Lars Winnerbäck trip :)

So yesterday was the day of the Lars Winnerbäck concert at Nøtterøy Culturehouse. Linda picked me up at work at 15.00. It was great to be leaving one hour earlier than normal, espesially on a friday when the hours after lunch often are long and boring.

Normally there is a lot of queue out of town on fridays. It’s also a big queue around Drammen, about one hour away from Oslo. But since we left at 15.00 we came before the queue. There were only a litte bit of trafic around Sandvika, but that was nothing.

We used less time than we thought. I think it took us about two hours to get there. We entertained ourself in the car with lots of chatting, listening to Winnerbäck and eating buns; Linda with chocolate in it and mine was with raisins. Yum! Linda had brought the buns, I brought chocolate.

It was a little bit of a hassle to locate the culturehouse where he played. We found the building, but it wasn’t easy to find the entrance. I tried to call the culturehouse, but there wasn’t any respond on the phone. I had to use Linda’s phone, because I had managed to leave my phone at the office! Doh! After some walking we found the entrance and we picked up the tickets.

We has quite some time to kill and we went to find something to eat. I knew there should be some pizza places around, but I had no idea where and what their names would be. So we ended up asking a girl working at a gas station. She guided us to a pizza place that had very good pizza in her own opinion. Later we found out she was right.

We at at Pizza Nouvo in the middle of nowhere! None of us really knew where we actually were. When we came in we said to the man behind the counter that we had driven all the way from Oslo to taste this pizza. That was of course a big, fat lie, but we thought it would be funny to say. The guy just smiled back to us. We ordered a pizza with some marinated beef on it. Yum.

The doors to would open at 20.00, but we were there an hour before that. The lady at the ticket office said that they would start sell wine, coffee and stuff at 19.00. We both bought some chocolate and drinks (Linda coffee and I just plain water). We sat there for an hour talking about this and that, look at the other people around us and ocationally comment something funny we saw.

This was an amfi, which contained about 400 people, and we sat at the top at row 14. We only had the mixing-table behind us, which was great. Then we could stand up and dance a little if we wanted to. This show was acoustic, so that’s why there were only seats.

At 20.15 Winnerbäck entered the scene with two other; a guitarist and a girl who played the piano & tambuorin and sang. The set-list he had was just great. He delivered on hit after the other. There will of course always be songs you wish he would play, that he doesn’t, but there’s nothing you can do about that. He only played great songs, and I guess that is because 98% of his songs are great. Right now, I can’t come up with one song I don’t like! He played Söndermarken, my absolute favourite song by him, as the second song, so I was already satisfied after 5 minutes!

I think Linda was even more satisfied than me. I knew she loved Winnerbäck, but didn’t know it was this “bad”.  She knew the lyrics to many of the songs by heart and that impressed me. I don’t know any of the lyrics by heart. Not full lyrics, only bits and pieces.

The concert ended 1.5 hour after it started. We went really happy home playing Winnerbäck in the car singing along!

Before we went home to me I had to get my cellphone so we drove by work to get it. I was lucky  to have both my security card and my key with me. Back home we found a spot to park really easy, to my big surprise!

Linda had her boyfriend in town. He was with some friends at a Progedy concert. And they were going out afterwards, so it was impossible to know when he wanted to go home. 

Linda and I watched some TV while waiting for her boyfriend to call. At 01.15 I was so tired that I had to go to bed. Linda placed herself on the couch under a woolen blanket, trying to get some sleep. She had her phone by her side so she would hear him when he called. Half an hour later, he called. Linda hadn’t been able to sleep so it was easy to hear it. Even I heard the phone and I was sleeping.

Linda came into me and said goodbuy. I had concidered to join her downtown as a “travel guide” so she hit the right streets. But I was too tired to tag along. Just the thought of getting dressed and going out again… YAWN! So Linda went by herself and I’m sure it went ok. I had explained her where to go.

I fell asleep as soon as she had left.

This morning, I knew I had to give Linda one extra birthday gift. I got to get her all the LW cd’s. She’s become a die-hard fan as she said herself ;) And such fans need all the music.

The calendar is finished and so is soon the book too :)


After work today, I went downtown to pick up the pictures to the calendar. I could’ve piced them up yesterday, but I worked until 17.00 and I was tired/hungry/grumpy so I went straight home instead.

The calendar looks great. Each pace have a color and the color match with the picture in most of the months. That was not intentionally, it was more pure luck. Well… the colors change as the seasons change and my pictures are carefully picked to match the season. So I guess it’s not just luck after all.

Tomorrow my parents come to pick it up. I called mum earlier today and invited them on coffee. I’m thinking of making some waffles. That would be nice and a surprise I think. Then I need to buy some full cream. Waffles without full cream, isn’t real waffles. hah. ;)

I can’t wait until friday. It will be so much fun to go see Winnerbäck again. Linda found out that it would be best if we drove a little early on friday, so she called me and suggested I should get an hour off at work on friday. I agreed and asked my boss about it. It was ok by her, so Linda is then picking me up at 15.00. It will be so great to leave at 15.00, becuase friday after lunch is always so dreaful.  I have to remember to bring some Winnerbäck cd’s we can listen to in the car.

I was online yesterday to find out where this place he’s helding the concert is. We need a map so which I found on the yellow pages. I also had to find their phone numer, just in case. When I was on their webiste, it stated that tickets had be picked up, the latest, 8 days after you’d purchased the tickets. I got worried instantly, because my confirmation said something totally different. I called them and the calmed me down. Tickets need to be picked up 45 mins. before the concert starts. Phew!

The book to Linda is almost finished. I just need to adjust the cover and the back of the book. It’s become 74 pages! I have two friends who hasn’t returned anything, but I’m not gonna nag at them. They knew the due-date and I’m a bit tired of nagging. They were not close friends, so they weren’t that important. I’m gonna send the book to printing tomorrow. Woho!

I was acutally ready to go to bed at 21.30 tonight, but look at the clock! 23.08 already. Whoops…. Tic, toc! Tic, toc!

A subway dream

Yesterday, on my way home from the cinema, I had a weird happening on the subway. I don’t take the subway very often. I mostly go by bus or the tram.

So I was sitting in one of the new subway-carriages, under the city of Oslo. The subway was far from full and I’m reading in my book about U2.  Suddenly I got this feeling I was sitting on a subway in one of the big European cities like London or Paris. I also started to think about Stockholm. I closed my eyes for a few seconds pretending I was somewhere else.

It didn’t take long though before reality caught up with me and I was forced out in the snow which looked and felt a lot like slush yesterday.

That feeling made me think. It made me wanna go  away for a while to some place outside Oslo and Norway. What if I could just drop whatevery I have in my hands right now and just go away for a week or two? I would love to go to Berlin. I’ve wanted to visit that city for a long time now. I’m pretty sure there are some awesome shops there and I think there would be a lot of cool places to photograph there too.

I would also want to go back to Dublin. There’s no subway in Dublin, but it’s not the subway I come for. It’s all the cool bars, all the different colored doors, the great shops, the green lungs  and the double-deckers that drives you around the city.  It’s such a long time since I was there. Ten years, no 11 years to be exact. Hey, make it 12. haha. I’m bad at counting, it seems. I was there in ’97. Things may have changed in 11 years and if I go back, it would be like discovering it all over again.  

Stockholm is also a city I want to come back to. Badly! Next time I’m going on vacation (that is not the Netherlands!) I would have a hard time chosing between going somewhere new or back to Stockholm. I would love to do both. Sthlm is a city that has a special place in my heart. It may sound weird, but it’s true.

I am going on a mini-vacation in the end of April, start of May. But that is to Alkmaar to visit Chantie. And that’s different. Alkmaar is like my home away from Norway. I’ve lost count on how many times I’ve been there. Let me think… I think it’s six times. I know Alkmaar and all about its greatness. There’s nothing new and exiting about it. Don’t get me wrong, I’m always happy/exited to go to Alkmaar. But it’s not like when you go to somewhere new place. You don’t get the new-place-exitment. It’s more of a happy-sigh-i’m-back-feeling.

Well, this time it will actually be a little new-place-exitiment, since Chantie has moved and now live in her very own apartment a few minutes outside the citycenter of Alkmaar. And if I’m going to Pink-Pop in Landgraaf, south in the Netherlands in late May, it will be something new too.  But that festival would be something totally else. It would be a different kind of vacation. It will be awesome, but something else. By the way, only two weeks left until the ticketsale is on :S The 7th. It’s gonna be a nerve-wrecking day!!

Next year I hope I can go to either Berlin, Stockholm or Dublin. Maybe I’ll work on the idea of getting Chantie to Stockholm with me?! I so, so, so, so want that to happen. Drag her in front of Strandvägen 39 and pose for a picture. LOL!

I understand what I mean and hopefully you do to!

I like to move it, move it!

As you can see, I’ve got a new layout. I was tired of the one I had. I almost gave up finding a new one, because most of the layouts sucks! But then I found this one and costumized it with my own header, which I like really well.

The book, it’s getting better and better. I just got a email from one of Linda’s friends who wanted to contribute with a little greeting.  I have a few more coming in, hopefully. One said she would send something early this week, but I haven’t seen anything. So I have email her and asked what’s happening. I don’t like nag on people like that. Ihey might get annoyed and I don’t want that to happen. But… I need to finish this book asap!  There might be a good reason for not sending anything yet. But it can also be because she’s forgotten. Hard to know.  Sigh. Well, the email is sent. I can now only wait. Two others said they would try to send me something, but  I’m not 100% sure they will. I just have to be a little patient and hope it will come one of the first days, or hopefully later today!

All in all, I think I know have greetings from 20 people. I’ve kind of lost count. I really hope the last ones will come in. The more the better.

I keep thinking if there is something I should’ve written down. Is there a story that I’ve forgotten? I came to think of something here the other night, when I was about to sleep. I had to write down a little memo on my cellphone before I passed out, so I wouldn’t forget. I think I have covered most of what it to be covered. Mabye I’ll go one more round in my head and see if something is missing.

What is good about this book is that everyone that I’ve contacted think this is a brilliant idea. Every response I’ve got has opened with praises of this idea. That makes me happy! Maybe they all see me a little different now. Maybe I’m not just the grey, silent mouse anymore. Not that I know that’s how people see me, but I sometimes thinks that. Well… I’m really happy about all the good response I’m getting at least. And I can’t wait to see Linda’s face when she sees it. I hope she will be speechless!

I went to the cinema today with Ellen and saw Madagaskar 2. I was going to see it yesterday, but the snow got in the way. Yes, you read right – the snow got in the way! Let me explain. I was going to meet Ellen at 13.30 outside Colloseum Cinema. When I was waiting for the subway, a bit late I have to say, Ellen texted me saying the subway didn’t come and that she had no idea when it would come. I called her and she said the subway had derailed, most likely because of the snow. Someone she’d talked to had been standing there for an hour. She had no idea when the subway would be on track again. Since we would miss that 13.50 show, we decided to try today in stead.

Today  everything was fine. Neither of us had any trouble getting there. Well, I had some trouble manouvering all the water around me. The snow has started to melt a bit since we’ve had some warm weather today and yesterday. It was  hopeless to walk around without getting wet. And I didn’t wear any wintershoes, only a pair of puma-sneakers. So my left foot got wet right after I had left. Oh well, I survived.

The movie was great. Very, very funny! It was as good as the first one! I was a bit worried, since the animals spoke norwegian and not english, but the norwegian voices were good! Ellen and I, we were the only two adults who came alone. There were a bunch of kids there! Two parents and a kid had to leave in the middle of the movie on the row behind us, because the kid got scared and cried. Oh poor kid. And poor parents who had to leave in the middle of such a funny movie!

A new week is soon ahead of me. I hope this upcoming week will be a bit funnier than this was. Can’t say I did much fun stuff this week. Well, I know I have at least two days covered.

Tomorrow I’m gonna be audience at a radio-show called 20 Questions. It’s a show were a 4 people are going to guess a word and they only get one clue  and then they can ask 20 yes/no questions. It’s really funny.

And on friday me and Linda are going to see Lars Winnerbäck at Nøtterøy Culturehouse! YAY. That will be awesome!

Right now I’m gonna go watch Beck on TV. Not the artist Beck, but a criminal show. Swedish and great.

New calendar

I’m making a new calendar. Mum wanted one she could have in the kitchen. I’ve now sent over the photos I want in it to be printed. Will pick them up un tuesday.


The picture of the top, which is my parents, will be the front picture. The cool thing is that when the year is over, you can just chop off the bottom part of the calendar with a papercutter and then you have just the pictures without the calendar.

I hope she and dad will be satisfied with the pictures I’ve chosen.


I say phew because of several things:

  1. The weekend is here soon. Just 8 hours left to work, minus half an hour lunch with hot weiners and card-playing. Yep – that’s how we do it here on the friday lunch!
  2. It won’t stop snowing! It just snows and snows. And I’m soooo happy I don’t have a car right now. Manuvering Oslo now with a car, is hell! Parking is hell. Getting your car out of the streetparking and on the road is hell. Everything is hell. It’s just too much snow and  we can’t seem to get rid of it all. The storrage place we have for snow is filled up!
  3. Linda’s birthday gift is soon finished! It’s been much, much work. Well… I’ve come to the conclution that she won’t read this. Right now she not online at home. Not internet and no computer at all as a matter of fact. So then I can tell you about this gift I’m making.  I’m making a book for Linda. A bit like the one I made for Chantie.  This book will contain stories about me and Linda from our childhood and up to now. We’ve known each other since we were born, that is 30 years! I’m also gonna include greetings / stories from friends and aquentiences of Linda. It’s been a lot of work get those greetings. People are lasy, thinks other will do it or forget. So I’ve had to nag on them a few times to get their act together and send me some. I think I know have something between 15 – 20 people who has sent me something. That’s good. I’m also including pictures of Linda, Linda and me together and Linda with other friends. It’s quite a lot of pictures. I think I have over 50 pages now. Not sure where I will land. I’ll be finishing the book this weekend.


Yesterday had the perfect weather! It was sunny and the clouds were not around. So the sky was clear and blue. It was of course a little bit cold, the air was a bit crispy, but that didn’t matter.

After sleeping until 09.30, half sleeping until 10.30, egg & bacon breakfast, a little bit of cleaning, some webiste-working and a few mins of watching TV, I went downtown to meet Ellen. We had planned to go on a photowalk downtown. 14.30 we met outside the subway at Stortinget.

shapes of winter

From there we went towards the Fortress and down to the harbor (Aker Brygge) where we took a lot of pictures. We went to this new place furtherest out on the harbor that earlier was used to storrage (berth), but now is rebulit with lots of apartments and stores. It’s a beautiful place witht the view of the fjords, but very expensive to live there.

After two hours of walking, we decided it was enough. We were a bit tired and cold! Even though we were wearing stockings, thick jacket, scarfs and a hat, we still got cold after two hours out in the great weather.

I took about 100 pictures on that two-hour walk. I’m going through them now. There will be some uploading to flickr today. The funniest thing I captured was this advertising for Valentines day that a fancy flower-shop had.


I’m not a huge fan of Valentines day. The day holds too much expectations. You shouldn’t narrow it down to one day,  you should have a little Valentines day evey now and then. I laughed when I saw the sign and I just had to take a picture of it!

I invited Ellen home for dinner. She accepted. We ate fish bolls with potatoes and carrots. Then we ate a lot of chocolate, played Monopoly, listened to music, talked and watched TV (Grand Prix).

Promotion and a new layout(?)

I haven’t told you about the promotion-thing I mentioned a while ago. I thought I’d give you an update on that. I have a really great Dutch friend on flickr called Anne She is the sweetest around flickr! She is opening her own studio in a town near where she lives. It’s an old store with lots of space and big windows facing the street. She wants to sort of promote some artists, let them have 5 picture on display in her window / studio.
Guess what? She contacted me :) Of all her contacts on flickr, I was one of the them. Great, huh? I have some square nature shots that she loves and that’s why she contacted me. I have to choose 5 pictures I want to display and I also have to discribe myself in a few words just so people know who I am. 
It’s not gonna be like a regularly art-studio where she’s gonna sell my pictures / original work.She will be able to sell my stuff and I will get paid off and she will take some of the money. But it’s mainly for promotion.
I got so excited as soon as I finsihed reading her mail. Now I have to find out what five shots to send her. It’s gonna be hard. I want it to be some square ones. And I think it will be some nature-shot. I want them to be in the same theme. There is two I’ve sort of made up my mind about. But the rest is out in the blue, so far.
So this is the reason for me updating my website. I’ve also created a new email adresse. It’s kjersti @ All mail sent to that adresse will be forwarded to my regular email.
You won’t believe it, or maybe you will… I’m thinking of changing my design on… It’s too dark, I think I want something brighter. I saw a blog yesterday from one of my other flickr-friends and her layout was green and beautiful. Now I’m wondering if I should change my background color to green myself. Maybe a olive-green or a light greenblue thingy. But… that would really crash with my front page which now has the dark color. I probably would have to change that front page too. Sigh!
I’ve already started fooling around with my layout. Trying out some green colors, changing the menu and the front page. Not sure where this will end though… I might do something more today.
Why can’t I be satisified with what I got and leave it with that? Why do I always want somethinge else than I got? It’s like every time I see a great design I instantly think that mine is bad and that I want to change it. But I never get those ‘top-class’ layouts, because my skills are limited. I know the basic html and I know some css (I think it’s called). I wish I knew so much more than I do!

What’s new?

I haven’t written anything since what seems like forever. But it’s only two weeks. So what has happened since the 29th?

First of all, there has snowed a shitload of snow. Last weeekend… oh my! I snowed all saturday. I like it when it’s a lot of snow outside, but that is partly because I don’t owe a car and don’t need to worry about parking and getting my car snowed down. I’ve seen several people digging out there car before they head to work. When I see that I smile to myself and become happy that I’m taking the bus :) I saw a car yesterday. Uhm… it was mostly one of the side mirrors that I saw, the whole car was hidden under snow. Tomorrow, if it’s still there, I’m gonna take a picture of it!


Not sure if I told about the plans I have for my best friend Linda’s birthday? I started on a gift before christmas. I needed help from her friends, so I emailed them via facebook and asked for help. At first no one responded, so I sort of gave up. A few weeks ago, I got a reply from our friend Tina. After spending some time in bed thinking one night, I decided to give it another try. I emailed everybody once more, said I was disappointed in them and hoped they could help. I played with their pontensial guilt. It worked.  Now I have about 10 contributors to my gift and I maybe some more.

I can’t tell what I’m doing, since she might come across this blog. I’ve been working so hard with this gift. It takes a lot of time, creativity and I spend some hours after I come home from work to do this. But I’m sure it will be a kick-ass gift, which she will love, so it’s all worth it!

My stool is finished and looking cool. I haven’t taken a picture of it. And I’m too lasy to do it now, so you have to wait to see the end result. Sorry.

I haven’t made any cards lately. There hasn’t been anyone to make either. It’s sort of ‘off season’ for the cards. hey, wait! I made a card for mothers day.


It’s a simple card which says ‘worlds best mum’. I have her that along with some fresh Ceylon Breakfast Tea. She was happy.

Mum went to the library here the other day and got me  book about card-making. Nice! There is so many cool ideas I have to note down. It’s even a chapter about how to make envelopes! How cool isn’t that?

My sister had her birthday on the 5th. I had asked her if there was something she wanted, but she couldn’t think of anything, so I just had to find her something I thought she would like. I found out that I would make her a calendar like mum got for christmas. I hit the jackpot with that calendar. She loved it! She even said that she was looking forward to some of the months because of the picture on that particular month! That made me happy.

Mum has asked me if I could make her  another one too, so she can have one at home. She needs one in the kitchen, she says. I haven’t selected the pictures yet, because I don’t know what size the calendar will be in.  I’m not sure what’s left ‘out there’. Mum will buy something and then I’ll decide what pictures to put in.

Yesterday me and Ellen went to see the Wrestler with Mickey Rourke and Marissa Tomey. Here the other day I got two free tickets via The moive was great, both me and Ellen loved it. And the ‘end-song’ the Wrestler which is written by Springsteen is a lovely song. I can recommend anyone to see this film. Even if you don’t like wrestling that much, you like the movie!

Talking about Springsteen. I’ve finally gotten his album. Well… I’ve had it for some time now. It’s great. There is so many great songs. The best right now I think is Outlaw Pete. There is only one song I don’t like that much and that is Good Eye. I’m listening to it while I’m at work.

While we’re on the subject of music… I’ve bought tickets to two new concerts. First we have Per Gessle. He’s coming in April. Me and Ellen is going. And in July I will see Madonna live. Woho! That concert, I will see with Sissel and her husband Rolf. Sissel said not long ago that the only artist she hadn’t seen which she wanted to see, was Madonna. And then she comes.  The tickets sale was a big chaos, like it always is when big artists come. I was lucky to be able to purchase two tickets before the ordinary sale started. I pays off to be a member of! :)

I haven’t bought the the September When tickets yet. I should do that now, while I got some money.

Money… blargh! My money has wings. They fly away quite easily. I’ve used some of my savings to get the ends to meet. I’ve spent the money on things I don’t really need. Like the concerts I’m going too. It’s not neccessery to survive.  But it’s something I really want to spend it on.  Still, I hate it when I have to use my savings.

Thank god, that the interest on my morgage is not longer as high as it was. Now I pay like 1200 NOK less a month than I did in october. That’s great!

Today I went to the dentist. I hate dentists. They are expensive and they do painfull stuff to me. Today was quite ok. It was just a check-up. Took like 5 minutes. Unfortunately, I got a hole. So I’m heading back next tuesday at 15.15. Blah.

I’ve been extremely tired the last weeks. And I know what the reason for that are. Lack of sleep. But I’m not doing anything about it, so I’m not really allowed to complain. I’m stupid, but I can’t seem to be able to fix my stupidness… so I don’t know what to do.

My system is slowly shutting down. I’m yawning like a crazy and my eyes keep closing. It’s time to go to bed.

Hopefully, it won’t be two weeks until next update.

No more posts.