New football-season (and new shoes)!

The foootball season is here, again. Ehh… soccer to you Americans! *rolls eyes* So it is impossible to let this blog be a football-free zone.

Man, what fun it is to have the football season back! It’s weird to talk about football season so early in March. The season has never started so early – the snow is still outside! But since the leauge now has 16 teams in opposite to 14 last year, they had to start earlier.


The season was kicked off with Stabæk playing against ‘my team’ Lillestrøm. We had an away match, at their new arena – Telenor Arena. It’s kind of strange to watch football inside. I think football should be played outside. But today, I think it was nice to be inside, because of the weather. It’s still cold outside and I would’ve frozen my butt and other vital parts off, it was going to stand outside. Brrrr! Well… i wouldn’t be at the match, if it was outside. Then I would be home in my couch watching it on TV!

I geared up in my yellow and black football t-shirt and my scarf! When you’re at a match you need to support your team by wearing the teams colors! And you need to sing along! I didn’t stand with all the fans, but still I sang now and then. Since I’ve had a free-ticket to all theirs home-matches for ten years, I’ve learned quite a few songs.


I was a bit nervous about how it would end, because last year, Lillestrøm played shitty and almost had to play in a lower leauge! And Stabæk was the winner last season! Lillestrøm (Arild Sundgot) scored the first goal. That was right after the second half had started. I screamed my troat sore, when we scored and were jumping up and down. Twelve minutes later Stabæk got their goal.

No more goals were made and the end result became 1-1. Fair. Lillestørm was good today, waaaay better than last year. A few players impressed me and a few didn’t. A newly signed player, borrowed from Arsenal, but Norwegian, played really well. And he’s only 18. Woot!


Before and during the match I concumed some chocolate and weiners of course! No match without it. 

The new arena was OK. The only bad thing, is that there are NO parking there!! And the arena is so far out from the city center! We managed to find a parking space on a nearby parking lot. You could take the bus to the arena, there were lots of busses going. But not everybody wants that. I really hope they’ll fix some parking spaces soon, or else I’m afraidn there won’t be as many people there as they could have. Oh well… it’s not my teams arena, so I don’t really care that much!

On a much happier note… I went to the ladies room. At the end of the row with toilets, there was a small wall. And on that wall it was printed a text, in full seriousness (not a bad tag from someone stupid). It said: shitty match Stabæk – Lillestrøm 0-2. Semi-finale in the cup, 1997.  Whaha. I laughed so hard when I saw it. It was the right place to put that text, next to the toilets.

It will be fun following the football again. With a new coach, a new manager and some new, young players, I have a feeling it will be a good year. It can’t be worse than last year at least. Then we would have to play in a lower division and we havne’t done that in 30 years or something. So that’s not likely.

I’m pretty sure there will be some people who wishes football never was invented, because the TV, radio and newspapers will be FULL of football news etc all the time. I don’t mind of course, since I’m a big fan myself.  

And if it wasn’t enough that the football season has kicked off, there is more. I got myself some black converse shoes on sale! 60% off! Woot! Only 240 NOK. They are super cool!


The book and the sun arrived!

Last friday I got an email from that the book had been shipped. I archived the email and didn’t think anymore about it. When I opened my mailbox today, what do I see? To my big surprise, the book!!


The book has arrived. I could not wait to get inside my apartment so I could have a look at it. I tore up the package and smiled widely when I saw the cover.


I was a bit worried there would be typos in the book. I did spellcheck it twice, but sometimes you just turn blind. Maybe I should’ve let a friend look over it? Of course I saw some typos. I’ve spotted a few. The worst one that was I’ve said she’s born in ’78! Doh! It’s ’79! That’a bit annoying, but what can I do?

Apart from the few typos, the book is great. I love it. I hope Linda will love it too. I’m so eager to give it to her, I could go home tomorrow and deliver it. But I have to wait. Her birthday isn’t until next week (wednesday).

The book is not the only thing that arrived today. So did the sun! Horray for that! I went out on a stroll after work, taking some pictures. It was nice to finally be able to catch some sun / light in my photos again. It seems like such a long time since I’ve been able to do that!


This is one of the shots I took. The colors are a bit unusual for me, but that’s one thing that I like with this shot. This will be found at flickr, but not today. I’m too tired to upload it. And I’ve already uploaded one  picture today.

I’m planning to create a new set on Well, it’s two actually when I come think of it.

  1. A black and white set. I got inspired by a flickr-buddy named Alice. The takes only black and white pictures. I find pictures in black and white beautiful. If you have a dull colored picture, you can easily make it better by turning it into black and white. I’m not going to call this set black and white, because that’s so ordinary and boring and far from what I am ;) I’m gonna call it ‘not color’.
  2. A set with the cards I’ve created. I always show you here what cards I’ve made. I think it’s time to put them on my webiste.

It will take some time to organize this.  The boring part is to downsize them to the right size; one set with 600 x 400 pixels and one set with thumbnails that are 75 x 75 pixels. Maybe I’ll start the process tomorrow. We’ll see how the day turns out.

Whoa! That was awesome!

So yesterday was the day when Ellen and I went to see The September When.  Ellen met me at home at 4 o’clock and we had dinner together. I had planned to pop a bottle of wine, but I was out on friday drinking, so I didn’t feel like drinking again. We were both quite tired and sank down in the sofa after the dinner was consumed. I was a bit worried since we both were so tired, but it didn’t turn out to be a problem.


First this DJ from the US, Jason  Forrest performed. He was just crazy! Not my kind of music at all. It was hard, agressive and explosive in a way. His dance-moves, if we can call it that, was like an octopus on extacy! Still, it was fun to watch. At least I think so. I think Ellen thinks less of it than I am. When he ended, he said see you later. None of us put anything into that.

Then this chick-group, Katzenjammer, came on. They are so cool live! I’ve seen them once before. I actually think they are better live than on a cd in your own livingroom. They have so much energy and they all alternate on singing on playing the instruments.

The real stars, the reason we came, was of course the September When. I’ve never seen them live before. I started to like them at the end of their careere, so that’s the reason.

I didn’t know what to expect from them and I had no idea if it would be great or not. I hadn’t listened to their old stuff in a loooong time, maybe 10 years, so I knew their might be some songs I wouldn’t remember.

They played some songs from their new album and I think they chose the right songs. The picked all the great ones like Don’t Call the Cops, Judas Kiss (it might be it) and We Want the Truth, Bubba. From their old stuff they chose hits like, Cries Like a Baby, Can I Trust You and Mama Won’t Tell You No Lie. Of course, they also played Bullet Me, one of their monster hits. The crazy DJ came on stage to play with them. I was a bit worried, but it turned out to be awesome. That version of Bullet was just great. The crowed exploded and I was so genually happy I was jumping up and down like a crazy! It was the best song up to then.

Not long after, they played a song called the Garden Party. I had forgot about that song. And, oh dear, it blew my mind. It was beautiful. I think that was the best song of the entire show. The lightshow were cool and it was close to perfect.

They had of couse an encore. Well, they had two actually. The last time they came in, Morten Abel (the lead singer) said to the crowd: I had ordered a cab. That was so funny! They played 1.5 hours or so. They could’ve played longer, I wish they had!

If I should put my finger on something negative… hmm.. it must be that when Morten Abel talks to the crowd, it’s hard to understand what he says. He had a different dialect, but it’s not hard to understand. It’s just that it seems like he “swallows words” when he talks. He’s mumbling a bit. And I was a bit bummed that there were no merchandice to buy. I always check out if there is any cool t-shirt to buy. They had nothing! Only the special guests had merchs. Blah.

And at last, something that not to do with the band or the show. The prices on the drinks were ridicoulus! Ellen wanted to buy a bottle of water, but it costed 38 NOK. That’s like twice the price (or more) in the regular store! We did NOT buy anything!

I was a happy camper going home, singing on Can I Trust You on the tram :)

Score: 5.5/6.

Promotion pt. II

I told you about the promotion-thing a while ago. I’ve finally figured out what pictures to include. That was done yesterday. It was a bit hard to decide what to choose. Somehow I wanted the pictures to work as a set. They needed to have the same theme. They could of course be totally different, just to show how versatile I am. Well, I thought it would be better if they would work together. And I think they do.


I was asked to write an artist profile too. That was bit hard, because I basicly had no idea what to write. It’s not easy to sell yourself. I don’t want it to be too much either, too much braging over how great I am and such. In the end I think I managed to write a decent profile of myself.  

My name is Kjersti E. Lier. The E stands for ‘extra ordinary’… err… Elisabeth ;) Born in ’78. Currently living in Oslo, Norway.
I’ve been photoraphing since I was 10 years old, when I got my first point & shoot camera. But it isn’t until reacent years I’ve taken it more seriously.
Earlier I just brought my camera on holidays and to happenings like birthdays etc. Now I bring my camera where ever I go. Getting a DSLR for Christmas 2006 opened up a new world to me.
I like to think I have a pair of eyes that see things differently than others. Where other people just pass, I stop to shoot. Ordinary things can easliy become special in my world. You can often hear me say ‘now that would be really great on film’.
Where the future brings me regarding photography, no one knows. Hopefully it will create a long and fun adventure.
My pictures are for sale.
Visit me at
Contact me at

Where is the sun hiding?

Damn that sun for hiding behind thouse thick clouds! I brought my camera when I went to work today. It’s been a while since I’ve had it in my purse when I leave in the morning. I really hoped there would be some sun outside today. But, no! Not a tiny ray of sun would press through those thick clouds.


This is the only thing I could come up with. They’re not great, but I wanted to get something.

On a much happier note, I baked a chocolate cake today. Just felt like it when I came home. It tasted yummy. I’m not going to eat it all myself. Hopefully a few friends of mine will help me when the weekend comes.


The office is going out on friday. We’re celebrationg our new website. It got published today. Great new site. So much better than the old one. The office is paying for the dinner and maybe some drinks. The good part is that we’re going to eat at Big Horn Steakhouse. Ahh! They have the best steaks. I just can’t wait to eat there. I’m sure I could eat there every week without geting tired of it.

Baked bread

The only exiting thing I can tell from today, is that I baked bread. I got the urge to bake some bread yesterday, but I was too lasy to start. So I postponded it to today.

I started right after I came home. I knew that I probably would lose interest if I waited. I know myself that good, you know.

I wasn’t all fancey and did it from scratch. I’ve never done that before actually.  I should try it dough. I bought this package where you only add water and yeast. Easy peasy.


First I knead the dough in my mixer for quite a long time, about 7 minutes I guess. Then I put it in a bowl, filled the sink with hot water and put the bowl on a great over the sink. I covered the bowl with a kitchen towle and let it stay there to rise for half an hour.

After the 30 mins were over I knead the dough some again and put it two tins which were smeared in with oil. I put them back over the sink to let them rise again – this time until it was over the top of the tin.

Then, in the oven for about 40 minutes.

I had to taste the bread as soon as they were out of the oven. Heaven! The butter melted on the bread and the cheese almost melted too. I used brown cheese (goat cheese) which is so yummy on warm bread. I ate four slices of bread in total. Mmmmm!


That is the only thing I’ve made today. I have a lot of creativity inside me and wants to get out, but I have no idea in which direction to aim. I want to take pictures, but the weather isn’t the best these days. It’s so foggy / cloudy and that is not ideal weather to go shooting. No good light.

It’s been so bad I haven’t even bothered to bring my camera. Tomorrow I think I’m gonna bring it anyway. I might get lucky with the weather and I hate not to have the camera around when there’s something to shoot.

Collisions and changes

Some times things don’t turn out the way you want.

A few weeks ago Linda asked me, and a bunch of other girls, I we wanted to go see a show and have dinner before or after. It’s a show by Christine Koth, who is superfunny. I immediately thought ‘yes, I wanna go’ and was quite happy. Then checked the date. It collided with the September When concert. So then I had to turn that offer down. Sigh.

Last week I got an invitation to a birthday party the 14th. My friend Lisbeth and two others (Kim and Bård) are having a joint birhtday party and I was invited. I checked my calendar and found out I could go. So when Lisbeth mailed me on friday asking if I was going or not, I said I would come :) On saturday I find out that I can’t go after all. I’ve already bought tickets to see the first football match this year. The opening of the season. My team, LSK is playing against Stabæk at Stabæk’s new arena, Telenor Arena. I hadn’t forgot I was going, but I thought it was on sunday… doh! So I had to sms her and tell her I couldn’t come. Sigh, again.

I hate it when fun things collide like that!

And today, I found out I won’t be trying to get tickets to Pinkpop. Chantie sms’ed me and said she couldn’t afford it. A fair thing and I’m not upset at her or anything. I’m just a bit disappointed. Even though there were guaranties that we would get any tickets, I had build up some expectations.

What really hit me, is that now I know for sure that I won’t be able to see Bruce this summer :(  Not only that. I won’t be able to see Depeche  Mode or the Killers either. Oh well, I will survive!

On the bright side, I have some money I can spend. I have to think of new ways to spend my vacation money! It doesn’t look like I’m going on any other vacation than the Alkmaar-trip in April. I’m already seeing lots of posibillities for where to spend those money! And to put them on my savings account is not on the top list! In no particular order, we have:

  • new macro lense
  • sowing machine
  • clothes / shoes
  •  tiles on my balcony
  • more light in my kitchen
  • remote controll to my camera

I’m too tired to think of anything else…

No more posts.