Promotion pt. II

I told you about the promotion-thing a while ago. I’ve finally figured out what pictures to include. That was done yesterday. It was a bit hard to decide what to choose. Somehow I wanted the pictures to work as a set. They needed to have the same theme. They could of course be totally different, just to show how versatile I am. Well, I thought it would be better if they would work together. And I think they do.


I was asked to write an artist profile too. That was bit hard, because I basicly had no idea what to write. It’s not easy to sell yourself. I don’t want it to be too much either, too much braging over how great I am and such. In the end I think I managed to write a decent profile of myself.  

My name is Kjersti E. Lier. The E stands for ‘extra ordinary’… err… Elisabeth ;) Born in ’78. Currently living in Oslo, Norway.
I’ve been photoraphing since I was 10 years old, when I got my first point & shoot camera. But it isn’t until reacent years I’ve taken it more seriously.
Earlier I just brought my camera on holidays and to happenings like birthdays etc. Now I bring my camera where ever I go. Getting a DSLR for Christmas 2006 opened up a new world to me.
I like to think I have a pair of eyes that see things differently than others. Where other people just pass, I stop to shoot. Ordinary things can easliy become special in my world. You can often hear me say ‘now that would be really great on film’.
Where the future brings me regarding photography, no one knows. Hopefully it will create a long and fun adventure.
My pictures are for sale.
Visit me at
Contact me at

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