Lars Winnerbäck trip :)

So yesterday was the day of the Lars Winnerbäck concert at Nøtterøy Culturehouse. Linda picked me up at work at 15.00. It was great to be leaving one hour earlier than normal, espesially on a friday when the hours after lunch often are long and boring.

Normally there is a lot of queue out of town on fridays. It’s also a big queue around Drammen, about one hour away from Oslo. But since we left at 15.00 we came before the queue. There were only a litte bit of trafic around Sandvika, but that was nothing.

We used less time than we thought. I think it took us about two hours to get there. We entertained ourself in the car with lots of chatting, listening to Winnerbäck and eating buns; Linda with chocolate in it and mine was with raisins. Yum! Linda had brought the buns, I brought chocolate.

It was a little bit of a hassle to locate the culturehouse where he played. We found the building, but it wasn’t easy to find the entrance. I tried to call the culturehouse, but there wasn’t any respond on the phone. I had to use Linda’s phone, because I had managed to leave my phone at the office! Doh! After some walking we found the entrance and we picked up the tickets.

We has quite some time to kill and we went to find something to eat. I knew there should be some pizza places around, but I had no idea where and what their names would be. So we ended up asking a girl working at a gas station. She guided us to a pizza place that had very good pizza in her own opinion. Later we found out she was right.

We at at Pizza Nouvo in the middle of nowhere! None of us really knew where we actually were. When we came in we said to the man behind the counter that we had driven all the way from Oslo to taste this pizza. That was of course a big, fat lie, but we thought it would be funny to say. The guy just smiled back to us. We ordered a pizza with some marinated beef on it. Yum.

The doors to would open at 20.00, but we were there an hour before that. The lady at the ticket office said that they would start sell wine, coffee and stuff at 19.00. We both bought some chocolate and drinks (Linda coffee and I just plain water). We sat there for an hour talking about this and that, look at the other people around us and ocationally comment something funny we saw.

This was an amfi, which contained about 400 people, and we sat at the top at row 14. We only had the mixing-table behind us, which was great. Then we could stand up and dance a little if we wanted to. This show was acoustic, so that’s why there were only seats.

At 20.15 Winnerbäck entered the scene with two other; a guitarist and a girl who played the piano & tambuorin and sang. The set-list he had was just great. He delivered on hit after the other. There will of course always be songs you wish he would play, that he doesn’t, but there’s nothing you can do about that. He only played great songs, and I guess that is because 98% of his songs are great. Right now, I can’t come up with one song I don’t like! He played Söndermarken, my absolute favourite song by him, as the second song, so I was already satisfied after 5 minutes!

I think Linda was even more satisfied than me. I knew she loved Winnerbäck, but didn’t know it was this “bad”.  She knew the lyrics to many of the songs by heart and that impressed me. I don’t know any of the lyrics by heart. Not full lyrics, only bits and pieces.

The concert ended 1.5 hour after it started. We went really happy home playing Winnerbäck in the car singing along!

Before we went home to me I had to get my cellphone so we drove by work to get it. I was lucky  to have both my security card and my key with me. Back home we found a spot to park really easy, to my big surprise!

Linda had her boyfriend in town. He was with some friends at a Progedy concert. And they were going out afterwards, so it was impossible to know when he wanted to go home. 

Linda and I watched some TV while waiting for her boyfriend to call. At 01.15 I was so tired that I had to go to bed. Linda placed herself on the couch under a woolen blanket, trying to get some sleep. She had her phone by her side so she would hear him when he called. Half an hour later, he called. Linda hadn’t been able to sleep so it was easy to hear it. Even I heard the phone and I was sleeping.

Linda came into me and said goodbuy. I had concidered to join her downtown as a “travel guide” so she hit the right streets. But I was too tired to tag along. Just the thought of getting dressed and going out again… YAWN! So Linda went by herself and I’m sure it went ok. I had explained her where to go.

I fell asleep as soon as she had left.

This morning, I knew I had to give Linda one extra birthday gift. I got to get her all the LW cd’s. She’s become a die-hard fan as she said herself ;) And such fans need all the music.

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