Useful sunday

Sunday’s are days to relax and be lazy. But when you’ve had a few of those after another, you feel it’s time to spend  your sunday doing something usefull. I had a sunday like that.

I was up at 10.00 and the first thing I do is to put on a laundry. Then I washed the floors in my bathroom, hall and kitchen – almost nude! ;) I was only wearing my underwear. When I get this urge to do usefull stuff, there is no time to miss. Before I know it, it’s over, and what good is there to be dressed then?

After breakfast was over, I made waffles. Only the batter that is. I was expecting my friend Lisbeth over and I wanted to have something to serve her. When she arrived, I quickly understood that see needed something more than waffles. So instead with made some chicken and pasta. Yummy. She hadn’t eaten all day! She came right from Kim, where she had spent the night because of their and Bård’s joint birthday party. You know, the party I couldn’t attend, because I was at the football match.

It was great seeing Lisbeth again. I haven’t seen her since.. uhm.. New Years Eve. Long time!

After Lisbeth left I continued on the you-got-a-new-house-card I’m making Chantie. She reads this blog, so I can’t post the cool card I made.

Right now, I’ve just finished a gift for my sister and her husband, Geir. They are waiting a baby in a few weeks. YAY! I’m gonna be an aunt. So I’m gonna offer them free babysitting days / hours. And instead of just saying that they can call me when they need me to babysit, I’ve made this cute punch-card.


They have 7 times in total when I can babysit. There is no time-limit on that card of course. It’s mainly just for fun, but there is som seriousness in it too. I’n not sure how my sister and Geir will think, but if they will find it hard to ask me all the time to babysit, they know with this card, that I’m up for it.

I went to see Hanne on friday for a short time. I was heading home to Lierfoss and just stopped by with my parents. They were giving Geir a birthday gift. He turned 34 last wednesday. I got to touch Hanne’s belly and it was hard – hard like a basketball like she said. It’s a really big belly now :) 

Yesterday I found out that the Rummi Cub game I’ve downloaded on my computer only had one day left of free-playing. So yesteday and today, I’ve played alot!

Playing Rummi makes me think of Chantie, which finally, is back online again. THANK YOU KPN!!!  It also makes me think of the fact that it’s only 45 days left until I’m gonna see Chantie. That is veeeeery exciting and something I could write a whole new blog-entry about.

Another time. Off to play Rummi!


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