Spring cleaning (shoes)



It’s time for some spring cleaning in my shoe closet. This morning, when I looked in my closet, all I could see was a big mess. I wanted to wear my golden DKNY shoes, but ended up with some brown Le Coq shoes I haven’t worn in a long time. When I took them on I decided it was time to clean up so I could get a better overview of what shoes I have and maybe use some of my old once.

I tried to count my shoes, but I lost count. There is at least 35 shoes; mainly sneakers and pumps. After taking a close look on everyone, I decided to throw away five pairs. It’s shoes I haven’t used in a ages; more than a year and maybe two too. I have two pair on hold, which I’m not sure what to do with.

Mum gave me some black Babyphat sneakers a year ago. I’ve only wore them a few times, because I think me feet looks big in them. Like really big! The shoes are supercool, but too big for my feet. Writing what I now have written… i don’t understand why I put them in the ‘maybe-pile’. I should really just toss them away right away! Oh well…

After cleaning up, my closet looks like this.


I’m gonna make a shelf in there like the one I got now and put it ontop of the excisting one. Then I don’t have to stack all the shoes on top of each other.


I also put some shoes in a drawer in my bedroom. I have a space issue when it comes to my shoes.

What can you expect when you got as many shoes as I got?!

Here we have some of my pumps / high heel shoes. The three pair I use the most is in the closet in the hall.


Today I also sold a pair of my shoes. I bought some silver pumps little over a year ago. Not sure why, becuase they were really a bit small. I tried them today and my toes on my left feet curled up. By a coincidence, one of my colleagues, were looking for silver pumps, but didn’t find any. So I sold mine for 100 NOK.

When I was in Sweden at Easter, I bought some awesome green Björn Borg sneakers. They just rock, simply!  I haven’t had good experience with Björn Borg stuff earlier and had promised myself to not buy anything of that brand. But when I saw these shoes… oh god… I knew I had to have them in a split second. haha. The picture will tell you why!


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