Promotion and a new layout(?)

I haven’t told you about the promotion-thing I mentioned a while ago. I thought I’d give you an update on that. I have a really great Dutch friend on flickr called Anne She is the sweetest around flickr! She is opening her own studio in a town near where she lives. It’s an old store with lots of space and big windows facing the street. She wants to sort of promote some artists, let them have 5 picture on display in her window / studio.
Guess what? She contacted me :) Of all her contacts on flickr, I was one of the them. Great, huh? I have some square nature shots that she loves and that’s why she contacted me. I have to choose 5 pictures I want to display and I also have to discribe myself in a few words just so people know who I am. 
It’s not gonna be like a regularly art-studio where she’s gonna sell my pictures / original work.She will be able to sell my stuff and I will get paid off and she will take some of the money. But it’s mainly for promotion.
I got so excited as soon as I finsihed reading her mail. Now I have to find out what five shots to send her. It’s gonna be hard. I want it to be some square ones. And I think it will be some nature-shot. I want them to be in the same theme. There is two I’ve sort of made up my mind about. But the rest is out in the blue, so far.
So this is the reason for me updating my website. I’ve also created a new email adresse. It’s kjersti @ All mail sent to that adresse will be forwarded to my regular email.
You won’t believe it, or maybe you will… I’m thinking of changing my design on… It’s too dark, I think I want something brighter. I saw a blog yesterday from one of my other flickr-friends and her layout was green and beautiful. Now I’m wondering if I should change my background color to green myself. Maybe a olive-green or a light greenblue thingy. But… that would really crash with my front page which now has the dark color. I probably would have to change that front page too. Sigh!
I’ve already started fooling around with my layout. Trying out some green colors, changing the menu and the front page. Not sure where this will end though… I might do something more today.
Why can’t I be satisified with what I got and leave it with that? Why do I always want somethinge else than I got? It’s like every time I see a great design I instantly think that mine is bad and that I want to change it. But I never get those ‘top-class’ layouts, because my skills are limited. I know the basic html and I know some css (I think it’s called). I wish I knew so much more than I do!

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