Curtains and a stool

For a while now I’ve wanted to change my livingroom curtains. The one I got is red and they are nice. I just wanted a change. Since my sofa is red (can change the cover) and I got a red/orange/yellow theme in my livingroom, I needed something that matches.

280109-31Last saturday Linda and I went to IKEA. Linda had seen some brown curtains she thought I might like. When we finally came to the curtains section (after looking at every single thing before that!) I only needed a few seconds to make my decision. I instantly fell in love with them. They only costed 198 NOK so they were cheap.

Ah I love them. They fit perfectly in my livingroom. They are a bit too long, so I have to fix the lenght, but that will be easy.

I wanted to buy frames too, so I can  put up some square photos on my wall. But the frames I wanted, they didn’t have. Sold out I assume. Sigh.  They didn’t even have tea-lights. Also sold out. Double sigh!


But I did get something else that was cool. I have a stool I need to cover in some new fabric. It was a hole in the fabric that was on it.

I’ve taken the fabric off the stool now and the old fabric I put on a few years ago is covering it now. Full of white painting on it. Mum has a stapler at work I can borrow. I’ve used it before. It’s not easy to get the fabric nicly on the stool., but I’ll guess it will work out ok in the end. It did the two last times.


280109-4 Anyway… I bought a new cool fabric. I love buying fabrics at IKEA. They are both cool and cheap. The prints are awesome. What more can you ask for? After the stool is covered I still got some fabric left. I might do something about it, but I’m not sure what to make of it yet. Maybe a tablecloth? Or maybe a ‘thing’ where I can keep my incoming bills etc that I can hang on the wall?  hmm…

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