The calendar is finished and so is soon the book too :)


After work today, I went downtown to pick up the pictures to the calendar. I could’ve piced them up yesterday, but I worked until 17.00 and I was tired/hungry/grumpy so I went straight home instead.

The calendar looks great. Each pace have a color and the color match with the picture in most of the months. That was not intentionally, it was more pure luck. Well… the colors change as the seasons change and my pictures are carefully picked to match the season. So I guess it’s not just luck after all.

Tomorrow my parents come to pick it up. I called mum earlier today and invited them on coffee. I’m thinking of making some waffles. That would be nice and a surprise I think. Then I need to buy some full cream. Waffles without full cream, isn’t real waffles. hah. ;)

I can’t wait until friday. It will be so much fun to go see Winnerbäck again. Linda found out that it would be best if we drove a little early on friday, so she called me and suggested I should get an hour off at work on friday. I agreed and asked my boss about it. It was ok by her, so Linda is then picking me up at 15.00. It will be so great to leave at 15.00, becuase friday after lunch is always so dreaful.  I have to remember to bring some Winnerbäck cd’s we can listen to in the car.

I was online yesterday to find out where this place he’s helding the concert is. We need a map so which I found on the yellow pages. I also had to find their phone numer, just in case. When I was on their webiste, it stated that tickets had be picked up, the latest, 8 days after you’d purchased the tickets. I got worried instantly, because my confirmation said something totally different. I called them and the calmed me down. Tickets need to be picked up 45 mins. before the concert starts. Phew!

The book to Linda is almost finished. I just need to adjust the cover and the back of the book. It’s become 74 pages! I have two friends who hasn’t returned anything, but I’m not gonna nag at them. They knew the due-date and I’m a bit tired of nagging. They were not close friends, so they weren’t that important. I’m gonna send the book to printing tomorrow. Woho!

I was acutally ready to go to bed at 21.30 tonight, but look at the clock! 23.08 already. Whoops…. Tic, toc! Tic, toc!

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