the good, the bad and the ugly

While my head spun around with lots of thoughts, something popped up. Next week can be summarized by the movie title the good, the bad and the ugly. Next week will be as followed:

the good:

  1. I only work three days. Wednesday at 16.00 Easte Holiday starts. Ah. How lovely won’t that be!
  2. Thursday I’m going to Sweden / Arvika. It’s the annual day-trip to Arvika with my parents, Linda and her  parents and some friends of our parents. We go, buy cheep food at the grocerystore, look around in the few stores around the city and eat at a restaurant. Me and Linda ALWAYS go eating at Jenny’s Gatukök. Their mashed potatoes are the best!
  3. Going to see Bjørg next weekend. From friday to sunday. I haven’t seen her in a while so it will be fun to see her again.
  4. Next sunday I don’t have to go to bed early, because I got the monday off!

the bad:

  1. I’ll be doing some enormously boring things at work next week. We’re sending out 3500 information-letters with some attachment soon and the packing of the envolopes has to be done manually. Guess who’s gonna do most of that? You guessed right, me! Oh joy. Err…

the ugly:

  1. Mum and dad will be away next monday – wednesday. Someone has to take care of their cats. I’ve said I could do it. That means I have to go home to their house and stay there for monday. The ugly part is that I have to get up 05.30 or so to get to work. Blargh! That will kill me.
  2. And when going home from work, I have to sit on a bus for over an hour. Booooring. I will be home later than usual.

Oh well, the good stuff will outshine the bad ones! I have to think positiv.

Eight smells I love


  1. Newly cut tree / wood: I saw this huge pile of wood as I was walking / taking some pictures yesterday and today. When I came close up, I could smell that it hadn’t been long ago since these had been standing in the forrest.
  2. Freshly baked bread: On saturday I was up at 7 o’clock to bake bread. I know, it’s crazy. But I wanted freshly baked bread for breakfast. And I had promised my mum to bake bread that weekend, so I thought it would be fun to have the breads ready when they got up. I put the alarm on 7 sharp, because I knew I wouldn’t wake up all by myself. I dozed off a few minutes wondering if I should skip it all and just roll over and sleep more. But I stayed strong and got up! The smell in the kitchen was heavenly! And as usual the bread tasted lovely. Nothing beats warm bread with butter and brown cheese!
  3. Newly cut grass: It’s quite boring to move the lawn, but the smell of the grass when it’s cut, makes it worth it! Ah, when will the summer be here?
  4. Freshly baked chocolate cake: Doesn’t really need much of an explanation… I love everything with chocolate cakes and the smell is one of them. Every time I think about chocolate cake I wish I had a piece or three around. I wish I could just clap my hands twice and then a cake would be in the oven. Errr… wishfull thinking… Linda is celebrating her 30iest birthday next saturday. Yesterday she told me her mother is baking a chocolate cake. Heaven! Her chocolate cakes are so delish.
  5. My perfumes 212 and 212 Sexy by Carolina Herrera. What can I say? They smell good.
  6. Pondus and Samson’s fur. My parents’ two cats. Their fur smells lovely. I can bury my nose in it and snuggle. I was home visiting a friend this weekend and then had a lot of time with the cat. Good times!
  7. Baby skin. New born babies smells good. I can’t wait to see my little nephew this week. I’m happy that I work close to where Hanne and Geir lives, so I can visit every day. I “talked” to Hanne via sms on friday and she said she wanted lots of small visits. I can do that! the first photoshoot with auntie Kjersti will be this week! hah! Expect some pictures on flickr!
  8. Newly washed hair. I love the smell when  my hair is washed. Except that one time when I washed it with some Herbal Essence with rose-smell. Then I almost puked! It’s no fun walking around smelling like a rose all day, I tell you!

I’m an aunt!

I just wanted to state that on sunday I came an aunt :D My sister gave birth to a healty baby-boy who has been given the name Emil. He is, of course, the cutest baby alive ;)

Yesterday me and my parents went to the hospital to see them all; Emil, mum Hanne and dad Geir. Happy times! Hanne had lost some blood so she was in bed, but other than that, everything was fine!

Hanne and Geir is happy. My parents are happy. I’m happy. Basicly, everybody is happy!

Pinkpop, pinkpop yeah yeah yeah!

It looks like Pinkpop will happen after all. Things turned 360 degrees and now we’re back in the game!

The boxing glows are on! Uhm… more like the dancing shoes, actually!

Chantie and I, we’ve been planing Pinkpop this evening over msn. When you got a long-distance friendship, msn is everything. There is nothing that can’t be decided over msn. We also had our webcameras on for a short while. Funny how she first just had sound and no picture. Then she did some adjustments and then she had picture but no sound. haha. Well, it’s better with picture than sound.  

So far we’ve figured out when I’m coming, how go get there, where to sleep, how to get home and when I’m leaving. I’ll come on the 28th of May. It’s cheaper to fly on thursday, than friday. We’ll take an early bus the 30th which will arrive around 11.00. The same bus will take us back to Alkmaar 00.15 on monday, technically tuesday 2nd of June actually. About an hour after the last concert.

We’ll be staying at the camp in a tent which is not bought yet. What kind of tent this is gonna be I have no clue of. Chantie is in charge there. All I know is that it’s gonna be small and cheap. As long as we both fit in there, I’m fine!

So far, I’ve calculated to spend around 5000 NOK on this trip. Most costs are fixed, but some is hard to calculate. Food and drinks are one of them. I’m sure the food inside the festival area will be expensive. And outside the festival area… I’m not sure there are anything to eat there. Landgraaf is in the middle of nowhere and just a big field to arrange festivals according to Chantie. hihi. A Godsforsaken place, I assume.

I checked to see what artists they’ve booked so far. Oh dear! They’ve got some great artists coming:

  • Bruce Springsteen
  • Depeche Mode
  • the Killers
  • Keane
  • Anouk
  • Amy MacDonald
  • Maria Mena
  • White Lies

I’ll get a great-live-music overload those days. heh! It will be crazy and not like anything I’ve experienced before. Never been to a sleep-over festival before. Only the one-day festivals.

The fact that  I’m gonna see Bruce again this year, is beyond my wildest dream. The other artists are just a bonus.

The only downside of it all, is that I can’t bring my camera. It’s too risky. I won’t have my camera stolen or getting lost somehow. And I bet I can’t bring it inside either. So we have to use the old camera, that I gave to Chantie for for home-made pizza and a bottle of wine. Taking pictures with the tiny Canon Ixus 500 will be interesting! Well, the Ixus can film. My DSLR can’t that. So props to the Ixus ;)


Today I went to this scrapping fair called Scraporama with my friend Sissel and two of her friends who is also serious scrappers.

I went downtown and they picked me up at 10 o’clock. Really early! It’s saturday and I can’t even sleep long. Well… it was worth it. It took about half an hour to get there.

The place was crowded. It was too little space and too many people in my opinion. But it didn’t prevent me from having a nice time. We decided a meeting point and when to meet up again. Sissel and I, we walked around together.

Since I’m fairly new to this scrapping, it’s nice to have Sissel around to explain what things are and how to use it. Now, I only use the simple things like paper flowers, beads, buttons, cut out shapes in wood and dies etc. There is a lot more advanced things like crackle paint, embrossing and much more I have no idea what is about. I think it’s best for me to stick to the easiest. Less expensive too. Heh!

After walking around for almost two hours, I ended up with a few things.


Cute flower buttons and mini clothes pegs.


This is different kinds of paper. The prints were awesome and I’m planning to make birthday cards of them. Or funky greeting cards.

When we left the fair, we went to Bikuben. I’ve told you about this store before. It got lots and lots of stuff. Basicly everything you need! My plan was to look for some clear stamps. I have none and would like some to test it out.


After looking for a while I found this really cool set with clear stamps. Aren’t the owls cute, huh? I love them! They were a bit expensive, costed 150 NOK. Well, all (clear) stamps cost a lot. So I won’t be buying that every week. I will only buy supercool ones and stamps I know I will be able to use more than just once.

I can’t wait to test out the owl clear stamps. I’m sure they will look great. As soon as I have a card ready, I’ll show you.


I also bought some more paper. Pink! I’m gonna use them for baby-cards. Linda has asked me to make her a card. Her friend Marita is having a baby in May and Linda needs a card. I’m happy to help out.


Linda, IKEA, shopping and gift


Tuesday I met Linda at IKEA. We had a whole evening with shopping ahead of us. So we started of with dinner at IKEA. I came straight from work and was hungry. As usual I ate the swedish meatballs. Yum!

We strolled around at the first floor for quite some time. We skipped the second floor where all the furniture is. I was looking for some black square frames I’d seen they have online and some tea-lights. The black frames, they didn’t have. They did have some, but they were too deep for my liking. You could create a 3-D picture with it and is not what I’m gonna do. So I ended up with some aluminium-frames. Same type as I have now, but only square.

I also found the pack with the 100 tea-lights which were sold out last time I was at IKEA. As a last thing, I bought a new plant for 5 NOK. My last one has, the same as I bought, died recently and I got another one half dead too. I didn’t take the time to read on the label who to treat this plant – something I should’ve. If I had, I wouldn’t have bought the plant – not even though it was very cheap. I managed to buy a very sensitive plant who needs lots of care. It said: check the soil every day, it can’t get dry. Lord, every day? How am I supposed to remember that?! *shakes head* I’m sure I will kill this plant too.

After IKEA we went to this mall called Metro. Inside the parking lot, in the car, I gave Linda the gifts. I wondered if she should open them or wait. I told her I wanted her to open them. It’s always more fun to see them open the presents you’ve bought than just to hear about it. She saved the book to the last.

She loooved the book. She almost got some tears just to see the cover.  We stayed in the car for over half an hour looking in the book. She just had to look throug it. We laughed a lot and commened a lot on different stories or pictures. She told me this was the best present she’d gotten. Ever! That meant a lot to me. It’s of course nice to know someone like the things you’ve done and I appreciate the nice things being said about me, but the main thing is that Linda liked it.

So after Linda had digested the book, we went inside. I had nothing special in mind that I was looking for. Linda was looking for a new dress she could wear at her birthday party the 4th of April. We went to all the stores we could think would have something and Linda tried on many dresses! Eventually she found a cool one! It took a while.

We went to a different mall too. I’m not sure what we exactly was looking for there… oh wait, it was shoes. Linda wanted some pink pumps to match her dress. Sadly we didn’t find any. Last year I saw lots of pink pumps. This year… no one to be found. Sigh.

Around 21.00 we agreed it was time to head home. We were both tired and Linda had to clean her house when she came home, because she expected dinner-guests on her birthday. I’m glad I only could go home and sleep! Linda drove me to the train station and I took the speedy train home. In less than 45 minutes I was home. I didn’t have to wait  long for the train, and the subway came right away. I actually had to run a bit to catch it.

It was a fun afternoon. Linda is always fun to shop with. We click shopwise. We’re were alike there. We’re not like our friend Tonje who gets tired after a few stores and then have to go sit at a cafe and drink latte!

Useful sunday

Sunday’s are days to relax and be lazy. But when you’ve had a few of those after another, you feel it’s time to spend  your sunday doing something usefull. I had a sunday like that.

I was up at 10.00 and the first thing I do is to put on a laundry. Then I washed the floors in my bathroom, hall and kitchen – almost nude! ;) I was only wearing my underwear. When I get this urge to do usefull stuff, there is no time to miss. Before I know it, it’s over, and what good is there to be dressed then?

After breakfast was over, I made waffles. Only the batter that is. I was expecting my friend Lisbeth over and I wanted to have something to serve her. When she arrived, I quickly understood that see needed something more than waffles. So instead with made some chicken and pasta. Yummy. She hadn’t eaten all day! She came right from Kim, where she had spent the night because of their and Bård’s joint birthday party. You know, the party I couldn’t attend, because I was at the football match.

It was great seeing Lisbeth again. I haven’t seen her since.. uhm.. New Years Eve. Long time!

After Lisbeth left I continued on the you-got-a-new-house-card I’m making Chantie. She reads this blog, so I can’t post the cool card I made.

Right now, I’ve just finished a gift for my sister and her husband, Geir. They are waiting a baby in a few weeks. YAY! I’m gonna be an aunt. So I’m gonna offer them free babysitting days / hours. And instead of just saying that they can call me when they need me to babysit, I’ve made this cute punch-card.


They have 7 times in total when I can babysit. There is no time-limit on that card of course. It’s mainly just for fun, but there is som seriousness in it too. I’n not sure how my sister and Geir will think, but if they will find it hard to ask me all the time to babysit, they know with this card, that I’m up for it.

I went to see Hanne on friday for a short time. I was heading home to Lierfoss and just stopped by with my parents. They were giving Geir a birthday gift. He turned 34 last wednesday. I got to touch Hanne’s belly and it was hard – hard like a basketball like she said. It’s a really big belly now :) 

Yesterday I found out that the Rummi Cub game I’ve downloaded on my computer only had one day left of free-playing. So yesteday and today, I’ve played alot!

Playing Rummi makes me think of Chantie, which finally, is back online again. THANK YOU KPN!!!  It also makes me think of the fact that it’s only 45 days left until I’m gonna see Chantie. That is veeeeery exciting and something I could write a whole new blog-entry about.

Another time. Off to play Rummi!


No more posts.