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Yesterday I went to see Per Gessle at Rockefeller with Ellen. It was almost like seeing an old flame again. It’s a year and a half since the crazy-days faded away and my relationship to Mr. Gessle turned into something more healty and normal. Thank god for that!

I did not know what to expect from this concert and I didn’t know how it would be to see him again. I was crazy about him like those teenagers are about their idols. Oh gosh, I almost cringe when I think about it. haha. I knew his half new album (december 08) wasn’t that good and I was afraid he would play lots of songs from it. From a review from Aftonbladet, I found out he would only sing a few and a lot of old Roxette songs in stead. Phew!

The support act was the Swede Martinique. A guy dressed in white jeans, black leather jacket and black pointy shoes (just the way I don’t want guys to be) with a womans voice. He only sang 4 songs or something, and I’m glad for that. I didn’t like him at all! Thank god there were better things in store.

It was great to see the band again; Per, Helena, Christoffer, Magnus, Clarence and Pelle. Pelle Ahlsing I didn’t know and I went ‘oh, he’s the drummer from the Rox-days’ when he got introduced. Per in black (black nail poilsh included!). Helena was very sparkly with her golden outfit. Magnus was smiling and laughing a lot. And he still looks a lot like Linda’s dad. Funny! Christoffer looked a bit like a dressed up bum with his long hair, beach-hat and suit-pants. Clarence was the one who really was dressed for succsess with his red, glittery Fez-hat! It was awesome! They all looked great together. Even Ellen said that!

Rockefeller isn’t big and we were there when the doors opened. It was easy to get a good spot. We ended up at first row, all the way out to the left, haning on the fence. Good spot. I had a good eye on everyone.

The concert was a mix of old Rox songs, one new song (Party Pleaser) and some from SOAP and his english solo-stuff. It was no Swedish songs this evening and that was ok. I think it would’ve been weird to mix swedish and english.

It was really fun to hear the old Rox-songs. But i must say that I missed Marie’s voice on some of them, like Dressed for Success, Dangerous and the Look. Still with Per’s voice, they were good. Just not great. The Look was a crowd-pleaser and everybody sang along.

What was great was the Rox ballads I wish i could fly, Listen to your heart and especially It must’ve been Love. IMHBL was a great, great song. Stripped down and really beautiful. That might’ve been the best song of the night!

He had a few SOAP ballads too that were good. I have a party in my head and Late, later on was really nice songs. And when Helena comes in with her beautiful voice, it only gets better. Ah. I love her voice.

The only really bad one was Come On from SOAP. Oh god! When they put full lights on and Per sang with high notes (falsetto?) I buried my face in my hands for a second or two. The lights exposed him and I remember I was thinking ‘Per, why are you doing this?’ haha.

The evening gave me a strange mix of songs Per has made.  A little bit of everything from his ‘english catalogue’.

How do I rate this concert… 4.8/6? yeah…. something like that.

A bit disturbing thought has popped up in my mind. (Chantie might pop her eyes out when she reads this…) It would be kind of fun to see Roxette re-unite and do some concerts! Some… one would actually be enough, if I could be there. I would love to hear Per and Marie perform some of their hits!

One question I ask myself is why Per did this tour. He didn’t play much from his latest album, so it couldn’t be to promote that one. Maybe he just wanted to sing/tour again? I shouldn’t bother trying to figure that out. I should just be happy he’s on the road again. And I am. Happy, happy, happy!

Per, it was nice seeing you and the gang again :)

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