I say phew because of several things:

  1. The weekend is here soon. Just 8 hours left to work, minus half an hour lunch with hot weiners and card-playing. Yep – that’s how we do it here on the friday lunch!
  2. It won’t stop snowing! It just snows and snows. And I’m soooo happy I don’t have a car right now. Manuvering Oslo now with a car, is hell! Parking is hell. Getting your car out of the streetparking and on the road is hell. Everything is hell. It’s just too much snow and  we can’t seem to get rid of it all. The storrage place we have for snow is filled up!
  3. Linda’s birthday gift is soon finished! It’s been much, much work. Well… I’ve come to the conclution that she won’t read this. Right now she not online at home. Not internet and no computer at all as a matter of fact. So then I can tell you about this gift I’m making.  I’m making a book for Linda. A bit like the one I made for Chantie.  This book will contain stories about me and Linda from our childhood and up to now. We’ve known each other since we were born, that is 30 years! I’m also gonna include greetings / stories from friends and aquentiences of Linda. It’s been a lot of work get those greetings. People are lasy, thinks other will do it or forget. So I’ve had to nag on them a few times to get their act together and send me some. I think I know have something between 15 – 20 people who has sent me something. That’s good. I’m also including pictures of Linda, Linda and me together and Linda with other friends. It’s quite a lot of pictures. I think I have over 50 pages now. Not sure where I will land. I’ll be finishing the book this weekend.

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