I like to move it, move it!

As you can see, I’ve got a new layout. I was tired of the one I had. I almost gave up finding a new one, because most of the layouts sucks! But then I found this one and costumized it with my own header, which I like really well.

The book, it’s getting better and better. I just got a email from one of Linda’s friends who wanted to contribute with a little greeting.  I have a few more coming in, hopefully. One said she would send something early this week, but I haven’t seen anything. So I have email her and asked what’s happening. I don’t like nag on people like that. Ihey might get annoyed and I don’t want that to happen. But… I need to finish this book asap!  There might be a good reason for not sending anything yet. But it can also be because she’s forgotten. Hard to know.  Sigh. Well, the email is sent. I can now only wait. Two others said they would try to send me something, but  I’m not 100% sure they will. I just have to be a little patient and hope it will come one of the first days, or hopefully later today!

All in all, I think I know have greetings from 20 people. I’ve kind of lost count. I really hope the last ones will come in. The more the better.

I keep thinking if there is something I should’ve written down. Is there a story that I’ve forgotten? I came to think of something here the other night, when I was about to sleep. I had to write down a little memo on my cellphone before I passed out, so I wouldn’t forget. I think I have covered most of what it to be covered. Mabye I’ll go one more round in my head and see if something is missing.

What is good about this book is that everyone that I’ve contacted think this is a brilliant idea. Every response I’ve got has opened with praises of this idea. That makes me happy! Maybe they all see me a little different now. Maybe I’m not just the grey, silent mouse anymore. Not that I know that’s how people see me, but I sometimes thinks that. Well… I’m really happy about all the good response I’m getting at least. And I can’t wait to see Linda’s face when she sees it. I hope she will be speechless!

I went to the cinema today with Ellen and saw Madagaskar 2. I was going to see it yesterday, but the snow got in the way. Yes, you read right – the snow got in the way! Let me explain. I was going to meet Ellen at 13.30 outside Colloseum Cinema. When I was waiting for the subway, a bit late I have to say, Ellen texted me saying the subway didn’t come and that she had no idea when it would come. I called her and she said the subway had derailed, most likely because of the snow. Someone she’d talked to had been standing there for an hour. She had no idea when the subway would be on track again. Since we would miss that 13.50 show, we decided to try today in stead.

Today  everything was fine. Neither of us had any trouble getting there. Well, I had some trouble manouvering all the water around me. The snow has started to melt a bit since we’ve had some warm weather today and yesterday. It was  hopeless to walk around without getting wet. And I didn’t wear any wintershoes, only a pair of puma-sneakers. So my left foot got wet right after I had left. Oh well, I survived.

The movie was great. Very, very funny! It was as good as the first one! I was a bit worried, since the animals spoke norwegian and not english, but the norwegian voices were good! Ellen and I, we were the only two adults who came alone. There were a bunch of kids there! Two parents and a kid had to leave in the middle of the movie on the row behind us, because the kid got scared and cried. Oh poor kid. And poor parents who had to leave in the middle of such a funny movie!

A new week is soon ahead of me. I hope this upcoming week will be a bit funnier than this was. Can’t say I did much fun stuff this week. Well, I know I have at least two days covered.

Tomorrow I’m gonna be audience at a radio-show called 20 Questions. It’s a show were a 4 people are going to guess a word and they only get one clue  and then they can ask 20 yes/no questions. It’s really funny.

And on friday me and Linda are going to see Lars Winnerbäck at Nøtterøy Culturehouse! YAY. That will be awesome!

Right now I’m gonna go watch Beck on TV. Not the artist Beck, but a criminal show. Swedish and great.

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