Bits and pieces in a box

After I had the scrapbooking day with Sissel and co earlier this month, I decided it was time to organize my stuff. I’ve kept my bits and pieces in two green boxes I bought at IKEA a while ago. It was not optimal and not very organized. So I went to Clas Ohlson and bought a plastic box for only 69 NOK.


Now everything is so much better! I can easily find what I’m looking for. I do use the boxes as well, but that’s for the larger stuff.

I went to Bikuben last saturday. I need to return some stuff I got for christmas that I already had. Of course, I bought more there than I had planned. I found a really cute dies; it was a house. I can use that when I’m making ‘congrats-with-your-new-home-cards’. I have one planned for Chantal already. And I bougth two sets of brads which was awesome! I bougth a few other things too, like a glue-pen and a set with inkpads.  Nothing were on sale, but oh well…

I do have bougth some things on sale too! I visited Panduro last week (if my mind doesn’t play tricks with me) I found a few things on sale. It was some new-born-baby-stuff for girls and boys. I bought a little bit for boy and girl. I needed something for a card to my friend Tonje’s new-born baby. It was all on 50% sale, so that was great!

These are the two new cards I’ve made. The first is for the new-born baby and the second is for my friend Lisbeths birthday in Februar.



After Chanties ‘I-got-a-new-home-card’ there won’t be any cards I’m gonna make for a while. I got a birthday in April and I think that’s the first card I’m gonna make. Oh wait, Linda did order a card.

The need to buy new things, has cooled off a bit. And that’s good. All the bills I’ve paid this months are nearly killing me :S I need to cool down my visa-card ;)

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