A little bit of this and that….

Right now, I’m at Lierfoss. At the terracce enjoying the sun. With the sun directly at me and sunglasses on, I don’t see much of the screen. But I know how to write without looking at the screem or keyboard, so I’m good.

It is the second time this year I’ve been out enjoying the sun like this. It is lovely to catch some warm sunbeams. MaybeI can get a little tan aswell? Would’t be bad. I tried on the denim dress I’m gonna wear later when I’m going out, and I tried it without and thin sweather inside. Oh god, horrible. I’m so pale it looks like I live in the fridge! So I need all the sun I can get!

Lately, my job has been a pain in the ass frankly speaking. That happens from time to time for everybody I guess and I know it’s just a phase, but still… very blah. So the vacation I’m having next week doesn’t come one day too early. It will be ok to work monday and tuesday when I know I’m leaving for The Netherlands on wedndsay morning.

It’s only four days until I go! Woho. I feel I should’ve been home doing some laundry to make sure I got all clothes clean that I want to bring. Well… I don’t even know what to bring… so… I feel a bit like that not everything is under control. As long as I got my passport, visa-card, phone with charger and plane ticket, I got the most important. I’m sure it will be ok in the end. I still got a few more days.

Not sure how much I’ll get done tomorrow then. I’ll be staying at Lierfoss most of the day. In the evening me and my parents are going to baby sit Emil. Hanne and Geir are going to the movies. Originally, it was only my parents who were going to babysit him, but mum asked me if I wanted to come to. Of course I want that! I had planned to meet Emil monday or tuesday. Since I’ll see him tomorrow, I’m not sure I’ll go one of those days. We’ll see…

What else to write about… I’m a bit blank. Don’t know what to say. Hmm… Mabye I’ll just stop here, until I got something more usefull to say. Yes, I think so.

Hey ho, let’s go!

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