Did someone say spring?

I do believe that spring really is on its way.

  1. It was 8 degrees outside today.
  2. The sun was shining.
  3. It hasn’t snowed anything this week!
  4. Green stuff in the interior stores.

I went downtown after work today. I needed to buy some emtpy cd’s and I was gonna stop by Gina Tricot and see if they had that demin dress I bought in bigger size.  I got the cd’s but they didn’t have the dress-size I wanted. So I have to return the supercool dress and buy something else. I really don’t want to, but with the dress on it was harder to breath than normal.

I walked around town with my new cool red retro  sun-glasses! It wasn’t that much sun outside, but they are so cool I had to wear them. Oh god, now I turn into one of those who wear glasses just to be cool¨, not because it’s sunny outside. Didn’t wanna become one of them! Because it’s stupid to wear your sunglasses if it’s not sunny!

Well, while heading to the tram, I walked by Åhlens. In the store front I spotted a lot of easter eggs and some cool green bowls. I had to go inside! I walked around loooking for the green bowls. As soon as I saw them on the table I thought to myself that those would be a great subject to photograph. I knew I had to have two, to get a good picture of it. Given that I don’t really need a bowl, since I have lots already, it was really stupid to buy two just because of a possible photograph. Standing there, I figured out I could give one away to someone. So that’s my plan. And I know exactly who to give a cool green bowl. I’m sure the person knows that I’m talking about her ;)


These bowls are just great, right? They makes me think of green apples! And of course spring. And home made vegetable soup!


I also bought a pack of napkins. That is certainly nothing I need, I go lots of it in one of my drawers in the livingroom. But they were so nice and spring / summer ish that I just had to buy them. And to be frank, it is a while since I’ve just gone and bought something just because I’ve needed it. These last months I’ve been like ‘do I really need it? no! ok, then I put it back’. It’s quite scary how good I’ve become to say no! hah! But today I allowed myself to spend a little money.



If you got some time left and want to check out some new music, I can highly recommend the swedish singer Lykke Li. Ah. She’s great! I got five songs from her latest album and they are great.

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