Collisions and changes

Some times things don’t turn out the way you want.

A few weeks ago Linda asked me, and a bunch of other girls, I we wanted to go see a show and have dinner before or after. It’s a show by Christine Koth, who is superfunny. I immediately thought ‘yes, I wanna go’ and was quite happy. Then checked the date. It collided with the September When concert. So then I had to turn that offer down. Sigh.

Last week I got an invitation to a birthday party the 14th. My friend Lisbeth and two others (Kim and Bård) are having a joint birhtday party and I was invited. I checked my calendar and found out I could go. So when Lisbeth mailed me on friday asking if I was going or not, I said I would come :) On saturday I find out that I can’t go after all. I’ve already bought tickets to see the first football match this year. The opening of the season. My team, LSK is playing against Stabæk at Stabæk’s new arena, Telenor Arena. I hadn’t forgot I was going, but I thought it was on sunday… doh! So I had to sms her and tell her I couldn’t come. Sigh, again.

I hate it when fun things collide like that!

And today, I found out I won’t be trying to get tickets to Pinkpop. Chantie sms’ed me and said she couldn’t afford it. A fair thing and I’m not upset at her or anything. I’m just a bit disappointed. Even though there were guaranties that we would get any tickets, I had build up some expectations.

What really hit me, is that now I know for sure that I won’t be able to see Bruce this summer :(  Not only that. I won’t be able to see Depeche  Mode or the Killers either. Oh well, I will survive!

On the bright side, I have some money I can spend. I have to think of new ways to spend my vacation money! It doesn’t look like I’m going on any other vacation than the Alkmaar-trip in April. I’m already seeing lots of posibillities for where to spend those money! And to put them on my savings account is not on the top list! In no particular order, we have:

  • new macro lense
  • sowing machine
  • clothes / shoes
  •  tiles on my balcony
  • more light in my kitchen
  • remote controll to my camera

I’m too tired to think of anything else…

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