A little bit of this and that….

Right now, I’m at Lierfoss. At the terracce enjoying the sun. With the sun directly at me and sunglasses on, I don’t see much of the screen. But I know how to write without looking at the screem or keyboard, so I’m good.

It is the second time this year I’ve been out enjoying the sun like this. It is lovely to catch some warm sunbeams. MaybeI can get a little tan aswell? Would’t be bad. I tried on the denim dress I’m gonna wear later when I’m going out, and I tried it without and thin sweather inside. Oh god, horrible. I’m so pale it looks like I live in the fridge! So I need all the sun I can get!

Lately, my job has been a pain in the ass frankly speaking. That happens from time to time for everybody I guess and I know it’s just a phase, but still… very blah. So the vacation I’m having next week doesn’t come one day too early. It will be ok to work monday and tuesday when I know I’m leaving for The Netherlands on wedndsay morning.

It’s only four days until I go! Woho. I feel I should’ve been home doing some laundry to make sure I got all clothes clean that I want to bring. Well… I don’t even know what to bring… so… I feel a bit like that not everything is under control. As long as I got my passport, visa-card, phone with charger and plane ticket, I got the most important. I’m sure it will be ok in the end. I still got a few more days.

Not sure how much I’ll get done tomorrow then. I’ll be staying at Lierfoss most of the day. In the evening me and my parents are going to baby sit Emil. Hanne and Geir are going to the movies. Originally, it was only my parents who were going to babysit him, but mum asked me if I wanted to come to. Of course I want that! I had planned to meet Emil monday or tuesday. Since I’ll see him tomorrow, I’m not sure I’ll go one of those days. We’ll see…

What else to write about… I’m a bit blank. Don’t know what to say. Hmm… Mabye I’ll just stop here, until I got something more usefull to say. Yes, I think so.

Hey ho, let’s go!

First sold photo?

Oh. I have forgotten to tell about this! I might sell one of my photos! A German designer contacted me via flickr and said she was working for a Japaneese company that do something with pet-food i think it was. And she was interested in using this (autumn cat) picture exclusivly in Japan.

That is very interesting. I’ve emailed her and said I would love for her/them to use the picture and gave her a price for the use. I’m in doubt of how much to charge, but I’m sure we can work out something both parts can agree on.

Now I have to make, or find online, a contract I can use for both of us to sign. I want to state the terms of use and what they / I can and can’t do.

I’ll tell more when I know more.


Spring cleaning (shoes)



It’s time for some spring cleaning in my shoe closet. This morning, when I looked in my closet, all I could see was a big mess. I wanted to wear my golden DKNY shoes, but ended up with some brown Le Coq shoes I haven’t worn in a long time. When I took them on I decided it was time to clean up so I could get a better overview of what shoes I have and maybe use some of my old once.

I tried to count my shoes, but I lost count. There is at least 35 shoes; mainly sneakers and pumps. After taking a close look on everyone, I decided to throw away five pairs. It’s shoes I haven’t used in a ages; more than a year and maybe two too. I have two pair on hold, which I’m not sure what to do with.

Mum gave me some black Babyphat sneakers a year ago. I’ve only wore them a few times, because I think me feet looks big in them. Like really big! The shoes are supercool, but too big for my feet. Writing what I now have written… i don’t understand why I put them in the ‘maybe-pile’. I should really just toss them away right away! Oh well…

After cleaning up, my closet looks like this.


I’m gonna make a shelf in there like the one I got now and put it ontop of the excisting one. Then I don’t have to stack all the shoes on top of each other.


I also put some shoes in a drawer in my bedroom. I have a space issue when it comes to my shoes.

What can you expect when you got as many shoes as I got?!

Here we have some of my pumps / high heel shoes. The three pair I use the most is in the closet in the hall.


Today I also sold a pair of my shoes. I bought some silver pumps little over a year ago. Not sure why, becuase they were really a bit small. I tried them today and my toes on my left feet curled up. By a coincidence, one of my colleagues, were looking for silver pumps, but didn’t find any. So I sold mine for 100 NOK.

When I was in Sweden at Easter, I bought some awesome green Björn Borg sneakers. They just rock, simply!  I haven’t had good experience with Björn Borg stuff earlier and had promised myself to not buy anything of that brand. But when I saw these shoes… oh god… I knew I had to have them in a split second. haha. The picture will tell you why!


Per @ Rockefeller


Yesterday I went to see Per Gessle at Rockefeller with Ellen. It was almost like seeing an old flame again. It’s a year and a half since the crazy-days faded away and my relationship to Mr. Gessle turned into something more healty and normal. Thank god for that!

I did not know what to expect from this concert and I didn’t know how it would be to see him again. I was crazy about him like those teenagers are about their idols. Oh gosh, I almost cringe when I think about it. haha. I knew his half new album (december 08) wasn’t that good and I was afraid he would play lots of songs from it. From a review from Aftonbladet, I found out he would only sing a few and a lot of old Roxette songs in stead. Phew!

The support act was the Swede Martinique. A guy dressed in white jeans, black leather jacket and black pointy shoes (just the way I don’t want guys to be) with a womans voice. He only sang 4 songs or something, and I’m glad for that. I didn’t like him at all! Thank god there were better things in store.

It was great to see the band again; Per, Helena, Christoffer, Magnus, Clarence and Pelle. Pelle Ahlsing I didn’t know and I went ‘oh, he’s the drummer from the Rox-days’ when he got introduced. Per in black (black nail poilsh included!). Helena was very sparkly with her golden outfit. Magnus was smiling and laughing a lot. And he still looks a lot like Linda’s dad. Funny! Christoffer looked a bit like a dressed up bum with his long hair, beach-hat and suit-pants. Clarence was the one who really was dressed for succsess with his red, glittery Fez-hat! It was awesome! They all looked great together. Even Ellen said that!

Rockefeller isn’t big and we were there when the doors opened. It was easy to get a good spot. We ended up at first row, all the way out to the left, haning on the fence. Good spot. I had a good eye on everyone.

The concert was a mix of old Rox songs, one new song (Party Pleaser) and some from SOAP and his english solo-stuff. It was no Swedish songs this evening and that was ok. I think it would’ve been weird to mix swedish and english.

It was really fun to hear the old Rox-songs. But i must say that I missed Marie’s voice on some of them, like Dressed for Success, Dangerous and the Look. Still with Per’s voice, they were good. Just not great. The Look was a crowd-pleaser and everybody sang along.

What was great was the Rox ballads I wish i could fly, Listen to your heart and especially It must’ve been Love. IMHBL was a great, great song. Stripped down and really beautiful. That might’ve been the best song of the night!

He had a few SOAP ballads too that were good. I have a party in my head and Late, later on was really nice songs. And when Helena comes in with her beautiful voice, it only gets better. Ah. I love her voice.

The only really bad one was Come On from SOAP. Oh god! When they put full lights on and Per sang with high notes (falsetto?) I buried my face in my hands for a second or two. The lights exposed him and I remember I was thinking ‘Per, why are you doing this?’ haha.

The evening gave me a strange mix of songs Per has made.  A little bit of everything from his ‘english catalogue’.

How do I rate this concert… 4.8/6? yeah…. something like that.

A bit disturbing thought has popped up in my mind. (Chantie might pop her eyes out when she reads this…) It would be kind of fun to see Roxette re-unite and do some concerts! Some… one would actually be enough, if I could be there. I would love to hear Per and Marie perform some of their hits!

One question I ask myself is why Per did this tour. He didn’t play much from his latest album, so it couldn’t be to promote that one. Maybe he just wanted to sing/tour again? I shouldn’t bother trying to figure that out. I should just be happy he’s on the road again. And I am. Happy, happy, happy!

Per, it was nice seeing you and the gang again :)

Fruits and chocolate

I watched part of a programme on tv today about a guy who wanted to give up eating chocolate/candy/chips. There was this woman who was gonna help him. First they had to get rid of all the sweets he had in the house. The found a plastic bag and when they had tossed everything in it, it weight 16 kg! Whoa! That’s a shitload of candy!

At the show they talked about which candy that was more healty than other. They sayd that dark chocolate is more healty than light one. The chocolate with 70% cocoa or more contains less fat and vegetable oils. They said that 6 -7 grams of dark chocolate (70% coccoa or more) a day  is healty according some studies made in Italy (I think it was). 6-7 gram is like nothing!

I know I eat too much candy. Didn’t need that programme to understand that! When I visited the grocerystore today I had to buy chocolate and spesificly Kvikk Lunjs, just because I was afraid I didn’t have some at home. I had a shitty end of my working day so today I really needed it!

This makes me think of that week last year when tried not to eat candy. It was awefull. I don’t remember how long it lasted. Maybe four days? Or was it five? I remember the last day I sniffed on the chocolate  in my drawer at work. And I went like aaaaaahhhh!

This also makes me think of one of the goals I had at the end of last year; eat fruit every day. I wonder if I can go back to that time. Can I do that again? Maybe I should try? Maybe chocolate one day, fruit the other, then chocolate, then fruit again… Hmmm. I have to think about this!


Two pictures I’ve taken today. As you know, I’m crazy and what I now will tell will contribute to that fact. I bought these fruits only so I could photograph them. I’m not fan of green apples. I love red ones. But I didn’t buy red ones becuase they were more expensive. And I really to photograph a green one. And pears… yuck! I don’t like that at all.

I wrote a grocery list last night which contained salami, milk, bread, ham etc. And at the bottom I had written apples / pears (fruit I can photograph) hahaha.

What I do for the sake of art / my creativity!

Easter review ~:>

Easter is coming to an end. The holiday is over and tomorrow is a working-day again. Sigh. It was fun while it lasted!

Easter for me, is not very God/Jesus-related. I’m not a Christian, so to me Easter means other things:

  • time off work. I always have three days off; Munday Thursday, Good Friday and Easter Monday. It’s great with a little break from the office.
  • Eggs! I always eat more eggs than normal during Easter. I always have eggs for breakfast. Medium boiled. Eat it with a spoon with a slice of bread with salted ham on. Today I had eggs and bacon for breakfast.


  • Trip to Sweden. On Munday Thursday the shops are closed here in Norway, but they are open in Sweden. So I always go there.  And it’s always Arvika every year. This year I overate. Oh dear, I was so full when the day was over. First we started at a cafe with some sweetbread, then we had Easter Lunch. You could eat as much as you wanted for 150 SEK or something. Buffet. Cold and hot food. It was totally yummy! Right after I went to this place and bought mashed potatoes and a weiner. Jenny’s Gatukök (“streetkitchen”). In the evening when we came home, we heated up some spareribs and ate them with white bread and some creamy potatoes.
  • Seeing friends. I went to see Bjørg on saturday morning. The bus left at 09.30 and took about two hours. I stayed the night and went home yesterday evening. I had a lovely time with Bjørg. The home-made pizza we made were delish!
  • Seeing family. On Good Friday my sister, Geir and my nephew came for dinner. This was at my parents house. They stayed for hours and it was so fun. It’s the third time I’m seeing Emil now. He’s still darn cute! Mum and dad made dinner. We had salmon and this special mashed potatoes using some special potatoes and wasabi-paste in it. YUMMY! It’s become one of dad’s signature dishes!
  • Watching crminal shows on tv. Ah! Do I love criminal shows? Yes! There is a traditional here in Norway to read lots of criminal books and watch criminial shows during Easter. Not sure why, but it’s been like that ever since I can remember. This year I followed two shows which had three episodes each. They were both great.

So as you can see, my easter has been busy. Today I wanted to take it easy and be creative. I also wanted to do something usefull with the time I have left of this holiday. I was up early, at 09.30. So far today I’ve done laundry twice, put on the dishwasher and taken out the things when it was finished, cleaned all the surfaces in the livingroom and the bedroom.

I have a few more things on the list, but I’m not sure if they will be done today. I’ve lost some of the spark, I have to say. Right now I want to eat dinner, cos I haven’t eaten sinche breakfast. I’m starting to get hungry. I’ve just defrosted some chicken and will make something out it as soon as I’m done here.

I’ve thought about making some cards today. It came to me today that Bjørg has her birthday at the end of this months. She needs a card. And Ellen is moving into a new flat the 1st of May. She needs a new-home card. And it’s only two monts until my mum’s birthday too. I know it’s a bit early to think about, but my nephew is getting baptisted in some months too and I need a card for that too. So I have some cards to make. If I get some cards done today, I’ll post them here.


It’s the end of Easter, sunday night, and I feel like being creative. But I’m not. I had a spesific thing I wanted to blog about and picture in my head to go along with it, but it didn’t turn out how I wanted. I also want to make some new cards, take grand & creative pictures to upload on flickr, work on my webiste and re-decorate my home.


In stead I’m going to bed, hoping of a good night sleep and a more creative tomorrow! Wish me good luck!

Did someone say spring?

I do believe that spring really is on its way.

  1. It was 8 degrees outside today.
  2. The sun was shining.
  3. It hasn’t snowed anything this week!
  4. Green stuff in the interior stores.

I went downtown after work today. I needed to buy some emtpy cd’s and I was gonna stop by Gina Tricot and see if they had that demin dress I bought in bigger size.  I got the cd’s but they didn’t have the dress-size I wanted. So I have to return the supercool dress and buy something else. I really don’t want to, but with the dress on it was harder to breath than normal.

I walked around town with my new cool red retro  sun-glasses! It wasn’t that much sun outside, but they are so cool I had to wear them. Oh god, now I turn into one of those who wear glasses just to be cool¨, not because it’s sunny outside. Didn’t wanna become one of them! Because it’s stupid to wear your sunglasses if it’s not sunny!

Well, while heading to the tram, I walked by Åhlens. In the store front I spotted a lot of easter eggs and some cool green bowls. I had to go inside! I walked around loooking for the green bowls. As soon as I saw them on the table I thought to myself that those would be a great subject to photograph. I knew I had to have two, to get a good picture of it. Given that I don’t really need a bowl, since I have lots already, it was really stupid to buy two just because of a possible photograph. Standing there, I figured out I could give one away to someone. So that’s my plan. And I know exactly who to give a cool green bowl. I’m sure the person knows that I’m talking about her ;)


These bowls are just great, right? They makes me think of green apples! And of course spring. And home made vegetable soup!


I also bought a pack of napkins. That is certainly nothing I need, I go lots of it in one of my drawers in the livingroom. But they were so nice and spring / summer ish that I just had to buy them. And to be frank, it is a while since I’ve just gone and bought something just because I’ve needed it. These last months I’ve been like ‘do I really need it? no! ok, then I put it back’. It’s quite scary how good I’ve become to say no! hah! But today I allowed myself to spend a little money.



If you got some time left and want to check out some new music, I can highly recommend the swedish singer Lykke Li. Ah. She’s great! I got five songs from her latest album and they are great.

No more posts.