Today I went to this scrapping fair called Scraporama with my friend Sissel and two of her friends who is also serious scrappers.

I went downtown and they picked me up at 10 o’clock. Really early! It’s saturday and I can’t even sleep long. Well… it was worth it. It took about half an hour to get there.

The place was crowded. It was too little space and too many people in my opinion. But it didn’t prevent me from having a nice time. We decided a meeting point and when to meet up again. Sissel and I, we walked around together.

Since I’m fairly new to this scrapping, it’s nice to have Sissel around to explain what things are and how to use it. Now, I only use the simple things like paper flowers, beads, buttons, cut out shapes in wood and dies etc. There is a lot more advanced things like crackle paint, embrossing and much more I have no idea what is about. I think it’s best for me to stick to the easiest. Less expensive too. Heh!

After walking around for almost two hours, I ended up with a few things.


Cute flower buttons and mini clothes pegs.


This is different kinds of paper. The prints were awesome and I’m planning to make birthday cards of them. Or funky greeting cards.

When we left the fair, we went to Bikuben. I’ve told you about this store before. It got lots and lots of stuff. Basicly everything you need! My plan was to look for some clear stamps. I have none and would like some to test it out.


After looking for a while I found this really cool set with clear stamps. Aren’t the owls cute, huh? I love them! They were a bit expensive, costed 150 NOK. Well, all (clear) stamps cost a lot. So I won’t be buying that every week. I will only buy supercool ones and stamps I know I will be able to use more than just once.

I can’t wait to test out the owl clear stamps. I’m sure they will look great. As soon as I have a card ready, I’ll show you.


I also bought some more paper. Pink! I’m gonna use them for baby-cards. Linda has asked me to make her a card. Her friend Marita is having a baby in May and Linda needs a card. I’m happy to help out.


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