Gonna Happen are my faves right now.

Operation: Balcony


I don’t have green fingers, but aparently I got green feet! ;)

It is time to get my balcony in order. The summer is on its way and I want my balcony to be nice and clean by the time I’m gonna have my first breakfast out there.

A week ago I cleaned it. It was quite a job. Lots of dirt had found its way to my balcony. Since i’m living at the top floor (5th) I don’t have any roof over my balcony to protect it.

balcony dip

This is how it looks now. There is a few things I need to get rid of. Like the leftovers from my kitchen, which I should’ve tossed away almost two years ago. haha.  I also have to put on the table cloth (vax-cloth) back on. It’s a bit discolored since I had it out there all last summer with the sun shining on it for a looong time. If I find something on sale I might buy a new one.

First I need some plants. My plan was to sow some seeds in the balcony-pots. But I haven’t found any seeds yet. The didn’t have it where I bought it last year. I talked to Lisbeth there the other day (she got green fingers) and she said it might be too late to sow things now. Maybe i need to buy actual plants in stead? I dunno.

I do have one flower, which are from last years seed. One single one who thought it would be nice to come up this year :)

2009-05-21 007

I’m gonna go to a plant-store or two this weekend. Will have mum with me. She’s a lot of help. And if I really wonders about something I can call the ‘flower-phone hotline’ which is Lisbeth. I hope I can find some good buys. Lots of flowers which doesn’t cost much. Flowers are expensive.

I’m also gonna look for a  huge pot for my green plant. All I got now is the brown plastic pot it came in and that’s not very nice. But those huge pots are so expensive! I dread using much money on a pot. But I guess I should do it… if I want my balcony to look good. Oh well… we’ll see.

To summarize things, I’m gonna make a list (you know how I love lists) of what needs to be done.

  • buy flowers or seeds
  • look for some strawberry plants
  • look for a huge pot for the plant
  • get rid of the kitchen leftover
  • make dad pick up his stepladder which is on my balcony now
  • try to find a new cheap vax table cloth.

I think that’s it. I have to write this down in my awesome notebook, so that I have it when I need to look at it.

Tic, toc. I have to end now. Have to rush downtown to meet Ellen. Movie-time! YAY!

Signs, videos and music

It’s wednesday and it’s late, past midnight. But today it doesn’t care, because I got tomorrow of.  It’s a holiday. Not sure of the name in english and I’m too lazy too look it up, but it’s the day when Jesus took a ride to heaven. Some skills that Jesus had, ay? ;)

I’ve just finished two games of rummy with Cisca. It was fun! We won one game each. Fair and square.

Springsteen is playing in the background. Somehow I got a kick out of Bruce today. I saw some Springsteen-thing on facebook, that lead to me go on youtube to listen to a song, that led to a Bruce-website, which led to me relising I need a sign / banner with a song-request for the concert and that led me into the livingroom to look at some cd’s. There I found ‘the ties that bind’ and i didn’t remember how it went (!!!) So I had to open iTunes and find that song. And since then I’ve been listening to Bruce!

The song-request is real tricky! I have two choises:

  • to pick the song I want to hear the most, but I doubt he will pick and play because he really never plays it. That is ‘Thougher Than the Test’.
  • to pick a song that is more likely to be picked. That could be ‘Downbound Train’.

I went thru the setlists for the concerts he’s held in May and neither ‘Thougher Than the Rest’ or Downbound Train is played. I think I’ll land on Downbound Train.

I don’t really think it matters which song I choose actually, because what’s the chance he’s gonna pick MY sign? Will I even be in the front row? Or the second? or the third? I hope so, but I don’t have high hopes.

Anyway, Im gonna make a cool sign worth looking at. Something special.

I just ordered tickets to see a movie tomorrow; Corlaline and the secret door. It’s the 3D version. Didn’t think I would have to pay more for it since it’s 3D, but oh boy I did. One ticket is 120 nok! It’s like 90 nok for a regular ticket. Oh well… it will be supercool to watch it in 3D!

The movie starts at 15.30. I’ll meet Ellen at 14.45. After the movie we’ll go eating at Burger King.

Hopefully I’ll be able to do some usefull stuff before the movie. I had a plan to wash some windows… blargh. It’s superboring and I’m so not good at it. But it should be done. I never really do it, so it’s about time! Another thing that I should do is to ship some stuff down in the basement.

You know, here the other day went through all my old vhs-tapes. Since I don’t have a VCR anymore and I doubt I’ll get one actually, I can get rid of them. I’m not tossing them away, not yet. First they’ll go down in the basement for some time and if I haven’t found myself a VCR in a year or so, I guess I can toss them. Where the hell do you get a VCR nowadays?


I have a lot of videos! I guess there is about 70 in total. There is a lot of goodies in those piles, like: Man On the Moon, Pulp Fiction, Mifunes Last Song, Philladelphia and the Green Mile. The video I will miss the most is Waterdance. Great movie with Eric Stoltz, Helen Hunt, Wesley Snipes and William Forsyth. Seen it at least ten times, maybe even more. I’ve lost count!  

I’ve tried to find this movie as a DVD, but it’s impossible to find. And if I find it, it’s with a region my dvd-player can’t handle. Sigh, sigh and more sigh!


 What else am I going to do tomorrow? Hmmm… Not sure. I better not write down a too big to-do-list, because then I’ll just be disappointed when I go to bed and find out didn’t do half of what was on the list. But I can’t write down nothing either, because then I’ll be disappointed too. Oh… whatever!

Talking about lists. I’ve made a list of new music I want. It’s not short!

  • Green Day – 21st Century Breakdown
  • Eminem – Relapse
  • Moneybrother – Real Control
  • Depeche Mode – Sounds of the Universe (Deluxe Box Set Edition 3CD+DVD)
  • Melody Club – Goodbuy To Romance
  • Lily Allen – It’s Not Me, It’s You
  • Leonard Cohen – Live In London (CD + DVD)
  • Manic Street Pretchers – Journal For Plague Lovers
  • Lisa Ekdahl – Give Me That Slow Knowing Smile

That sure is a lot of music! And I’m not sure I’ve covered it all. This is what i can think of at least.

Writing this list I found a great gift for mum. I think I’m gonna buy her the DVD with Leonard Cohen in London. That will be a great gift. I remember we went  to see him when he played in Oslo last year. We had a great evening and Cohen was super. I’ll add that to the biscuts I’m making, the cantucini’s. So, I need to buy that dvd and buy a box/jar I have put the cantucini’s in. There is about 3 weeks until her birthday, so I don’t have a rush. Oh and I have make a card for her, must not forget that.

I’m eyeing the watch in the corner of this screen. It says 01:42. I know I’m not going to work tomorrow, but still…. I don’t have to go crazy with the bedtime. I think it’s time to end now and get my sorry ass into bed.

Bah. I wish I had the stereo in my bedroom. Then I could’ve fallen alseep to Bruce and some Tunnel of Love songs (put it on a timer). Well, I’m pretty much dead, so I think I actually will fall asleep as soon as my head hits the pillow. No need for music then!

Sha la la la laaaa :)


I don’t have time to write much since I’m very tired and am about to go to bed. But I just have to share this!

Chantie just found a place to play RummyCub online. Here it is. RummyCub is one of the coolest games ever invented. I love it so much and knowing I can play it online is just something to shout out about! Now Chantie and I can play against each other.

This is very good ending of a so-so day.


Saturday day I bought full cream so I could make waffles yesterda, at our National Day. Unfortunaltely I used almost all the flour I had when Ellen and I made pizza. So then I would have to go down to the kiosk at the end of my street, which I  didn’t. I was too (drumsolo) lazy! I thought about waffles all yesterday evening and I was thinking about it while working today too.

I went straight to the grocerystore when I left the office. I had one mission; buy flour! When I came home I fancied waffles more than dinner, but I knew I had to eat something else than just waffles. So I, the überlazy girl that I sometimes am, made something quickly; I baked / heated up some “potato-boats” in the oven and made some pepper sauce, and ate that together. No meat, no veggies… nothing. Only potatoes and sauce. haha.

Then I made waffles, which to set the record straight, is not the same as pancakes, even though my friend Cisca thinks so.


They tasted so delish! I never messure all the ingredients, I just take a little bit of this and that. But it is aprox something like this:

  • 2.5 dl full cream (whipped into cream)
  • 3 eggs
  • 3.0 dl water
  • 0.5 dl sugar
  • 1.0 teaspoon of vanila sugar
  • flour (enough to make the batter medium thin)
  • a dash of oil

Whip the cream and add the rest. Eat them with sugar and butter or jam (which I don’t like, but others do). Or even better brown cheese! Yum!

Talking about brown cheese makes me think of Chantie and Cisca. I brought some brown cheese so Chantie could taste, but she refused as usual. What a baby! Cisca ate breakfast with us one day and she wanted to try it out. I was happy about that. Well… I sort of regret it now. Because… Cisca took a big bite and not long after she made this hillarious face; a ‘i-do-not-like-this-at-all-face’. First I thought she was joking with me, but when she spit it out I realisted she wasn’t.

So, how the hell am I gonna get Chantie to taste it now? I’m screwed. She will NEVER EVER try it now. Sigh!

Ok, ok, you might ask yourself why I’m so upset with get her to try it… well, it’s a speciality from Norway and a big part of the Norwegian tradition. It’s in most Norwegian homes this cheese. Oh well….

What else have I done today except eating waffles…

  • bought groceries. And I managed to buy toilet paper and a new battery for my smoke detector even though it wasn’t on my shopping list! I’m in shock!!!
  • watched Top Model. YAY. It’s back. 11th season of the American version. I can gladly admit I LOVE that show!
  • talked to Lisbeth on msn. Been ages. It was fun to have a little chat. We need to meet each other soon!
  • read the newspaper.
  • started on the list of what to bring for PinkPop.
  • bought a new battery for the Canon IXUS. Got a great deal online. 299 nok for battery shipping included! Way cheaper than others!
  • looked for a new battery for my phone. Need a new one, because the one I got is not so good anymore. Tthey were temporarly sold out in the same store as the IXUS-battery, but will hopefully get it this week.  I need a new one before next thursday which isn’t much time. Maybe I have to buy a more expensive battery someplace else, just to get it in time… Sigh.
  • swapped blogs with the übercool chick Cisca. YAY!

Yeah… I guess that was it. It hasn’t been the most productive day in history, but hey – all days can’t be that!

The monkey says HI!

When I visted Chantie I aslo met Cisca again. She saw the card I’d made for Chantie and she told me how much she loved it. Then a idea popped up in my mind, as it ocationally does. Let’s make a card for Cisca. I told her I would make her a card and that is what I’ve done.


I’m pretty satisfied with it. It took me a while to find the idea, but when it turned up I was quite easy. I don’t know what it is, but I just see things in my head that I’m sure will look pretty / cool. It’s a bit strange actually, but very cool too.

I’m curious about what Cisca will say when she gets the card. I hope she’ll be happy.

No more posts.