LW: Documentary and give-aways

I’ve been a fan of Lars Winnerbäck (Swedish singer) for some years now and seen him live in Oslo twice, last time last fall.

Yesterday, Ellen and I, we went to see a documentary about him. It’s called ‘Med Solen i Ögonen’. It was a vewing for invited only. I got my tickets through the mailinglist at rockefeller.no. Ellen didn’t know anything about him, but she was a trooper and tagged along. She’s open to new music and when it was for free it, it was easy to convince her to go with me.

The documentary started at 20.00 and the doors opened at 19.00.  We were there when the doors opened just to get some good seats. Even with a ticket you weren’t garantuied a seat so we got there early to be sure to get one. The time before the film started, we sat down and chatted about this and that.

Before the film started a guy from Uninversal  (record company) came on stage and said hi and hello. He thanked us for coming, told us that the new best of cd with 13 songs from his live-show in Oslo last year was released the same day, alas yesterday. And he said that the record company would give out some free stuff. Under some of the seat there would be a sticker either marked CD, DVD or t-shirt. After the film was over, you could go to the bar and get your stuff.

I searched under my seat and the seat in front of me, where nobody sat, but a girl had her belongings. Under there I found a sticker saying DVD. Woho. I got a DVD. The girl next to the chair, turned to me and said that the sticker sort of belonged to her since she had her belongings there. I said ‘no, I don’t think so’.  I’m not sure if she really meant it, the was nice / polite.  She got a t-shirt and asked if we could trade. I refused.

lw-dvdRight after the film started. It was such a cool documentary. I learned much about Winnerbäck and what he’s thinking recarding his music. He was personal, but not private.  Uhm.. how can I say this… He was personal when it comes to his music, but not when it comes to his life outside the music. But I didn’t really expect to learn about that. It’s not something I eager to know much about either, because I’m found of him as a musician and the private Winnerbäck.  After the film was over, I went to the bar to collect my DVD. The DVD contained the documentary we just had seen + 13 live songs from his tour in Sweden last summer. A very cool DVD to have! I’m happy.  I can’t wait to see the live songs.

Today, after I finished work, I went downtown to buy the new CD. I learned that this was a release for Norway only! How cool. In the sleve inside the cd there is a greeting to all the Norwegian fans and he starts with saying Dear Norway :) I’ve listened to some of the live-songs and they are great, of course.


I’ve signed up today to get newsletters from winnerback.se. One of the reasons is that I found out today that he’s having an acustic tour in Norway and he’s coming to Oslo twice. I’ve missed it, since the concerts are in a different place than normal, so both shows are sold out. So I need to be updated on his shows and the best way to be that is to sign up for his newsletter. But! He’s doing a show in another city, two hours away from Oslo.  It’s the 27th of february. I emailed Linda and asked if she wanted to go and she will. She had planned to come see me that day anyway,  because she’s picking up her boyfriend after a concert in town. I’m really, really looking forward to that concert! :D

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