Baked bread

The only exiting thing I can tell from today, is that I baked bread. I got the urge to bake some bread yesterday, but I was too lasy to start. So I postponded it to today.

I started right after I came home. I knew that I probably would lose interest if I waited. I know myself that good, you know.

I wasn’t all fancey and did it from scratch. I’ve never done that before actually.  I should try it dough. I bought this package where you only add water and yeast. Easy peasy.


First I knead the dough in my mixer for quite a long time, about 7 minutes I guess. Then I put it in a bowl, filled the sink with hot water and put the bowl on a great over the sink. I covered the bowl with a kitchen towle and let it stay there to rise for half an hour.

After the 30 mins were over I knead the dough some again and put it two tins which were smeared in with oil. I put them back over the sink to let them rise again – this time until it was over the top of the tin.

Then, in the oven for about 40 minutes.

I had to taste the bread as soon as they were out of the oven. Heaven! The butter melted on the bread and the cheese almost melted too. I used brown cheese (goat cheese) which is so yummy on warm bread. I ate four slices of bread in total. Mmmmm!


That is the only thing I’ve made today. I have a lot of creativity inside me and wants to get out, but I have no idea in which direction to aim. I want to take pictures, but the weather isn’t the best these days. It’s so foggy / cloudy and that is not ideal weather to go shooting. No good light.

It’s been so bad I haven’t even bothered to bring my camera. Tomorrow I think I’m gonna bring it anyway. I might get lucky with the weather and I hate not to have the camera around when there’s something to shoot.

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